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Dream About Hand Grinder meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

alright i had a dream that my frriend was in the same class as me and her mom, for some reason, was the teacher they didnt notice me so i was pissed and stormed off. then her sisters bobby and juju came up to me for advice and whenever i walked close to them they were exactly where i was coming from. at the end of the conversation was over bobby hugged me and gave me seven kisses on my chest i gestured her sister for a hug she said no i saw chanelle(the friend) she told me to come over here she was waiting with her dad and brother but when i got over there her family was on the other side of the fence and she put her hand on the fence and said she was pregnant and she wanted me but she said she was married next thing i know shes chained up with a pregnant sized belly and a grinder is coming down on her i tried to climb the fence but it was way too high then i sprint 2 times around da fence and found an opening and stopped it with my bare hands and she said we escaped death

Hey, Robert. I'm learning as I go, but I'd be glad to try to help. When we dream of a friend, it represents a concept that we were rejecting, but are now ready to embrace. School symbolizes how well we do in the school of life. You are probably struggling with issues of rejection, abandonment, and intimacy. The fence is most telling, especially when you struggle to climb it. It means that you are struggling with a barrier, or some type of frustration in your waking life. Perhaps you have set a goal that is a bit too high right now. The goal is at least currently unavailable, as the girl was unavailable to you. Pregnancy symbolizes a new idea. As she was chained up, so you may feel chained up or bound by something. Hm, the grinder is most puzzling. Perhaps it means that you will attain control over your limitations and frustrations. Curious she mentioned death. Death symbolizes change. Perhaps you will conquer an upcoming change that otherwise would've proven to be negative? Hope this helps a little. Seeking insight, Bret

Example: Hitlers first photograph poem questions?

And who's this little fellow in his itty-bitty robe?
That's tiny baby Adolf, the Hitlers little boy!
Will he grow up to be an LL.D.?
Or a tenor in Vienna's Opera House?
Whose teensy hand is this, whose little ear and eye and nose?
Whose tummy full of milk, we just don't know:
printer's, doctor's, merchant's, priest's?
Where will those tootsy-wootsies finally wander?
To garden, to school, to an office, to a bride,
maybe to the Burgermeister's daughter?

Precious little angel, mommy's sunshine, honeybun,
while he was being born a year ago,
there was no dearth of signs on the earth and in the sky:
spring sun, geraniums in windows,
the organ-grinder's music in the yard,
a lucky fortune wrapped in rosy paper,
then just before the labor his mother's fateful dream:
a dove seen in dream means joyful news,
if it is caught, a long-awaited guest will come.
Knock knock, who's there, it's Adolf's heartchen knocking.

A little pacifier, diaper, rattle, bib,
our bouncing boy, thank God and knock on wood, is well,
looks just like his folks, like a kitten in a basket,
like the tots in every other family album.
Shush, let's not start crying, sugar,
the camera will click from under that black hood.

The Klinger Atelier, Grabenstrasse, Braunau,
and Braunau is small but worthy town,
honest businesses, obliging neighbors,
smell of yeast dough, of gray soap.
No one hears howling dogs, or fate's footsteps.
A history teacher loosens his collar
and yawns over homework.

1) to what emotions does the poem appeal?
2) to what senses does the poem appeal?
3) what about the poem is ironic?
4) what is the relevance of the last two lines and how do they relate tot he rest of the poem?
5) describe the tone of the poem. does it shift?
6) what is the theme of the poem?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that Adam Lambert got his hand stuck in a meat grinder and died. (I think it was at McDonald's). I didn't see it happen but it was really sad.

Example: Can't escape nightmares .. help?

Ok so heres my story, i know there all in my head and ive let them pass for quite a while now and there starting to get to me. Theyre really graphic and extremely scary. obviously. but you know how like right before you die you wake up? im pretty much stuck. like one thing is about to get me and then i right when it goes to kill me i go right into another bad dream. i know in almost every dream i have im in a dream. so when a nightmare starts i try to get up but i always fail. Ever since i was little i could control my dreams in a way (lucid) but nightmares get me. and what sucks more is sometimes i feel i woke up but im just in another dream but in my room. even if im laaying in my room awake suddenly ill think im in a dream and freak out . i dont know if this is important but also when im laying down to sleep suddenly my whole body has that scared feeling and my hearts raceing. and then im super scared to sleep and then stay up all night... I get reality confused with dreams basically.. these nightmares have also made me more paranoid. i feel like theres things/people behind me or about to kill me. Sorry for the long story :) its just i tell everyone i know and they tell me that i just need to relax. and i did that , stopped working once i couldn't contol being scared... please help?

Dreams: Super crazy, confuseing, graphic, sometimes feel pain (i rlly think its just a leg asleep or something) not typical being chased, some make me scared of someone i know/love , ill think of them in the day and suddenly cry

Example: (DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE BAD MENTAL IMAGES...lol) one of my probably top 10 worst is one where i was like in this room ... like a storage room all steel, blood on the walls and like dead beat up animals hanging all around. and suddenly in the middle of the room my mom was sitting theere all tied up (btw i love my mom ALOT so nothing to do with hateing her) i went to run and help her but suddenly a crazy faced pig backed me away. i stood there freaking out and then a rlly big mean butcher guy (covered in blood ofcourse -___-) came out with a huge butcher knife and cut her head off and then got a big grinder type thing and shredded her skin. (SICK. i know!) and i didnt wake up after that but i really dont want to talk more about it i feel sick talking about it.

PS. This could possibly be my fault. this will sound rlly wierd but i lost a friend recently , last time i saw him was at HHN so i dont know why i did this but watching scary movies reminded me of him. but it was months after that phase that this started happening. i also had this happening before the phase.

SOMEONE. please atleast tell me what i could do or possibly go to or any exercises? i cant expect you to know exactly what to do or can make them just disapear. just advice. all i need.
thanks :)

(for ppl who didnt read all)
1: how can i stop nightmare after nightmare? or wake myself up in them?
2: How to prevent them in the first place
3:Could scary movies have started this up again(had once before)

Example: For those who have Marilyn Manson's Smells Like Children CD.?

What is the name of the extra song?
Note: I am not looking for criticisim, so if you have anything mean to say about Manson, keep it to yourself.

Example: What does this dream mean? kinda long but please help.?

I had this dream the other night where i was on a field trip. All the same kids and teachers where there. But we were in a wierd country and there where hardly any people around. but chickens where there. I picked up a baby chick. I put it back down adn i began crying like it was in pain.
Then we later found out it broke its leg and we had to ride in a helicopter na dtry to figure out who did it. I thought i did but turned out it was some boy.
Then there was another part of it where we were at another part and watching them put a chick into a grinder thing to make a chicken nugget. It was just a baby chicken flat. I was offered one but told them i was a vegetarian(which i am) and they said take it so i did and it apparently tasted normal. While they were grinding it my ex who i still ahve feelings for, had their arm around me and hand on my butt.

Then all my friends where on my bus and coming back to my house for one reason or another, and i was sitting with my ex and passing things up and music playing and i was laughing and having a fun time. Then i woke up...

Example: I had a dream and i need to know what it means?

alright i was at school in a class with a old friend of mine she didnt say hi to me and her mom was the teacher and didnt seem to know about me then i went outside and her little sister juju wanted advice on trans fat and **** and then an unusual thing happened her little sister bobby hugged me and kissed me on the chest(no i didnt like it it was unusually ****** up) i gestured her sister for a hug and she didnt comply(now thats usual) then i saw her i went around she put her hand to the fence and told me she was pregnant and she wanted me(weird) then the scene changed her family was outside with me and she was chained up with some grinder about to destroy her so i tried to climb the fence but it was too high for me. then i sprinted around 2 times the 2nd time i found a way in and as soon as the grinder dropped on her i ******* caught it and stopped it from hurting her. Then she said we escaped death.

Example: Psychedelic songs with good melody?

Well im trying to find some cool psychedelic music with nice melody, but so far ive mostly found psychedelic music you cant understand if your sober, i want something trippy, yet its understandable if your not tripping.
for example; The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations and Cream - swlabr
i prefer the 60's and 70's psychedelic and psychedelic rock, so any good songs out there that is cool both off and on acid is preferable.

Example: Why is life worth living?

if you could just disappear.
why is it so special to you, were all going to die its the inevitable.
you never think about, all you think is 'oh it wont happen now'. but when it does happens it would be so fast.
if the universe go's on for eternity, and is ever more expanding, we're sooo small and insignificant and one death means nothing.
there is supposed to absolutely nothing at all example, everything you see is a mistake earth isn't supposed to be hear. the planets. just blank, but not even that, nothing, a supposed 'big bang' created us. people believe in god, not a person in the sky but a supernatural force there is no heaven or hell. just nothing, but god is here as we cannot pin point the trigger of time. he is the trigger. like dominoes everything fall into place never ending. when they fall what caused them to fall? your finger, what caused that? your mind what cause that?...

there are 6.725 billion people on the earth. one gone. what's the difference?

how is love and kindness so important when it is all a mistake. what is love? did the big bang create love? lol? are you in your own reality, example everything around you is all your mind, that your the only thing there is, and that science and books and films and friends are all parts of your imagination, your sat at your computer screen. your the only thing , there is nothing else. or i am a part of your imagination and telling you, think! why is life worth living? or is it just me, you aren't there just my imagination is making me think of a computer and answers.

your replies could be my imagination.
am i weird? people and there ******* pointless daily routines, watch them they complain about nothing and whine. just step outside. rules why listen to them, why follow them why are they so important?
why is life all about making money, having sex and being perfect.

why is life worth living when life is worth nothing?

Example: I accidentally caused the death of my two snails and now the saga continues?

I feel so guilty I can't sleep?
Ok, a couple of years ago I somehow got two pet snails (mollusks) in my care. I really liked those snails, so I decided to go to walmart and buy a tank and etc. Since I didn't have a proper living space for the Mollusks, I filled a coffee mug with water, put them inside and left them by the kitchen sink.

I come back home, and find the cup inside the dish holder.

It turns out that my sister was doing the dishes, and she emptied everything into the grinder (including the mug with my molllusks). They had a horrible death... After weeks of nightmares, I finally got over it and moved on with my life.

Now I have new pets. 1 Beta fish, and 2 gold fish. And the nightmares came back... To the point that I feel nauseated just looking at the fish. EVERY TIME I SEE THEM I THINK OF THE MOLLUSKS.

Should I just give them up? If these fish die on me I will forever be haunted by them

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