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Dream About Hidden Cameras meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Yesterday night i remember i had a dream that my dad died, idk how? In my dream i was in school and then my dad died and my grandma grandpa and someone else were in the principle's office and i was in tears? which is weird because me and my dad dont get along at all. we had a rough pass like he was hitting me and stuff. and i woke up with tears in my eyes.
Last night i had a dream that i shot someone and the bullet went through his body and shot someone behind him in the head. so it wass like a 2 in 1 shot. then people were shooting at me and i ran away and woke up. What do these dreams mean? and why am i dreaming this. Thanks for your answers in advance. x

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that dreaming of death foretells of a loved one dying.

First of all, dreams are a many things, but psychic they are not. Our dreams reflect what is going on inside our minds and hearts. They deal with (and sort out) things that we are currently experiencing or things that we have currently experienced.

Now having said that, we can take the information and symbolism found in our dreams to help us in the future. So, in that regard, they can provide warnings and admonitions. However, please don’t ever think they foretell bad omens or that dreaming of darkness is a prediction for upcoming darkness.

If you have had a dream which involved death, rest assured that you are far from alone. We’ve all had death dreams and, while troubling, we all know that they slink out of our lives just as fast as they slunk in.

Death dreams generally mean that you are anxious or worried. You may not fully realise how much anxiety you’re actually feeling. Many times, troubling dreams like this wave a flag for the individual and cause them to realise just how much stress they’ve been under. The dreamer can then realise that they need to pull back a little bit – enjoy life more rather than just anxiously trying to get from point A to point B!

Almost all dreams of dying can be traced back to an overworked, overly anxious individual very much in need of some time off!

whether you dream once of a shooting, or dozens of times across your life, each dream will be unforgettable. Aside from doing what you can to learn about their symbolic purpose, you can also use shooting dreams to develop a mental resistance to horrifying scenes

General Dream Meaning: Being shot

interestingly enough, a dream of being shot depends heavily on the equipment being used to do the shooting. If you dream of your picture, or mug shot being taken, it may indicate that you have to take responsibility for something that you have been trying to hide. If the camera is also broken, then you may be refusing to see something important.

Individuals that dream of being forcibly injected, or shot with needles may be an indicator that you are concerned about peer pressure. If you dream of being shot with a gun, or of shooting a stranger, it can easily mean that you are trying to get rid of some aspect of yourself, or that you do not like or accept some elements of your persona.

How Dream Symbol Getting Shot May Fit in Your Life

While dreaming of a shooting is often based in aggression and anger, you should not automatically think that these feelings are negative. Among other things, sometimes you really and truly need to get angry in order to change things that cause you, or others harm. In a sense, the presence of this kind of anger in a dream can indicate that you have unchanneled energy that can be redirected into some type of useful goal. That said, you should never let the presence of anger, or its release create a situation where you simply fritter your energies away on useless actions. Fortunately, if you dream of shooting something, you can interpret that as aligning with your goal.

A Sample Dream, Getting Shot Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are in a medical clinic, and awaiting to receive some kind of vaccination. You awaken from the dream feeling frightened and as if you lost something special.

Since this dream focuses on a medical injection, you can begin your dream interpretation by concluding the dream is about an opportunity to develop a new emotional or spiritual understanding.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is a dream I had that I am using as the beginning of a story but what does it mean? I am a girl yes and only am attracted to males during the day, but my dreams, this being only one of them seem to tell a different story:
A picture is not worth a thousand words. In fact it rarely displays much beyond the outer social mask behind which we hide ourselves. A picture captures only what is socially acceptable, what we want others to think of us, failing to capture who we truly are.
It started with a picture. We kissed each other gently just a rub of the lips, and the camera snapped. That is the moment that will be remembered in our history. That will be the cover of a story, one with so many gaps in may as well not even exist.
She pressed her lips against mine with a force I’d only ever dreamt she would. I pressed back. My tongue darted into her mouth and quickly back out as hers forced its way into mine.
Next thing I knew I was on top of her. Our arms gripping each other’s neck passionately, we rolled over leaving her on top. Her foot caught on my pajama shorts and next thing I knew they were on the floor. Her nightgown had bunched up above her waist so we wore nothing but our underwear from the waist down.
She began to rub against me, our chests intertwined. Our powers ignited below, rubbing vigorously. We kissed passionately, as if we would never see each other again, as may well be the case. Completely engaged, we gripped each other’s necks and pulled closer.
Then slowly, we pulled away. The intensity of the kissing died down. The rubbing stopped as she rolled off me, though the electricity did not.
We sat up and gazed into each other’s eyes. She kissed my nose, a simple peck. I began to laugh and she joined in.
We laughed hysterically. We laughed uncontrollably. We laughed until our stomachs hurt. We laughed because it seemed so unreal. We laughed because we could never tell a soul. We laughed because it felt so wrong, but it felt so right. It had felt oh so, so right.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hello, so I notice I have this dream a lot. Not exactly like it but something similar.
First (in reality) i woke up at 4:35 which is weird from a text i guess. My friend texted me at 4:30 and then i went back to bed, with a quick prayer. It started off , all I can remember is someone ran and tells me that this girl is going to McDonald's to sell my canon 60D camera to get money and they told me go to my photography's teachers room for help. For some reason it became scary and I was walking down the hallway. I don't remember but I bumped into someone. Something happened in that hallway. Now I only remember bits and bits.
There were helicopters surrounding me at one point
My mom was in the dream..
I was In the car with someone that was trying to help me.
My 8th period English teacher was In the dream
It had something to do with the devil and hell
I was suddenly in this place and it's a warehouse looking place
There's a door and behind it is a huge fire like...pit or swirl. There's two men a man with a half burnt face (I guess he's the devil) and he waits by the door and his assistant which carries a gun and for fun shoots the devil which results in the devil just laughing. That place is hell behind it and some lady comes up and she's wearing like leather and a cat suit and she's nude under all that. She walks up to the devil strongly and tells him something courageous that I don't remember. He points to hell and she stands up, does some cool ninja move an ends up on the top of the warehouse shelves. Suddenly I'm the woman running and toppling down things. Then I'm out and then I grab onto this Christmas light and slide down it and them land in a huge blanket (which happens to be the one I sleep with every night) but I end up being tiny like a little mouse and I hide behind my sheets then run out the back door.

A group of my friends and some other girls are in this smaller warehouse and they're all putting on shirts that say like "x" I put on mine and we have to memorize these lines in our sleeve pocket so I memorize one but when i go to read 2 and 3 I lose my 1. So I try to run behind it and go away but that's the boy area and people are there I don't know where I hid from here but I do remember Satan coming out and looking at all his girls. I remember there was one girl I don't know if it was me or not but her shirt had Brown straps around it like my sandals do. (the girls shirts turned from black to red.) I remember praying to God to help me and then I feel everything fading and I wake up, it was...it doesn't sound scary but It was terrifying. Please help what does this mean?!

Example: What could this dream mean (short)?

so i'm a girl and i had this one girl over who was oonly a friend and she was going to take a shower so before she went in the bathroom to i set up a hidden camera so that when i would play it back i would watch her undressing and taking a shower (luckily i woke up before that happened though)
what could this mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

(Note, this is long)
Dream 1: (Almost a year ago)
The world had been taken over by zombies (Like in "Resident Evil"), but the difference was that these zombies actually thought like a person. They had all the memories of before they died. Well, I was trapped in my house, and I was getting the tea pitcher out of the fridge, and these two zombies bust the door down (a feat in itself. Heavy wood here.), and start ransacking the place. Now, the zombies are between me, and my only escape, so I hide in a spinning rack that holds pans, but in this case, it had nothing in it. I spin it closed, and with all the noise I'm making, I'm surprised they didn't hear me. The leave the house, and I leave my refuge. I run upstairs and the whole floor is intact. They were looking for something on the first floor. I ran back downstairs, and carefully sidestepped the area in front of the steps, as it was covered in broken glass now. I look out of the window, and zombies are marching up and down the streets. For some reason I wish that the MPs (military police) and the Polezei (German police) would show up. Well, what do you know. The blue and silver cars the Mps are in pull in, and then the Polezei in their green and white VANS show up. The step out of the vehicles, and start shooting the zombies. I, being frightened, lock myself in my bathroom, and wait for the shooting to stop. Then a zombie comes up the stairs, and there's nowhere to hide in my bathroom, unless you can tear out the boards in a "inwall" cabinet, and hide there, but I had no time. The zombie kicked the door down, and I woke up.

Dream 2: (Last night)
I was looking out of my door, and then I walked onto the pathway. I just watched in horror as a huge bird the color of fire was blowing up my town. I ran like a mad woman to fetch of all things a camera. I turned around and kept running until I reached my house again. I slammed the door, and heard a voice from the other side. I don't remember what it said, but I do remember that it wasn't nice. I remained quiet, and then I felt something burning on me, and I woke up.

Dream 3: (This actually happened when I was five or six)
I was running up a "hill" and this man was chasing me. I reached the top, and it turned out to be a dormant volcano. The man grinned evilly and the launched a punch at me. (Oddly enough for a dream from a five or six year old, possibly even four, I had the body of a ten year old) I jumped up, kicked him in the face, and then the volcano began to explode. I ran all the way down the hill, and then I woke up. (I was really scared for some reason. To this day, I never understood why I was so scared of that dream. I think it's a little weird. Only a little compared to my most recent dreams. Only a little weird compared to being strapped into a roller coster that goes off the tracks and you survive.)

Dream 4: (Don't remember when)
I was trapped in a ship, and these Koreans were forcing me to learn their language against my will. I would either have to learn Korean, or I'd die. Well, I learned it, and they let me go. (Note, I don't know any Korean) I was walking down this dirt path, and this Asiatic black bear comes out of nowhere and starts attacking me. I ran, and ran, until I lost it, but then I lost my balance, and fell, right on my tailbone (OUCH. I've done it before. Roller skating, could barely walk afterwards. Crying like crazy.) and I thought I felt pain, but I woke up, and then the pain was gone.

Dream 5 (Last one)
This dream was really vivid, and it still is. I had it three and a half or more years back.)
I was running into my house (House I lived in three and a half years ago) being followed by a swarm of bees. I slammed the storm door shut. Then the heavier door. I walked up to my room, and the bees were there. I ran down the stairs, out of the doors, and down the street. I ran for like five minutes then the bay came into view (Chesapeake bay). I dove in. I remember that the water was so warm, and the sand so soft. I held my breath until I burst, and came out. I got out of the water, and the bees were gone. I walked slowly back to my house. When I approached the duplex (Been living in duplexes for the last five years. Three different ones though.) the bees attacked again, and I got stung. I woke up, and the first thing I did was look at the side I got stung in my dream. I slid out of bed, and spent the rest of the night with my parents. (I was only 9 or ten at the time).

I'd appreciate any body telling me what these dreams mean. My dreams have been so bizzare lately, they seem to come out of the SciFi channel or something.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

i've seen a dream:
a boarding school was opened in my town and I registered there. in that school my friend and i were and two other groups were working on a project in front of some people. in our desk there was an advertisement where was shown a phrase for life in blue background and with a rainbow. my friend pushed the desk and everything we was working with fell. the teachers punished us and i was sad. my dad understood that the phrase for life wasn't true and wanted to take me from that school but he couldn't ... in school we had to do an exam but i didn't write anything even if i knew it and we had to go for ice-skating and i was very good at it... then we were at a hot air balloon, someone fell (the balloon was near the ground) and i helped him to get on the balloon but then i fell too and he didn't help me ... then i was in the centre of town, it was night ... i felt lost... i saw some coins near 2 boys and i felt i needed them so i took them.. i thought there could be an hidden camera to show it on tv and then i saw that one of the boys had a blue camera. so i asked whose money were it and the other boy said let me see and took the coins and then he gave them back... i could notice he took some coins in a hidden way...then a boy with a long stick in his hand ordered me to give him some coins, but i didnt wanted to and he followed me to hit me with the stick...i asked my ex classmates passing by to help me but he avoided me... then 2 girls from my class found out the town where the guy with stick was from... then i saw my bro coming from capital with a bicycle... he took another way to get home ... when i reached home i saw my cousin outside and the front door had a hole in center... then i opened it and on the hall i saw many of my family shoes and ym mom came, i began crying and i hugged her

complicated right?

Example: What does it mean to dream about pictures, cameras,sunsets,plants and ghosts?

okay i had this dream last night...

i was in a some sort of a beautiful place...(in a beach, or on a mountain?) and i'm taking numerous photographs of sunset scenes...

the scenes are so beautiful, picturesque, post-card pretty colorful and realistic...i even sensed an air entering my nostrils

and then all of a sudden i was in the front of my neighbor's mansion...due to unknown reason i decided to take pictures of myself...with the lush garden as the background

and then when i saw the results...i spotted two glowing flaring faces hiding in the plants!...they all look like ghosts or (supernatural)...

could it be that i'm looking on a ghost picture?...i'm not sure...i just woke then...a little bit paranoid and my head is anging at the edge of my bed facing down the floor...

btw...i haven't watch any horror movies for a long time...so don't explain that i only watched a movie scene and then contributed it in the dream world!

Example: Whats this dream mean..?

okay like i just had this dream
and it like picked up from a dream i had a year ago
but me and a friend of mine were just crossing a street in that dream
i guess that part didn't mean anything?

but like in the dream i was in a mansion (like an old style mansion that's lit up with candles) with a whole bunch of tiny kids
and i was a little kid tooo
and every morning we went into this huge room
with like a realllly big bed in the middle of the room for some reason and some guy would stay on a podium and talk
(and this dream was like for days long so i went to that room a lot)
but everytime i didn't listen to him and i would leave the room
and find some things in a different room
and one time i saw this kid that stole one of the sheets from that bed
and he just started running down a big empty hallway
(is was just us two there)
and he threw the sheets into a candle and burned it and just ran off
then after that happened i was all of a sudden i was in a playground
(outside of the mansion)
and then some kid found a bloody leg on a slide
he just picked it up and yelled, "who's is this"
and this little girl in a dress was just sitting against a wall (bloody)
with no leg and said in like a really nice hushed voice, "oh, thank you. i've been missing that"

yea and after that happened i was in another room of the mansion
and i was supposed to be filming someones wedding
(it seemed like a really old wedding or something. it seemed like a dance party type thing in 1800's though)
and the room was kind of dark and it was packed
people were sitting on the floor and things like that
and then someone popped out of nowhere dressed in full black shining a flashlight in my eye
i got blinded and dropped the camera

then after that i was in that huge room that starts off each day with a bed in the middle of it
and i was in a chair right in front of the bed
and they put these wires attached to my hands that were supposed to electricute me i guess
and everyone was in the room watching me that was at the wedding
and the guy at the podium said, "it must be done"
and they shocked me
but i didn't die, my hands just caught on fire
and i ran out of that room
and into a closet trying to hide from those people
and then in the closet i saw a little girl in a dress with a razorblade in her hand
holding that one guy from the beginning of the dream who burnt those sheets
and she stuck the razorblade in the other kids eye ...

then i woke up
hahah does anyone think this means anything?
that wasn't the whole dream
the whole thing was way too freaking long

Example: Does my dream mean something? ( SERIOUS ANSWERS)?

Okay so a little while ago i lost something i loved..my digital camera ( dont laugh i really loved my camera)
and i have been searching for it ever since. and well last night i had a dream i found it? Could this mean something? I really want to know. because im on the urge of my buying another camera, and i don't want to buy another one and then find it like a week later lol.

Example: Really creepy reoccurring dream meaning?

I used to have this one dream for months on end as a kid, but they went away. Last week, it happened again. So every dream starts me off in my neighborhood. It's dark outside, and everything looks the same, but warped...kind of hard to explain...nothing felt right. I'll be wandering the neighborhood, but I always see this guy standing a few feet away. He is just a black silhouette, but he has a camera. He'll take pictures of me, and I always see the flash of the camera. Most of the time, I see him when I look outside of my window, but occasionally I see him when I'm outside...is this weird? I mean, I know dreams are always a bit weird, but still...Do you guys know what it means? Thanks.

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