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Dream About Halloween Costume meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

In the dream I start out by renting a hotel room to live in for a while with my mom and a few of my friends. After having the room for a few days we realize that there is a secret room in the room and I have found the key to get to the secret room. You can only get to it at a certain time of day and it is supposed to have something secret and mysterious in it. I slip the key into my pocket because we have to leave the hotel for the moment and can not look into the secret room yet. My mom two of my guy friends and I get into the elevator and another person slips in sticking me with a needle they whisper into my ear that if I don't give him the key by the end of the day people will start dying. The shot leaves me paralyzed from doing or saying anything. I'm like a card board cut out. Two of my guy friends pick me up to help me out because they realize I can't move and start walking around. At this point people around me just start dropping dead. Nothing graphic or anything they just die. All of the people are also dressed up in Halloween costumes of all kinds. People start accusing me of killing people and I manage to utter I knew a group of them and they tell everyone I'm not the killer. As we are sitting in a circle, they are discussing what to do and a guy in a clown costume comes over pulling out a gun I try to scream but can not because I still cannot talk and shoots me. The gun gives me the ability to move somewhat and by this time I realize it is the Joker from Batman who is running the show.

Now I manage to motion to my mom that I have the key in my pocket because I'm again getting the ability to move and we head toward the elevator with our newly added group. The elevator door opens and a normal looking man is standing inside. One of the girls walks in first and he smiles like a crazy person and starts ripping away her skin from her body. I reach inside to stop him and he rips a huge piece of skin from my arm and licks it. I draw back screaming and the elevator door closes with him holding onto the girl still ripping away at her.

My mom and me get in the next elevator going up and pull out of phones calling everyone we care about to tell them we love them because we don't know if we will make it back alive. As the elevator door opens Harley Quinn is standing there with a pair of scissors as big as she is smirking at us. She runs forward trying to get past me to my mom to kill her and I find a table leg and fight her off to the best of my paralyzed ability. Just before I think she is going to kill me she jumps past grabbing the door handle I would have had to grab to get back into my hotel room. She blows up and all that is left is her head which rolls toward me laughing, she says just as a head that I was stupid and the Joker's little joke would have killed me because I was and she rolls on laughing.

The door creeks open and the room is covered in blood it is oozing from the ceiling. I look straight at the bed were a man's decapitated head is sitting. I see arms reaching down for it and look up as the arms pull the head up. All it is, is a pair of arms and a head attached to the wall but it's alive and it is an old woman. She bites into the head and is still staring at me, I start screaming and back up and then I wake up.

How the hell do you remember all that?

wish i could remember my dreams that clearly...

I have analyzed your dream and i think i know what it means.

Okay, you will uncover a huge, gigantic worldwide conspiracy, like in Prison Break, with some of your fiends. Then a telekinetic mind reader/controller will invade your mind and make you see things in your head, but experiencing them as well. He deems you a danger to the conspiracy and paralyzes you, like in Heroes season 4. But then, you awaken your dormant powers and with your powers, you cause the physic man's head to explode. Before he dies, you look into his head for a split second and find out that the Joker has escaped Gotham's level one maximum security prison with the help of Michael Scofield. You look in the newspaper and read that people have been dropping dead since Halloween, just like in the latest episode of Supernatural, gee thats weird. Then, when your group is getting out of an elevator after seeing a helpful contact, one of your friends (girl) snaps her high heel and leaves the expedition to go buy new heels at the Bay. One by one, all your firends start dying until only you and your mom is left. suddenly that Harley ***** makes a useless appearance and explodes for no reason, Her head is on the floor and she delivers a message from the joker, but you can't make you the words, oh well. You enter a random room and you see that a body is pinned on the ceiling, probably Skylar. Then the TV in the middle of the room comes on and Jigsaw comes on the screen and congratulates you on reaching the ends of his "game". Then he tells you that Dumbledore is gay which horrifies you so bad that you die. this dream has shown you your destiny and your demise. Sucks to be you ^^

i am extremely bored

Example: What does it mean to dream about children wearing costumes?

I just woke up from a dream a moment ago, and I found all the symbols I was looking for but this one. My dictionary only had the dreamer in a costume, but what if it's something else like little kids playing and running around in costumes? And don't tell me dreams don't mean anything. Humor me, okay? >.<

Example: I keep having dreams about halloween...what could they mean?

I keep having dreams about Halloween. Like not nflightmares or anything but fr some reason I have A ton of random dreams about trick or treating. A couple were about me being late for triick or treating. In one, my friends wouldn't leave even tho I kept telling them all the candy would be gone they just kept saying the best candy got out at 9:30. So we went out at 9 30 and only two ppl had candy. The other one about me being late was about me not having a costume. There was a costume truck parked right in front of my house but for some reason I couldn't get a costume in time. It was as if time was moving faster. I didn't get a costume until 11:30 and u guessed it: no candy. These both happened in October. It was the beginning of the dreams. I thought they were done but I had another in early november that I had no costum and neither did my brother so we were sitting on this loft making costumes and I was in a dollar store so thts were we were getting r supplies. The only thing I could find was bubble wrap and plain black clothes (long sleeved black shirt, black leggings, black socks, black gloves, a black toque ...basically enough to cover everything but my face.) so I put on the black clothes and covered them in bubble wrap and went as...yes...bubble wrap. I'm pretty sure in the dream I was thinking of a costume for next year. And I can't remember what my brother was. In another dream, also in November, my brother had missed trick or treating on the 31st so we went out for the 1st. I kept insisting that nobody would give out candy on the firt but my mom said that lots of ppl gave out candy on the first. We left the house at 5 PM and went to this house, one that actually exists in my street, and rang the doorbell. They told us that Halloween was yesterday and they had no candy but my brother started crying so they gave s a tin of tea worth $138 (at least that's what the lady said and I can't find any reason to disbelieve her) we went to more houses and got other things as substitutes for candy although I can't remember what they were. The dreams stopped for awhile but I had anther one again last nigh. We were going trick or treatng, me and my sister that is, and at one house they gave us meat. Yes, meat. They gave my sister a raw steak and me some meat that I can't remember (it doesn't exist in the real world) and tried o give me a platter of hors deurves or whatever their called and a steak but I said it wouldn't be fair to my sister. The house was on my best friends street and we went there next and it looked exactly like it did on halloween with the headless Harry and her brother sitting on a chair with a mask on but with sound effects. Then I went to a differant house (I was alne now) qnd walked righ in the door thinking it was one of those covered procure where u go in one door and thn have to knock on he next one but it was really part f the house. There wS a little girl who just stared at me. I explained to her y I was in house although it took me a minute to remember. Then I left and she gave me a drawing. I remember the tv was on in the background and I thnk I met her dad too. Then I decided to email the steak guy and thank him. He had told us a bunch of emails but I could only remember one so I tried it and I got a email back saying it was his girlfriend and shed tell him we emailed. (btw, the steak guy was from like India or something) . Then I started craving Steak (weird cuz I hate steak) and went back to he guys house. He gave me all the stuff he'd offeredbefore and gave my sister some more stuff too so it would b equal. (apparantly she came back.) oh and the computer I sent the email from was across the Street from the little girls house. Just outside on a desk on the grass. So why do u think I keep dreaming of Halloween. Also, something weird but I seem to have a sense of time and place in these dreams. Usually I don't know anything abot he time or date except for when I wake up I might no it's a wired nght because it was dark and snowy but in these dreams I often know the exact time and date while I'm still dreaming. And most took place in places I know, I didn't recognze the dollar store but I knew it was one even though it didn't really look like one. Like in the last one I was on larchwood crescent the whole time and I knew that. Wierd? Anywayz...what do u thnk it could mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a costume store?

Like a Halloween costume store. And you are looking for a costume there.

Example: What is a nice halloween costume?

We are having a 2 Funfests. AND I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR! (asides from clothes, i mean)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, i was dreamed that i was getting chased by this monster. (the dream took place at my house downstairs in my living room) It was very weird because every time it would reset itself back to it's position where it came out of. The lighting in my dream was very dark and gloomy. I was in the position where i was afraid, yet trying to to kill this monster. I found 2 ways i can kill this monster, one was when the monster was trying to attack me, i found door, like a basement door that had a knife... Another way was to make this really tall heavy bookshelf to come and fall down on it. After it was dead, my dad came out with a hose and started spraying what looks like mud on the carpet. It looks like he was making a portal. I fell in the portal and when i got to the bottom, there was a family telling me that i've reached heaven, i was releaved.. but then they said, "No! it's hell" and they lit on fire, all of them... everything turned red... after that, i found myself watching horror movies on the life time channel ( still in the dream) but it was halloween horror movies. (by the way, it's september 14, not even october yet) Then the doorbell rang. I saw there was a lot of kids dressed up with there halloween costumes saying "Trick or treat" but they were getting upset because i didnt have any candy. Landon the most popular girl at my school was in the middle of the crowd. I was so jealous because she was going out with my crush's twin which was also cute. My mom woke me up saying "Your having a bad dream". i instantly fell back to sleep but didnt dream anything. I asked her later in the day what made her say i was having a bad dream, she said that i was whining. (what i usually do when i get frusterated with someone or something-- or when im really moody) HELP? i really dont know what this means...

Example: What could this recurring dream mean?

I always have a dream it is Halloween, except I forget it's Halloween so I'll see kids trick or treating then realize I didn't make plans or get a costume. I'll get angry because I don't have time to trick or treat or enjoy the holiday. I get this dream alot, the same basic plot of forgetting it is Halloween, with different scenarios playing out each time. Any ideas what this could mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where these witches came to my school and were selling things like clothing and then mini skeletons or little notebooks with grave stones on them. i picked something up that cost £5 then i put it down because it was way too much. then i started thinking of some 'other world' and i ended up in a dark forest with the same shopping stall still their i was there with friends and i felt something was bad so i ran out of the forest into broad day light and i saw my friends running as well they were catching up with me. then from the distance a boy on his own went over and then the witches shouted some spell with a 5 in it and i don't know the boy disappeared. then in my dream i searched 'spells with 5's' and it came up with like a game and there was a ribbon that said game over on it and two 5's on either side and it was said that if you cross those 5's you will die? i woke up after that and i can't really remember anymore. what does it mean? it really has creeped me out?

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt about Halloween?

A month ago, I had this dream about my parents and I decorating this 60's style motor home that I don't own in real life, with Jack-o-lantern garlands and stickers.

It was night time. Then after I helped my parents decorate it, I got in it with my parents. Then I watched a Corey Haim and Corey Feldman movie marathon by myself, which included The Goonies and the one where Feldman is the teenage wolf boy.

My parents were laughing and talking about Halloween by themselves in another corner of the motor home.

I wasn't dressed in a costume, but I was in a sweat shirt and sweat pants. I also ate buttered popcorn and had a carved pumpkin with a scary face that glowed from the candle. It was on the TV table. I was laughing at it and at Feldman and Haim.

I've never watched those movies in my real life either! I also saw and heard people decorate their cars the same way my parents and I did, while they whispered loudly about how excited they were that it was Halloween.

Towards the end of the dream, I even told my parents how excited I was to carve pumpkins into scary shapes and how I loved Halloween too. They did the same. It's funny how I don't cherish Halloween and all it has to offer in real life like I did in that dream.

Example: I keep dreaming about Halloween?

This has been going on for several years now, I would call them recurring dreams, but no two are the same, it's just the theme that's the same. They're all about something going wrong on Halloween. Everything from me forgetting it's Halloween, to me not being able to find a costume, to going trick or treating on November 1st, to being given meat instead of candy. Most of them occur nowhere near Halloween, the latest one being earlier this month. I've had about 8 or 9 of them in total and since I don't spend a ton of time thinking about Halloween, I can't help thinking their must be some deeper meaning to these dreams. Any thoughts? Keep in mind, these dreams focus more on the costumes and candy part of Halloween, rather than the scary stuff.

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