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Dream About Hand Mill meanings

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Example: DreAm meaning?!?

Hey im a 13 yr old girl & he is a 14 yr old boy... Well he has been away for a few days & idk when he is comeing back & he is my neighbor but he is my friend to & my crush lol... & ive been thinking about hugging him when he comes home... Heres the first dream... Me & my crush were at the movies with my family but we were there that night lol & we were sitting next to eachother witch we were & i put my arm around his waist & he held my hand i swear when i woke up i was just wowza dream 2... He comes back from when hes gone & i hug him & he hugs me back very tight & he starts kissing my cheek & saying i love u & then later the same dream he kisses me on the lips! When i woke up i felt amazeing i felt happy & that feeling is still here yet! Thx ps... Please no rude comments or saying im to young coz im not! ...sorry its long...

Dreaming is your subconscious working things out. This is what you'd like to happen. Whether it comes true is up to a lot of factors. Precognitive dreams are much different from regular dreams...they seem absolutely real, and you just "know" that they're not your run of the mill dream.

Example: What does my dream mean, Jungian?

Thank you in advance for the help everyone, anything is appreciated.
The dream begins in my childhood home with myself awaking at night in the bedroom that was my mother's when we lived there. I had a feeling of fear bordering on terror when I forced myself to get out of bed and look in the closet, where on the floor was a figure that vaguely reminded me of the mad hatter (from the most recent movie) only he (it?) had a third eye on his forehead. I took out my deceased Grandfather's pocket knife, which I was given recently from my Grandmother in real life, and initially intended to stab him; only I remember wanting to understand him, so I instead hesitantly handed him the knife which was met with a haunting smile. He then proceeded to cut the back of my hand, I responded by taking back the knife from him by gripping the blade and pulling, though it felt as though he allowed me to do it without struggling to hold onto the knife. Finally I tried to cut his hand, though, unintentionally, in a more forceful and almost fearful fashion than he, after which I woke up. Upon reflecting the dream holds an almost hauntingly beautiful quality as well as terrifying.
If it helps I've considered the figure may have represented a shadow, from a Jungian perspective, of a repressed aspect of my personality...?

Example: What does these 3 dreams mean ? I don't know what to feel about them.?

Ok, so I had these 3 dreams that had a huge impact on me.I wrote them from dullest to most interesting so you wouldn't get bored as you read.They are awkward and I don't know what to make of them.

1)THE DEAD MOM - I am at home.My family is going to sleep.I see cigarettes on the floor and my dad is there.I am afraid that he is going to find out I smoke but he does nothing.He just sits there, not an expression on his face.We are all in my room.My mom decides to sleep on the edge of the window.You know that little edge outside windows ? Yeah, that.There is a storm outside.I say that she is gonna fall but she doesn't listen to me.She takes my weird hat (those huge bear fur hats with covers for the ears that russians wear) as a pillow and climbs out the window. (we live on the fifth floor) Not surprisingly, she loses her balance in a short time.I hold her hand but I am not strong enough, so she falls.My dad still sits there, staring at the emptiness with dead eyes.I storm out and go down the stairs.I jump at least 4 at a time and start to have fun & then feel guilty that I had fun.I see my mom dead.She tried to protect her head with the hat.I feel the cold rain on her cheeks.The storm is getting worse.( After this I held my mom like 2 hours and didn't let go.)(This dream was before my father passed away.)

2)THE DEAD CITY - So, there is this terrorist organization that I am trying to stop from blowing up the city.I go out and as I go out I see my mom and dad lying in bed.My dad has the sheets covering him ( reminds me of a kefen: a sheet muslims are covered in when they die.) They eventually succeed.As I lie there in flames I decide not to get out knowing that my parents are dead and living is probably gonna be very hard.But then, I do get out and go home.Turns out they only blew up the building I was in.We live in a creepy Addams-Family like mansion.My dad is still in sheets and my mom is reading a creepy childrens book named LuLu with scary eyes ( round cartoony eyes with no expression, just eyeballs spinning) that don't even look at the book.When I enter, they look at me and I run away as fast as I can.

3) MY DEATH - This is by far the most interesting one I have ever seen.So there are visitors from out of town.I decide to show them around but while I do it an ant bites my wrist.At night, I am sleeping with my mother (I don't know why) and I show her the wound which is open like I cut my wrists and not bleeding.She worries and decides to sew it up, then it starts to bleed like hell.I start to see my mother's sub-conscious, a nurse telling my mom she'll never be able to save me while she tries to find strings and needles.Then I see the night turn to day out the window, it's dawn.I feel so peaceful.Then I see my dad in a white tuxedo, with open arms as he is coming in for a hug.He is bright like when Gandalf returned from the dead.He has a peaceful expression, slightly smiling.He hugs me and tells me it's time to go.Then when my mom nervously enters the room I say that my dad has come.She is more worried.Then everything goes shaky and happening fast and looks like a crucial scene in a horror movie with a nervous string music or whatever.Suddenly my mom doesn't know what to do and out of nervousness stabs my wrist with the needle, everything goes dark and I wake up.The peacefulness when my dad arrived was divine.I never had that feeling before.(After I slept once again, I went to a Domino's during the apocalypse from which I was saved by those weird things like running mills in fitness places but longer, you know, those that you come across in airports or some other places..yeah.But this one went into the ground.Jesus was an employee at Domino's, I asked him about the dream and he said he will tell me what it means but I needed to wait a while, he was making a list of those meanings.But in a short while after I got the list I woke up and didn't have a chance to read it.He never gave me the pizza too !)
So what do you make of these dreams ? I don't know what to think about them.

Example: Why do I keep having this same killer dream?

The setting is always the same and it's so vivid it's ridiculous. Since childhood, I've had this dream where I'm like in a park setting with a pond or small lake or whatever it is and there's like a July 4th celebration only it's bright daytime. Everyone milling around or laying on picnic blankets---they're all dressed weird. I guess the way people dressed in the 1800's--the men all wearing black and the women in petticoats carrying around umbrella's or whatever those things are.
And it's always the same old man taking a young girl by the hand and leading her behind thick brush. Sometimes the girl is looking after him and sometimes she is looking in my direction her fingers wedged into her mouth and crying. And even though I've had this dream more times than I can count I never know what's going to happen until right before she disappears behind the bushes with the strange old man.
The outcome is different sometimes. When I go behind the bush she's laying there dead or she's not there at all. Once, after staying up late watching an episode of Pawn Stars I fell asleep on the couch and dreamnt that I was with a group of men (same time period) on some trail rushing through the forrest or woods all of us holding torches with dogs trailing alongside us barking and baying. I remember even looking at the torches and thinking 'i cant believe how real this looks and feels'.
And then there's him, this old man who did something bad to the girl. In some of my nightmares, Im at the picnic again either standing by a tree or the water when he approaches from the side. I turn to look at him and he's looking at me his face contorted in anger, him shaking his fist at me. His mouth moves but there's no sound. I get the sense that he's cursing me.
I can't shake this dream. Why do I always have it?

Example: Strange dream...I died...

Well, some people might say the meaning of this dream was kinda obvious. Before I describe it I would like to say that the guy is just a friend I had a crush on for quite a while. Totally over it before this dream which happened maybe a month ago.

Ok, so it starts in a white place there are people milling around but I don't know them. Something bad is going to happen where we'll all die. A dark haired dark eyed man (the helper?) ran past me and handed me 3 arrowhead-shaped white peices of what felt like corn/stone stuff and told me to hold them and 'think of the ice-gates'. When he said this I could see the 'ice-gate'. That was the only safe place to avoid whatever was coming. He ran off but he'd wanted ME to have the escape while the others died (I think he had one for himself as I wasnt worried for him at all).
I was wandering round the area before using the tokens when I ran into this guy. I started crying and he was like 'heyyy dont worry' (like you say to someone when they're crying but you dont know why yet - he didnt know what was coming I dont think) and hugged me. I gave him the arrow-things and told him to think of the ice gates (at which point I got another flash view of them and the safety they offered) then at the last moment before it happened I said 'I love you' and my mind berated me for distracting him from what he should have been thinking of, although I knew he was safe. Then it happened and everything went blindingly white. That was the end.

It totally sounds like some sort of movie, but I'm describing what I saw and felt as accurately as I can.

Example: Again, how could a nation of 300 mill bsketball crazy people almost get beaten by a nation of 40 mill hombres?

who loves soccer and bullfights?
aren't the US even have some sort of multi-racial sports genes that are presumably superior to play basketball? (tall and muscular agile afro-americans, great americans who were descendants back from english europe ##pls don't correct my history lesson, focus on basketball question,thanks##)
these guys are pure Spaniards.

also we get the best basketball programs in school, NCAA and D leagues.
these hombres and matadors only picked up the sport 10-20 years ago?
and they are wearing sneakers endorsed by US players.
the US selected their best of the best players from the best league in the World- NBA
Spain selected their players from guys who got a chance to be playing in the NBA and the rest from their home.

don't mention China with their billion peope here

Example: Does anyone know what my Dream means?

I had a dream last night that I was walking across a bridge and i had a 2 snakes in my hand and I was milking the venom from thier fangs,the venom was going into a large bucket and then I picked up the bucket of venom and threw it over the bridge ,what does this mean?

Example: Does this dream have any meaning?

i was doubling 2 bikes to a town ( riding one and holding the other) and i kept forgetting them or dropping one, i went to a burger van and i left with one bike and then come back for it and went into another shop and i walked out and i forget them and kept doing it and then saw my best mate and then all of a sudden i was in this block of flats with about 5 boys and 2 i knew. We couldent leave and then i see my sister and her bf there, he was taliking about leaving and then i see him in his car with a load of people talking about how he got out.I say that because i think we couldent leave for some reason. Then i ended back with my mate down my local chippy asking for a battered mars bar and they were like hell yeah.

its probually just your average run of the mill dream but im just trying to remember it and peice it together.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm 16 and a girl, here's my dream:
It was raining, and I was walking around in this strange apartment block. I saw Michael (this guy I hate and like at the same time) and Anneliese (this girl who hates me) at a bus stop, so I ran into a toy shop and was hiding from them when they came in with a bunch of other kids.

I was trying to avoid them, but then someone shot Michael in the chest and he fell to the ground on his back. I came up to him and tried to stop the bleeding by holding his chest down with my hands. It was so horrible because I could actually feel his wound and his hearbeat pulsing blood on my hands...and I kept asking people for help and to call the police/ambulence but no one would help me, they were acting very strange just staring at me milling around.

And Michael was dying and I kept telling him to breathe and that everything would be okay, then a man came up to me and told me the police were here and that I needed to take him outside. So I picked Michael up in my arms and carried him outside but there weren't any cops there were just people with guns and they shot me (and i think Michael) and we were dead. Then I think they took us to these coffins/sarcophaguses and we were in the underworld and couldn't escape. And I kept telling Michael that everything would be okay but he was crying, and we cried together...it was so awful!

But then my brother woke me up and told me it was time for school...but it's been bugging me all day. I don't know what my dream means, if it's just a dream or a metaphor for something...

Example: Religious Question - Meaning of a dream.?

When I was 6 yrs old I opened my eyes during a deep sleep. I saw an old man with very bright lights in his eyes. He seemed annoyed that I saw him. He raised his hand and I fell back to 100% sleep. Is there any religious aspect to this or was this just a run of the mill dream? I am Jewish not Christian.

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