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Dream About Hand Bell meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean...?

Okay, so last night I had a dream, and it was... kind of awkward at the end. Let me explain the dream. (Some parts I do not remember, though.)

So, I was walking out of my school after the final bell rang and was boarding the bus. All of a sudden, I look down and I don't have my shoes. I go back over to the bus driver, Kathy; and ask if I can go back into the school to look for them real quick and if she would wait there until I got back. I quickly ran inside the school and went to the classroom I had been in last during period 9; Algebra. they weren't there, yet my math teacher was... I went outside and walked over to the area where the lockers are, and searched around there. Nothing. I then realized my backpack had gone as well, even though I had it slung over my shoulder just a second ago. I then thought that I would have to look tomorrow, because I didn't want to keep Kathy and the students on our bus waiting, so I was walking down the stairs. (I don't remember what happened then, but it was kind of weird.) Then I had walked outside, and there was no bus. Gone. Nothing. Kathy-the bus driver as I had said- and all of the students on it were gone, they left without me. Even my two best friends had not. Everyone had left-- except for one person, my good friend, Ashley. She was standing there, and I had ran over and asked why she had waited for me, because she could have just went home, and I forget what she replied... but then we went inside the school and used the phone next to the desk in the lobby to try and call both my Mom and her Mom to see if they could pick us up. No one answered, no one was home, we guessed. We then walked out of the school again, and decided to just walk home. (Even though home was about two miles away.) We were walking along a road that is along a bit of a forest that is a pretty used road when getting from the main road to the school, but now there weren't really any cars on it at all. So we were walking along it and when we were about halfway through, we saw a phone booth just... standing there, just were decided to go to it and go inside to try and call. No one answered again. Then... I had sighed in defeat a bit and looked slightly away for some reason... and then, Ashley had quickly gripped my right hand/wrist with her left hand,
and... I looked at her, and she then.. kissed me. (Notice how I'm a girl, too. .__.' ) I was kind of surprised at first and my eyes widen like "What the hell" and then I don't really remember if I just stayed like that, or if I had closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I don't remember because I wok up right after that, I think.

...Does anyone know what all of this means? The losing things, the being left behind, the kiss... everything..?

Thanks. It would really help if you could tell me, because I'm kind of confused right now.

You never found your shoes, perhaps you've lost something that will never be coming back recently (or thought of it recently). Your bus left you, even though you hurried. I think this is an indication that life is going to move on without you even if you are not ready for something. It could be something as simple as handing in a resume to college before the due date is up..you know? they won't wait for you. That your friend was still waiting means you have someone you can trust to be there for you, that you won't ever truly be alone. This doesn't have to mean your friend btw.. it could be anyone. Just in this instance 'she' was likely the best person for the scenario that played out in your dream at the time. No one answering the phone? Do you sometimes feel that someone isn't listening to you? Or that you send emails and people do not reply?...as for that kissing part, I don't believe that the mind differentiates between genders in our dreams too often. By that, the scene could have just have easily been someone you find attractive..like mebbe Jay Leno or George Kastanza (women love them don't they? lol j/k). You get my meaning though, ah? It was just the 'moment' in the dream and it happend that it was your friend that was there at the time. :)

Example: I had a dream about the devil on a white horse then handing me a skull...What does this mean?

The nightmare that haunts me,
a dream that is vividly dark, all is complete silence when
he comes to me in a black robe, skin that is pale and white,
he has on a hood, I cannot see his eyes and he has caught my full attention
with a smile he reaches out to me and says my name
I want to grab his hand, with long fingernails at the end but
something tells me no

He whispers to me "you can be free of all your troubles."
His eyes shine through the darkness, they are piercingly bright red
I squeeze my eyes shut and when I open them I am in a field
where the skies are gray and he is on a He horse. He rides toward me with a skull
in his hand and he hands it to me and says "Do not dwell on your suffering, I will not allow pain to you, Come with me."

As I reached up to get on the horse, the bell rang and I hadn't realized it until someone told me was that there were tears streaming down my face when I was walking down the hallway. I didn't feel them or anything, they just fell down my cheeks I suppose.

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

About two nights ago I went to bed and had a really bad dream.In the dream:I was standing in a dark ally at nighttime,I heard these noises and felt like someone was watching me!All I could hear besides the noises was footsteps walking slowly towards me.I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and screamed.Then,the scene totally changed!I was being quickly taken into the E.R. in a gernie,with people all around me.I couldn't see them good,it was like I was dizzy and they were blurry.And voices!I heard screaming and frantic people shouting!And crying.I raised up my head a little to see my shirt all covered in blood,and a bloody hole where I felt the pain.My fingers,hand and the doctors hands were bloody,too.I was put onto a bed and needles were being prepared,I was screaming so loud,because the "wound" hurt so much.Like every minute it would intense.I tossed and turned and was hardly laying on the bed,I couldn't stay still,either.The sharp pains were now mixed with a burning sensation.Then...it all stopped.I sat there still,and my eyes closed.I figured I died that night.When I opened my eyes,I was in a black coffin!With people all around me in black.They weren't crying,though.They all seemed to be staring into outterspace.Like a blank,emotionless stare.I was still in the same bloody clothes like at the E.R.!With wet fresh-like blood on my fingers,still.But in my hands that was touching my chest,I held a beautiful red rose.I raised up,and the audiance litterally parted to the side!I saw a small little girl,she was in a black dress with blonde hair down to her shoulders.She had on little black shoes,too,looked like a seven year old.As she raised up her head,she had solid black eyes!With blood dripping down her mouth!She smiled grimly and had bloody teeth,in her hands was a dagger.A bloody dagger.I guessed she killed me.Then I said to her,"This is all your fault."She screamed and left in a cloud of dust!All I heard then was church bells ringing,and black/gray skies coming over us all.What does this scary dream mean?

Example: What Does It Mean To Hear A School Bell Ring In Dream?

In my dream I'm walking up these steps and just as I get to the class door the bell rings. I take a step and look at the clock and I see the clock hand move. This girl she told them I was going to be late. So, we are having a test that day. I have missed class days nor have I studied for the test. I didn't even attend the review. I realize I have a little time to look at some notes. So this girl hands me her review booklet, which doesn't have any answers on it. I wanted to ask her about the answers but I decided not to. The girl drew my attention to the chalkboard and it said "that was a heck of an review". Then we took the test. What could this possible mean? I've been out of high school for awhile and have 2 college degrees.

Example: What does this dream mean?

well this dream is about me having a boyfriend and us but in reality i don't have a boyfriend. i don't know his face because i don't know him in real life, so i don't know .. what that means.

so the earliest part of the dream that i can remember is us getting on a bus (i live in ny so yeah we go to school by bus) and him sitting in the front. now there are two versions on this part (i don't know why) one of them is me sitting on his lap on the front of the bus talking and joking around and him asking me if i trust him (since i'm on his lap you know if i can trust him to hold me) and another version is i take his hand and bring him to the middle of the bus and sit down next to him and a person behind us tells us that we are too loud and yells at us. then the bus goes to a familiar neighborhood where i live. and we press the bell where we're supposed to get off but the bus driver continues going until the last stop and then we break the back door to get off and yeah. next he says that has to go to practice (idk what team) and he walks me to the corner of my block we kiss, and say goodbye. next they (our school) wins at a 'sports' game and we go home, i crash at his place. i guess we have sex even though it's not like on the bed or whatever - it just happened. so then he brings me back to the corner of my block asking me if i was okay- i guess because we were afraid that i might be pregnant or something. then i say yes i'm fine we go to school. during first period i see my friend i tell her and next pd i have class with my boyfriend. after i tell her i wake up and that's it.

sorry it was so long that's all i remember .. do you know what any of this means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that Charley's(my exgirlfriend's) boyfriend(well exboyfriend, so I've been told by Steph(Charley's and my bestfriend)) was about to commit suicide by jumping of the school roof and me and Charley(me and Charley even though we're exgirlfriend and exboyfriend we're still bestfriends) were trying to stop him and the roof was icey and slippy and Charley slipped and almost fell off the roof and me and her boyfriend had to save when we saw her almost fall.
After that we went to the OLC(this building at school) and oddly started to sing and it sounded like one of them songs disney make where they're singing a conversation. After we finished singing the headteacher wanted to see me and this guy called Sam over writing a school newspaper or sommat and then he started saying that we were three very different people but are friendship was sealed, which seamed odd because I hate the headteacher. As we left the headteachers office a riot had broke out outside some how and I found...

Example: What does it mean to dream of a red butterfly with bells attached to it's wings?

I was in my backyard with my sister. We were just hanging out and then suddenly a bright red-winged butterfly appears (it reminded us of ladybugs). Attached to the bottom of both it's wings were two small golden bells. It felt like the butterfly was drawn to me because it kept fluttering around me. Both my sister and I were amazed. When we went back into our house, the butterfly decided to follow us. We sat in our living room to talk and then the butterfly landed on my hand. I said something like, "Aw. How cool. It likes me." My sister and I smiled widely while talking about the wonders of it's beauty. While we spoke, the butterfly flew into my ear. It kind of just sat there for a little. I could hear it's bells. It's wings tickled me. I was a little freaked out about having it in my ear, so I gently tried to make it leave and it did. As it left I touched it's wing and the butterfly had a hard time flying away. I felt bad as I remembered a moment from my childhood. I was holding a butterfly in my hands. When I opened my hands to look at the butterfly, I found that the butterfly was dead. I had squeezed it's wings to much. The color of it's wings were left on my hands. Anyway. After the butterfly left, I went back to my room to be alone. I sat there for a while, then the butterfly came back to me. It tried going in my ear again. The last thing I can really remember is the sound of it's bells.

Does this dream mean anything, or is it just a weird and meaningless dream?

Example: Fellow Christians: What does this dream mean?

Well, my friend and I have both been praying alot about spreading the Gospel of Christ at school during lunch( We are in High school), and God has really been touching our hearts. We both have lots of testimonies to share( He has Cerebral palsy, and has had several life threatening surgeries, I have been without power for seven months and I also deal with SAD) and we want to share what Christ has done for us in our lives. We both were wondering and praying if it is God's will for us to go around, sharing the Gospel of Christ to people in our lunch period. Make the long story short, my friend and I prayed about it, and last night, my friend had a dream, and this is what he told me:
"Last night, I dreamed that we were in the cafeteria, him and myself, and that there were 5 people standing around us.We were sharing the Gospel of Christ to them, and right before the bell had rung for our next class, all 5 of them had gave they're lives to Jesus Christ."
Now I believe that God has answered our prayers, and I have faith that Jesus Christ can use us to lead people to Him. What do you think this dream means?
Thank you and may God bless you

Example: What does my dream mean?

I don't usually believe in dream interpretations, but I thought it would be fun to ask. :)

I dreampt that I dug up a bell called the "Georgia Bell" in my neighbor's side yard. It was probably about two feet long as soon as I dug it up, but it kept shrinking as the dream went on. One side of the bell was very rusty and the other half was very clean and well-preserved. I got it in a wagon and went to a pawn shop, wherin the first lady offerred me $100 for it. I haggled for $115, but she dropped the price to $55. Offended, I went to another pawn shop, but by the time I got there, the bell was small enough to be held in my hand. The dream ended there.

Example: Whats the meaning to this dream?

Hey guys, I write a question about my house being haunted a few days ago, If you read that maybe you'll understand this dream a bit better anyways.
I was walking through the forest that's at the back of my house, as I was walking I heard a bell so I followed it. However it got quieter and quieter. A hand reached out (a little girls hand with sparkly pink nail polish) So I grabbed it she yanked me into a dark room covered with mirrors there were 8 different type of mirrors.
the first one was just the normal me
2) I was crying
3) I had been stabbed in the back
4)I was in my school uniform
5) I was really rich and famous
6) My eyes were just white like I was possesed
7)I was a little girl
8) The little girl was standing with me holding my hand
I turned around and she grabbed me belted me to a seat .
She circled around me in silence, I was crying and asking her what she was doing.
She stamped some triangle type thing on my head that had an eye in it. Weird ?
She just laughed and laughed... "You work for me now" I started to scream but she covered my mouth repeating these words "666 murder murder jesus" over and over again. I eventually woke up crying with scratch marks all over my body.

Please help me with this dream I can't focus and I feel like something changed inside of me. How come I remember every detail of the dream? what if this wasn't a dream? Why did she tell me to murder jesus? what was the triangle with and eye in the middle mean? I'm creeped out of my mine.
Please please help

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