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Dream About Hanging Clothes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream about my ex best friend and I. We were hanging out... what does this mean? help!?

okay so my dream was my ex bestfriend( and were not really friends anymore because she moved and it didnt really work out, we still talk time to time.) anyways when i was friends with her she looked like a normal 12 yr old like brown hair not much makeup, reg. clothes form american eagle maybe pacsun, but when she moved she totally changed, different emo friends, smoking, and having all diff colors in her hair and wearing tons of makeup and emo clothes. but her personality is about that same. but in this dream she was the way i knew her. it was so werid.

my question is: does this dream mean something and if so what does it mean?

it means you have memories of people you have met and been friends with in your life its normal... i had a dream about my teacher at school once wierd

Example: Meaning behind the dream?

well it starts off with me about to take a bath. but its not in my bathtub or restroom. the bathtub is like one of those old white shallow ones with the four legs at the base. well anyway, i turn the nob, get undressed, then slip in. i put my headphones in my ears. pick a song, close my eyes then as soon as my ipod leaves my fingers onto the table beside the tub i hear like a sniffle. i freak and open my eyes an once i do im no longer in a restroom. im in like a desert outside, where the ground is cracked and gray. ugly. i look down into the water but its not water anymore either, it this black sticky tar looking stuff. i slowly stand up and im wearing clothes now, but im still cover in this disgusting fowl smelling gunk. i get out of this tub and start to walk. everything is dead. the sky is like black, depressing and hopeless [[i have a sort of odd obsession with the sky in reality so this really hit me hard in the chest when i see it]]. then i finally see a sliver of silver light in the horizon and i just start running to it but the more i run the farther it looks so i stop. then it just disappears, and its completely pitch black. then this LOUD purr of what sounds like a huge generator vibrates through the air and i turn around to see a single beam of light shining down on a woman, slender, and in a black tutu. a ballerina i guess. she starts to dance in place, spinning and moving her arms around. she reminds me of like one of those ballerinas in jewelry boxes. I get closer to her and see the black crap that im covered in is in her hair. like gel slicking her hair back into a bun. i get to the edge of where the narrow light meets the dark but i dont step into the light. but when i do that shes spinning and she very slowly stops. like in slow motion. then finally she freezes. and i stare at her. for a real long time, until i muster up the courage to step forward. but before my foot goes forward i stuck a deep breath in like im being strangled and i wake up.

nearly half way on the floor hanging off my bed. im guessing i scared myself wake by the sensation of me falling.

but i REALLY REALLY want to know what this means. i have really strange dreams, im just really lost.

any help?

please and thank you. ~♥

Example: I need help with finding the meaning of this dream. help?

I have had this dream for a few days now and its kinda freaking me out a bit...can someone help me out with what it means? This is how it goes, its really realistic:

I'm on the edge of a cliff, its over a large lake with a forest looking thing on the sides of it. I can't see the end of the lake, just the horizon and the edges close to me. There are some people with me, they have their back to the water and they have guns and weird outfits. They're like chrome tight suits with like belts and accessories and stuff on them. They don't look bad, but they're weird. I'm wearing...like what i normally wear. But i'm on the same side as them. They are shooting at people who are walking toward the edge of the cliff and we're trying to stop them. They have like a zombie type air about them. Like they're eyes are out of focus, they are walking like they are about to drop dead on the spot, but no matter how much the people in chrome shoot at them, they just keep going. Also wherever they get shot, there is not change. No blood, no wounds, nothing. After a few steps they run right through us and start jumping into the water. The all the people get into the water and the people in chrome keep shooting. And suddenly i get a horrible urge to jump in the water with them. So i do, and one the the girls is chrome (she seems to be my friend) yells after me and i think she yells my name. But i'm already in the dark murky water. I can't see anyone else, but i don't care. The light can get through only a few feet before it gets to dark to see. But i suddently become very relaxed and i allow myself to sink into the seaweed. (in other water dreams that i have had i'm scared of the water) But then suddenly a guy (i get a small glimpse of his face) just comes out from the depths, grabs my ankle and drags me down to the bottom. And i get filled with such and complete and udder panic and fear that i think my heart may stop. And then it goes blank.

And it restarts, and not matter how many times it repeats itself, i still jump in. Sometimes i swim away, but he always ends up dragging me under. Help?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about wearing leapord print fingernail polish?

I dreamt I was in a store with books, movies, clothes and food. Good music. I also had leapord print fingernail polish on my fingernails.

Mean anything?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Okay, so last night I had the weirdest dream lol.

I was going to a Christening (I actually am today) and I had some time before I was going, so I decided to go on my trampoline (I actually do have a trampoline). I started jumping, all in my nice clothes I think, and my friend Alex (girl) just like came over and wanted to jump. I was like "Why is she here? She didn't even call", and my dad had to get off the trampoline because it would be too much weight. So we're like jumping, and she needs to use the bathroom, so I show her where it is, and I come back out and there's like five of my friends jumping. In the dream, I think I thought that they felt bad because they couldn't hang out yesterday (which is true). So I start jumping and at this point I don't care about the weight restrictions. So then two of my friends start like tossing this hornet nest to each other (I don't know where they got it!) and I start saying, "STOP! They're going to sting you!" And they didn't listen

Example: What does my dream mean?

OK,m well my dream was I was in this house made of wood near a lake and my mother, and my two sisters and me were dressed up in gypsy eyegyptiony clothes. And there were clothes hanging everywhere of colours pink and purple and lilac. The house was really dim and rickety, it wasn't like a house nowadays it was literally just amde out out wood. Then my mum in real life walked in, wearing completely normal clothes even though it was obviouis my dream was set in a different era. And my dream mum told me and my sisters to get a biscuit for my mum. So we climped a ladder and the upstairs floor was made out of pink cloth! But it held the weight of our beds and that. We opened up this tiny gold case and took out a biscuit to give to my mum. Our dream mum was really horrible, and my sisters were bossy as I was the smallest. When my mum stood up to leave I ran up to her and hugged her because I was only little when the dream happened, and I remember feeling really sad and lost I was with these people not her. And so she smiled and took me home again, to a modern house amd stuff

Example: What do Dreams of losing clothes/ being naked mean?

i keep having dreams that i am walking around naked not necassarily at school but around people i hang out with at school or just people i go to school with. i am naked and they treat it like it is no big deal but i am always trying to cover myself up or running away and hiding (from the people or the situation)
also i dream that i lose my clothes in the begining but at the end i am fully clothed like it wuz a part of my imagination...

what could these dreams mean?

Example: What does my spiritual freaky dream mean?

once i had this weird dream a long time ago that i still wonder about. I was it church. but the atmosphere was very weird. I was in the doorway talking or hanging out with these guys. this one guy in particular was wearing a black hood and it was dirty and had holes in it. like, sand was falling off his sweater how dirty he was. he was wearing his hood and said they were going outside. I wanted to go with them to avoid church but my mom in a controlling manor walked over to me when she saw me, walked over to me, grabbed my arm and told me to sit down. I was rebellious but she managed to bring me to one of the pews in the back. I crossed my arms in defiance but i sat down anyway. my mom glared at me. I felt annoyed. I watched as the hooded guys left the church, wishing i had left with them. but then I heard this scary shrill scream and i found myself falling. I had this sense i was going to eternity and in the dream i thought to myself ''well it's time to meet my maker" and i woke up in shock, my heart pounding. I actually thought i was going to die in my dream. I was paralysed but i manged to calm down later. then it hit me. I had this disturbing thought that the hooded guy i was talking to might be the devil trying to convince me to go With him. in real life i am a so-so when it comes to christianity. what does my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at high school, but instead of being at an actual school, it was at the clothing section of a department store like Wal-Mart or Target. We would all sit and hang out on the shelves where folded shirts would normally be put on display. One day a very tall guy asked me out. I said yes and everything was going great until I think that he cheated on me with a girl with dark hair. Then I broke up with him, talked to him, and then forgave him and we got back together. In real life, I have no boyfriend. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean..?

The other night I had a dream that I was driving with my friend to a new clothing store but on the way there there was an earthquake and some of the other cars crashed and stuff but my car was fine so we kept driving when we finally got to the new store we went in we were shopping separately she was looking at stuff she wanted and I was looking at stuff I wanted but I noticed everyone was looking at me and whispering to each other I thought it was weird but I didn't really pay attention to it I needed help finding something I needed so I asked a worker to help me and she looked at me as if I had 3 heads and said I'm sorry ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to leave when I asked her why she told me to look in the mirror so I did and in my reflection I saw a Demond with bright red eyes and I got really scared and embarrassed so I told her I needed to find my friend but all he workers kept telling me to leave now so I finally found my friend and explained to her what was happening and when we got back to my truck the whole bed of my truck was filled with bottles of liquor that I guess I bought so we were driving home and there was more earthquakes and the first few earthquakes we were fine but the last earthquake came and I lost control of the car and got a flat tire and all the bottles of liquor in the bed of my truck broke but my friend and I were fine we got out of the car to look at the tire and that's the last thing I remember. I'm not sure where I was it was somewhere I had never been before on the way to the store the earthquakes kept happening on the side of a huge hill or a small mountain. I'm really curious to see what this dream means..?

real life: well first off the other night my friend hit me with her car right by my neighborhood she had been drinking and got a DUI & I hadn't been drinking so I was fine neither of us got hurt. Also my friend just came back in town to visit. when he used to live here we were pretty much dating for half a year since moving he got a girlfriend & we both pretty much moved on although I've always really liked him. we've hung out a lot since he's been back and he told me to come out and visit him but I think he has a girlfriend still I'm not sure.. I asked him but I don't think he's telling me the truth & he's leaving tomorrow and I know I'm going to miss him a lot. I really do want to go visit him but I don't know if he's being serious about it or just having conversation.. But now my other friend is coming back in town to visit after moving like 2 months ago and I had a thing with him for a while after my other friend moved so I'm excited that he's back and I like him also just not as much as the first guy but what really sucks is that neither of them live here anymore and they will only be here for a little while. Other than that nothing else is really going on I'm a little stressed about school but its just the usual stuff.

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