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Dream About Helmet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

I had this dream when I was like 6 and I still remember it perfectly! (I know a little weird, huh?) So it was at night and all the sudden this bright pink flamingo that had I shiny leather jacket on that was on a shiny black motorcycle with a painting of fire on it came chasing after me! It also had shiny black sunglasses and a shiny black helmet on (lots of black and shiny stuff haha) The song The Twilight Zone was playing in the background and it was the part with no words. I was running and running and I was scared to death! Then more of them came up behind the main flamingo and I was being chased by a bunch of them! What the crap does this dream mean? I've been trying to figure it out since I was 6 so please help! =] thanks

This dream doesn't sound like one of those meaning dreams. It sounds more like an overactive mind to me. There are some sites that will help you, just google "meaning of dreams" or something along those lines.

Example: What does this dream mean?

What I dreamed about recently:
I was watching a documentary.A lady was giving birth to a half fire-ant human baby...after she gave birth, the toxin from the fire-ant was slowly killing her. Her skin went raw and her face disappeared(it looked like it was punched inwards). Then she went through warped nightmares, day in and day out, so the doctors hooked up a virtual helmet thingy to try... and override her visions. It didn't work and she died. Funnily, the baby looked like a completely normal human baby. The father was cradling it in his arms after the woman's death.
Strangely, I didn't think it was scary...disturbing, but not scary.

Example: What does my dream mean?

The other night I had this dream about a man who was in a town of unknown oragin. He wore some kind of thick black metal. As he walked threw the town he slaughtered every hynight and guard who attacked him. When he reached the doors a hord of worriers attacked, all meeting the same fate. When he entered the castle there was a man who sat in a hugew thrown. Standing next to him was a man who looked like a mimic of the murderouse fiend, except he wore dimond armor. The king told the man to stop the thing that approched him to stop it at any means nessicary. The two duked it out for a while until the man who wore dimond had been slain. When he was dead the one wering all black took off both thier helmets. Surprisingly, they were the same person. The king was shocked and tried his best to hold off the fiend who began gibbering about the end of the world as a soon-comming before slautering the king. He then took the thown. What could this mean?

Example: Very Strange dream, meaning?

It was EXTREAMLY vivid there was absolutely no difference than the dream and real life (exept the setting and time it happened) so this is what happened, I was a knight in the middle east, I think I was on a crusade, I was riding in the middle of the desert (some castles in the distance) and it was just me and who seemed to be my best friend. Well we were riding and all of a sudden his horse collapsed. He got off and stood over it crying, he said loudly "this hourse has been my best friend all my life, I love him so much!" I get off my horse and said "man im sorry." then out of no where he turned his horse's face towards him and started punching it in the face as hard as he could for like 30 seconds straight. Lol then I said " why did you do that!?" he said "I just couldn't let him die like that"
Haha Any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok this is two dreams
1: I was on my house balcony with three friends and we were playing around then this giant purple bird came swooping up but then i realized it was a knight... with feather wings! anyways he came to my balcony without the wings, the helmet and his sword then (ok this is ridiculous) one of my friends challenged me to jump down from the balcony and touch a tree and do it 3 times and i accepted and when i looked down it was pretty high then suddenly the knight took a red thing and jumped down using it then suddenly i was outside talking to my friends and the dream ended

2: I was on the balcony again midnight and there was this rock like egg that hit my balcony when a giant purple bird went after it then it thought i was a threat so it attacked me Dream Ended i didnt know if i died or anything it just flew to me and it went black.

Example: Dreams what do they mean?

i know what dreams are,just a collection of things that happen or you see why you are awake.

But when i lay on my side i dream,when i lay on my back i see things clear,even names or reading papers.

yesterdays dream was about a show called the single guy...which was robbed by women in crash helmets...it was in the olden days,ay back...i spoke to a man called william twist,it was so clear...

Example: What does my dream mean..?

its really confusing.. let me start off my saying this; i have alwyas been instered in the military, especially the Marines, i have considered joining although i'am only 15.
but i worry about what people would think about that sense i am a girl and everything. (i kno i shouldnt worry about that)

ok now to the dream..
i really dont know where i was.. mabe a boot camp type place, i dont know but i was wearing a combat type helmet , i think i was in a darkish tunnle or somthing with other people. i was sitting against the wall.i remember waking up really happy. "/

what can this mean.?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming of riding a motorbike a big powerful one, loving the sound of it's engine. I always have a passenger on the back but never the same person. It's only when I reach my destination that I realise I haven't got a crash helmet on.
Also I keep dreaming of getting stuck between floors in a lift of a high rise tower block. Mostly the lifts are made of glass. Please can someone give me reasonable explanations.
Idiots need not reply...you know who you are!

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I just woke up from a crazy dream.. I was a slave in a castle ruled by this evil suit of armor.. and I managed to break free. As I ran away, I encountered a huge group of animals: horses, wolves, bears, tigers, etc.. they were all together, and some of them had clothes on.. I spoke with some of the horses, and started telling them about the evil suit of armor that was torturing people in his castle not too far from here. I remember yelling at the animals these words: "My friends! The humans in this castle are evil beings, they must be destroyed!" I got them all riled up, and a lady I was with gracefully mounted one of the white horses. I was offered to ride a brown one, but declined, and instead ran with the wolves into battle. I was running just as fast as they were, and we were the first ones to attack; the rest of the army falling in behind us, and we were overwhelming the dark fortress. I found the knight after killing many evil creatures, fighting along side the animals. I leapt onto him, as a wolf might, and began to tear at his helmet with my hands which now had claws. I kept switching between a wolf, a human, and a wolf-human mixture. I tore off his helmet and beat him to death with my hands, snarling with victory after he fell.

It was an awesome, exhilarating dream.. It'd be great to get some opinions or theories on what it or parts of it could mean.

Example: What might this dream mean?

i had a dream recently, both beautiful and scary to me, it was that i was in my adult life, (this was odd to me as i am only 15/16) i was working as some sort of astronaught, i new i was due to go into space in the near future, somehow, at somepoint an alien spaceship had landed (not crashed) and i had come into contact with the pilot. She was as normal as any other human being (or as normal as i could percieve) i found out she would be leaving soon and i begged for her to take me with her, at first she refused, but after a while accepted my request after i argued (and this is to my memory)

"(crying) How could you leave me here? my role is to accend to space and i want to see more than what my species has to offer, (i look out at a space shuttle) how can you expect me to explore the cosmos in this? our technology is useless and i will never be satisyfied"

i remember it skipping to us running, we had to reach her ship quickly as someone wanted to stop us from leaving, we had picked up my brother and friend by the time we where ready to leave, after we had taken off i looked out of the cockpit and stared into the infinate madgesty of space, i remeber being so relived that i escaped earth that i took of my helmet and once again broke into tears, these tears where of the utmost joy, joy that i had finaly "escaped" earth. I had no desire to see my family and only cared that i was away from my home planet, it was only after i woke up a short time later that i realised how repulsive my feelings where by the end of the dream.

It was only recently that i could remeber my dreams, i have lucid dreams about flight and lucid dreams in general very often, but this one stood out to me. I was wondering what this dream could mean about me, my behaviour (i was raised to belive that no matter what happens, family is THE most important thing) so i dont understand how by the end of the dream i was so willing to forsake them, does anyone know anything that could help me understand?

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