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Dream About Helicopter meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of a helicopter & sharks...?

I wont go into detail it was a long complicated dream but flying in the helicopter and landing was very important as was the place we landed. There was really clear water and right up close there were small sharks swimming. Some looked like eels and there was a tiny seal but there were sharks mainly.

I cant find anything about dreaming about helicopters online! Any ideas? Thanks

i've done a little research on dreams and figure you should break the dream down to symbols find that meaning and paste it back together(of coarse you need to know the meaning of the symbols but u can find that online) u were vague in some cases like where u landed and y its important, the ending, and other things but i can give u a rough translation. keep in mind i dont believe dreams can tell u the future but i do believe thier ur subconscious language so my interpretation is based on that. seems to me like the main symbols in this dream are the landing, the helicopter, the small sharks, the eels, water, and the seal
SHARKS a threat that u dont c till its 2 late
EELS:something lurking stealthly ready to strike( or attack)
HELICOPTER:the ability to rise above (or overcome) a problem
LANDING:ill explain later since idk where it was
SEALS: cleverness, imaginative,creative etc.
WATER: thousands of meanings but urs seems to b specific
SIZE: small= weak, unimportant u know things like that

u are in the HELICOPTER w/ someone i presume since u mention "we" this is important since its possible they were flying, meaning u feel u can rise above a problem(if the other is flying(piloting) then u feel u need his/her help, if ur flying u feel they need u, if ur both working together u feel u need eachother) then u LAND idk if its land or water (water landing- u feel unstable on this platform or u associate this person with a memory of water like the pool or the beach) (land landing- idk since there are many possibilities, but my guess is u associate this place w/ that person) u LOOK INTO WATER the water might be a barrior between u and wat u c, u c SHARKS and EELS meaning u feel there are or might be problems that involve that person. the SEAL is alone i presume since u mention "a tiny seal" u might consider urself or that person clever or creative meaning u or him/her are the seal or if this creativity thing doesnt apply then its likley the pilot, and ur bond is broken by a SMALL or small problems (since u mention the animals are small) and now u feel the passenger is week w/o the pilot

CONCLUSION: You feel you and the person in the helicopter are going, or about to go through some tough times that were or will be sparked by minor events. The way it ends is important,if were u watching the water and suddenly awoke u dont feel that ur relationship might survive this ordeal, if ur attention focused off the water and back to the person THEN u woke up( of coarse what happened next is also important), u feel you will make it through this and can make it through any problem since ur attention shifts back to the helicopter scene.
1) i dont know the whole dream and the slightest variation in the dream could alter its true meaning. like if by "we" you mean your whole family was on the helicopter, or if your not looking into the ocean, but rather a pond or puddle(which hadnt occurred to me till now)
2) dreams are made by YOUR subconscious, NOT a therapist or some dream guru, or even me. these symbols are simply what they tend to mean on a general basis to a average person(i.e. if your a real pilot the helicopter could mean something completely different, or if at school your class is discussing marine biology) - see how this could affect ur subconscious thus altering the dreams meaning?

anyways i thought id show u my process of interpreting dreams cause odds are ur vagueness led me to assume the wrong thing in any case at least u can click in events of your life to better translate ur dreams

Example: What does my dream mean? Me and my bestfriend naked flying in a helicopter through a hail storm.?

Well the dream starts off with me and my bestfriend going through some kind of obstacle course and through it we lose all of our clothes and end up butt naked. But neither of us seem to care. We end up being in the mountains covered in snow and there is a helicopter waiting for us. In the helicopter we take off and specifically I said the hail was qoinq down hard and for some reason there was a home button in it so I pressed it and it took us back to the same spot in the mountains . By this time we had clothes and her parents and my little brother were in the helicopter with us. We started flyinq in the helicopter for a 2nd try and while in it my bestfriend mentions that we were on are way to new york to visit her older brother. Soo its a pretty random dream. Anybody wana take a crack at it ? Help me fiqure out what it means :(

Example: What does a helicopter crash mean in a dream?

Nope nothing much happening in my life at the moment... I have been dreaming about death an awful lot this last fortnight but this helicopter dream has popped up twice. Nothing imparticular is happening in the dreams. the first one I was just talking to a lady and her baby at a park & the second one I am shopping at a hardware store.

Example: What does a Helicopter crash in a dream mean?

Last night, I had one of the clearest dreams I think I've ever had - remember every minute of it. In the dream, I got out of the house and video taped a helicopter which seemed to be struggling in the sky under s giant storm. Then after a few minutes, it fell at top speed on top of a house which is only a few houses away from mine. And I don't know anything about that house in real life, who lives there or anything!

In a dream dictionary, I read that a helicopter represents your ambitions and achievements. But I think that might be when you're IN the helicopter, not watching it from the ground.

So what do you think it means?

Example: What does a helicopter crash in my dream mean ?

Alright so last night I had pretty weird dream.I was at some apartments ,I honestly don't know who's but I remember that I was in the front parking lot and my Neighbors were blowing up some really loud fire works Out of no where I see military patchy helicopter spinning in circles.The back of the patchy was on fire, it started to drop lower and lower until it finally hit a couple house next doar to where I was standing.I went in side to get my bike , because I wanted to see if the pilot was okay but that's the weird part because I know in real life I would have probably not went. I would have just called for help or the paramedics. Okay so I went in side my house but I couldn't find my socks ! And than once I found them I couldn't find my shoes ! I actually felt like I was under stress , even though I was in a dream I still felt it as if it were really happening in real life.

Some one please help me on what these actions in my dreams mean.

-The crashing helicopter .
-The Urge to help the pilot .
-And trouble finding my shoes or socks or a personal belonging.

I think I might be in a lot of stress or I guess you can say I'm worried about my future job.
I plan on joining the navy SWCC after high school but you have to be in really good shape and be able to run long distance and swimming too. I go every day to the gym ,well because I want to be prepared once I go to basic training.theres not a day that I don't think about the job.I really want to be in the navy that's why I push my self so hard at the gym.

Can the stress of the job I want have to do anything with this dream ?

Example: Helicopter dream?

I'm inside a building - i think its my house or some place of temporary residence and and hiding from a helicopters from seeing me which are patroling aroung the night sky.

For some reason i'm hiding from the helicopter and cannot let it see me (maybe coz i'll be captured) - i feel nervous, cautious and a little excited, cause of the trill of hiding.

could be nothing but meaning?

Example: What does a dream of a helicopter crash mean?

Example: Helicopter dream interpretation?

In my dream I was sitting at home with my children, then all of a sudden I looked out the window & I saw a helicopter crash, shortly after in my dream all the lights went out and people were going hysterical. My children in my dream were crying and scared as well. I could only try to calm them and get to safety. Can anyone tell me what it might mean? Thanks!

Example: I had a VERY vivid and detailed dream about watching a helicopter crash. What does it mean?

I occasionally have vivid dreams, but rarely as vivid as this one. I began doing a little dream research online and found little explanations for certain symbols in the dream, but nothing that really comes close to this scenario or brings it all together.

Here’s the dream:

I’m driving down the freeway (in the fast lane). For some reason, I think I was coming home from doing something in Los Angeles (not sure what).

I noticed a red helicopter (a little 2-seat Robinson R-22) flying very low (at traffic level) several cars behind me in my rear-view mirror. It veered left, then came up the carpool lane, passed me (it was flying on it’s side at this point) then veered right (about a quarter-mile ahead of my car).

Traffic slowed (including me) as if the helicopter was a highway patrol car running a traffic break. The helicopter’s rotor blades cut into the ground and it crashed (right in the middle of the freeway and right in front of my car).

I’m a news photographer by trade, but a human being first, so my first instinct was to call for paramedics. I reached for my cell phone, but before I could dial I heard the distinctive sound of an approaching ambulance’s siren.

Satisfied that the EMS system had been initiated, I got out of my car and grabbed my camera equipment. By the time I was in my safety gear and in position to start shooting firefighters had already extracted the pilot and I heard one EMT shout, “Get this guy to the hospital fast.”

I managed to get a few photographs of the pilot being hurried away on a stretcher before they disappeared.

Somehow, I noticed, they’d managed to make the rescue without dousing the flames still coming from the helicopter, so I took a picture of the burning vehicle. Then, like magic… the flames went out on their own.

I was amazed that anybody was alive and even more impressed at how controlled that crash seemed.

Then I woke up.

Oh, it was partly cloudy day (late afternoon) in my dream.


Example: What does a Helicopter Crash in a dream mean when you are pregnant?

I am currently pregnant and the other night i had a very vivid dream about myself and a friend (who is due the same day) leaving to go shopping, while out we stopped and i ran into a friend, who is currently serving overseas. In the meantime i recieved a call from my husband saying there was a large helicopter "acting funny" while he was outside with the dogs, we could see the helicopter from where we were and began to watch it.
As my husband brought the dogs into the house, and i heard the door close over the phone, we watched as the helicopter began twisting, (this was the most vivid part of the dream) and bodies were coming out of the center of the helicopter where it was pulling apart as it crashed, the passengers all fell out, very graphicly followed by the pilot, and the helicopter then crashed into the hillside behind our house. My friend and i rushed home (I am an EMT and firefighter with the local fire department and her boyfriend also runs as a firefighter).
As I returned home the pager (that alerts us when there is a call) kepts going off over and over asking for man power out of our department, and i just sat curled up in a ball on our couch not moving terrified (this is not like me at all i never hesitate to respond.)
It didnt matter how many times i woke up from this dream, as soon as i would go back to sleep it would pick back up where it left off, with the most vivid details of the bodies falling through the area and the smoke coming from the now treeless hillside.
I am currently pregnant, but unsure if this makes any difference, since i have been pregnant i have had several of these vivid dreams about Firefighting, and they all involve my husband as well ( who is also a firefighter.)
I was wondering if anyone could offer a reasoning behind this dream, or if it has some sort of interpretation to it?

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