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Dream About Hell meanings

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Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

I had a dream about two boys about 12 (The dream was the most vivid ive ever had)Running outisde to their backyard and touching the bristles on a venus fly tarp and counting the second till it closed to see how many more years they had left to live. For the first boy it closed in 4 second, for the secon boy it closed really very quickly, so quickly it wasnt even a secon, so he had no years left to live. And then after that the words "I know who killed him" popped into my head along with manastreem (ive never heard the word in my life and dont even know if its a word) And i just like thought it ment something about bugs. Ive been having really weird vived dreams lately and its really freaky anyone know what this means?

Hmmm well i am not too good at saying what dreams mean ... but i did have this phase where i was into it like finding out what they meant in books, but that was a long time ago.

Sorry i won't be of much help, but in my opinion i believe that the dream would of related to your daily life. Think about it, some things like a plant ... you might of kept in your head consciously from your day to unconsciously in your sleep. For instance it has happened to me on several occasions of my dreams, i went to my friends house met his mum and yea. Had a dream i borrowed her new tracksuit with her sons permission, found out and she hated my guts. weird aye? But yea that's only my theory but i could be wrong. In books they may seem helpful but not really they seem to pick out only certain things, e.g. look for a boy and a plant and it will give definitions on a plant and boy in your dreams.

Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

I had a dream where my boyfriend was moving away and he broke up with me to avoid a long distance relationship. To make me feel better my friends went outside to find spiders to make spider soup. I am extremely confused as to what this dream means? And no, my relationship with my boyfriend is fine and hes not really moving...

Example: What the hell do dreams mean?

So..I keep having dreams about this guy i use to have a HUGE crush on in high school. And i have a boyfriend of 6 years who i love very much. I'm just kinda confused on why i'm dreaming about HIM. I mean i don't think about him or anything. It's a stupid question i know lol. But any input would be awesome.

Example: What the hell does this dream mean?!?

So in my dream I'm in a relationship with this guy who was currently in jail. I had wanted my mom to meet the guy who I was with so she went on her own to visit him in jail! She told me that he was attractive but rude. So I went to the jail, but it was nothing like a prison, it was pretty much like a doctors office. I went up to the front desk and asked if I could see him, but they needed an ID which I forgot at home but they fin let me in. Well I go into this other waiting room and I see one of my good childhood friends except he looked really weird. I go into the other room where my "bf" is waiting. He has this hooded sweatshirt over his head so I can't see his face at first. We're talking from a distance, and I then notice his face.
His skin was made of a leather-like material and it was an inhuman color. It was scary to say the least. Even his lips were made of leather.

What does this mean?!? I don't have a BF, and don't like anyone! And why aws his face leather?

Example: Ok, What the hell does this dream mean!?!?

So, I just had the craziest dream last night, Well most of my dreams are crazy, but this one was the craziest. I have no idea where the hell my mind came up with this ****, But I don't know would it could be, because nothing in this dream can be done in real life. Ok here it goes.

So I'm at a backyard at some house in seems like los angeles, Friends and family, and ppl are over for a BBQ, the suns just beginning to dim, were having a fun and socializing, smiles on everyones face. When suddenly we hear crackling noises all around us, I thought it was an earthquake at first, But silver somewat metallic spheres bursts out of the ground really fast go up acouple 100 ft into the sky all over LA. Were like WTF is that!?, They start to spin at tremondous speed so fast that it makes a supersonic boom kinda noise, when I see parts of buildings near it start ripping off and getting sucked into it, everything buildings, people, even sunlight. They looked like mini blackholes, I start to see my friends and family turn into a billion pieces then getting sucked into the spheres.

I for some had a weird feeling of running inside the house, into the bathroom, and jumping into a fully filled bathtub. Once in the tub, I suddenly start drowning, and im falling, getting pulled deeper into the water, it seems like the bathtub is deep as an ocean, Deeper, and deeper I get pulled into it, when I just so happen to fall down from the sky, which I thought was the sky at first, But the sky was an freaking Ocean!, THE SKY WAS THE OCEAN WTF!, Im falling backwards looking it, Until I hit and break a mirror, pass through it, hit n break another mirror and so on, Each time I would break a mirror, the broken one before that would reattach its pieces together to then I see my reflection each time i go through breakin one, Its feels like a never ending paradox, But eventually it ended up, everything changes all of sudden, Now im stuck inside a locker it was seems to be a submarine, Some guy with cpt hat and mustache opens it and he tells me"There you are, We've been expecting you, I hope the ride wasn't too rough, Come on" I follow him to the top outside deck were we see the ocean. The cpt guys says"Its beautiful isn't it, very vast, makes ya think ya know?" It took me awhile to realize that the ocean we were on is the ocean i fell from the sky!, I look up(which was down, since we were upside down or watever lol), shocked and surprised at what i saw at what seemed like earth, only it looked damaged, burnt out and destroyed, The cpt said we'll be landing in just a jiff, I need my crew to be ready" Idk what he meant, Then an explosion occurs on the submarine, which shook us to the ground, The cpt yelled"Those bastards found us, grab hold your weapons and equipment, Were gonna bail the ship!" Confused and dazed out from the xplosion idk wtf to do, The cpt says to me"We'll meet u in the way down, and stay alive, Because if you die, Then were ALL dead!" Then the everyone jumps off the sub backwards falling into earth away from the ocean, except me!, Stupid me was so scared i didn't do anything, Another explosion occured, then I woke up to my alarm.

Woah...What the hell...What does this mean or does it even mean anything? I just wanted to share because it was like nothing i ever dreamed about, its pretty weird.

Example: What does it mean to dream about hell?

I had a dream that I went to hell and the sky was a dark red it was also smoke in the air. I was standing there by myself and I herd a voice so I looked down and the ground had faces of the dead. Your thinking how come I didn't feel the faces under me, I ask myself the same thing. Arms began to come from the ground and pull me down with them, but I couldn't fight they were too strong. Next you know I'm part of hell's floor. What kind of **** is that? Does that mean I'm going to hell? I'm not a bad person at all.

Example: What does it mean to dream of hell?

so i have been have the weirdest dream this past week about war and there's always fire in it so today i had a dream that i was a little girl and i kept passing through this cemetery because my house was pass the cemetery, so i had twin uncles and one of them was dead nd his head was on stick and i was exploring this world where it was only red and mountains.
So then all of a sudden i was climbing this big tree and came out of hell and then my dead uncle was alive and i was so tired after my journey i couldn't find my way home and i pass the cemetery but stayed in this house and i feel asleep saying ' am sorry ghost if this is your house but please let me sleep" and i was surrounded by ghost. I don't remember anything else after that

Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

The dream starts like so.
Im standing in a crowd of people I turn around and im feeling lost hundreds of people are moving aorun me all very fast, and as im turning I see this guys face (as if it was real life, I remember the face off by Heart its just in my head all the time and i dont know why + KNOW i've never seen this guy before) then I stop and turn to face the guy all he does is stand there and look at me and then I blink and he is gone. I've been having the same dream for about two weeks now why? does it mean something or what?

Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I was pregnant and I was in labour with the baby. It was so realistic, I felt the contractions and everything [lol no water didn't break haha] when I had the baby it was a baby girl and her name was Remy.

The reason I found this so wierd is because a month or so ago I dreamt I had a baby girl with brown eyes and I called her Remy. Nobody believed that I'd had her and when I tried to bring people to her to convince them, she disappeared, but I found her again at the end.

The dream last night was exactly the same baby, same name, same eyes. I haven't thought about the dream for a week or so, so I don't know where last night's came out of.

I'm 14, no boyfriend currently, obviously not wanting kids right now. What do these dreams mean?

Example: What in the hell does this dream mean?

i keep having this dream about this really hot asian guy (btw i have this thing for asian guys!) and last night i had a dream that my mom was spray painting the walls with rainbows and putting rainbow stickers on everything because she thought i was gay? then, after a while, i walked up to him and told him my plan and it was to make out with him in front of everyone and prove i'm not gay. So i did. They just stood there and watched us. Then, they said i was still gay?

what in the hell? I've been having bicurious thoughts recently, but i never thought it would go this far, if it helps!

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