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Dream About Hall Of Fame meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream have a meaning?

i had a dream a few days ago and it went like this...

OK i went to this hotel and so did this guy i dont know that was about 17 or so. He met this girl that was named Victoria. She told him and i that she was a vampire. The one guy fell in love with her and wanted her to change him into one. i didnt becuause he was like my brother or something. So she says she cant but she really wants to. We go back in our hotel room and try to go to sleep but Victoria is knocking on the hotel doors trying to get someone to let her in so she could "eat them". Then she knocks on our door. That guy lets her in. I say that she cant come in but she was like out of conrol and bites him. i am scared because i think i will be bitten next. that guy gets a hold of me and bites me and i can actually feel the pain. then i am one and i am thinking about all the things i can never do again (sleep, eat, dream) and i am worring about it and asking her to change me back...(cont..)

XDDD You have no clue how happy I was to read this dream... It's really nice to know that I'm not the only one who has book affected dreams. Tell me... Have you read ANY of Stephenie Meyer's books recently? If you didn't notice, Victoria is the name of the red-headed vampire who was out to kill Bella. There are also a TON of references to the book through your dream (I should know; I've read Twilight and the others, like, fifty times. In fact, I'm in the middle of re-reading Twilight right now.). I'm not exactly certain if there is any particular meaning to it due to the fact it is based off of something you read. This has happened to me also about a year ago. I had been thinking really hard about the book "Crank" while I was laying in bed one time, a few nights after the cast party of my school's production of "Fame: The Musical". I was thinking about the really dramatic, life changing parts in "Crank" when I fell asleep. This resulted in a dream that was set in the middle of another cast party, including everyone who had been in "Fame" with me. It was really vamped up, though, like dreams usually are. Somehow, we all started drinking and getting drunk, including me, surprisingly. Next thing I now, I'm pregnant with one the the senior boy's baby. The rest didn't really have much connections with "Crank", but it was still visible. What probably happened the night you had the dream was that you had been thinking a lot about the books, thus causing your dreams to reflect them. I have no clue if MY dream had any meaning, but I'm prone to assume it doesn't, judging how it was caused by a book I had read, people I had been with constantly for the past three months because of play practice (In fact, every single dream I had during that time had something to do with them), and somewhere I had recently been. To tell you the truth, it's rare for one of my dreams to have a meaning. Most of them are based off of things I had thought about or seen very recently. Anywho, I hoped I helped you out a bit! And don't worry... I can promise you that this WASN'T because of something you ate before bed or any scary movie you watched. Seriously... What book have we read has both vampires and a b*tch named Victoria? *raises an eyebrow*

Example: What do you think this dream means?

my boy friend had this dream he find strange and can't work out why he dreamt it , he keep going out about it meaning what do you think

"My dad had bought tons of fruit like watermelons, banana, berries, apples
tons of it
The fridge was full, it was on the floor
and we made stuff like boiled watermelon a watermelon half, and we boiled it
the whole thing well, we went into to town and there was lots of people with lights, like lanterns, it was morning, and we stopped by a caffe
or diner more like it my dad had a seat at a table with another dad and his daught
I sat next to his daughter and she put her arm around me So I followed suit
and put my arm around her we turned to each other and smiled it was very, I wouldn't say real feeling, but the feeling was stronger than real
I could hardly think or say anything but I struggled out some words when her father said do I like her
I said, 'yes, I am very smitten with her' and I grabbed her boob from her shoulder she was wearing a stripped shirt and we leaned in close and touched foreheads it was very strong feeling as I said before, like being high on something too intense to do anything
it quickly jumped to us being back at our house I was boiling bananas this time
... At some point I ate an extrememly over ripe watermelon
not sure when though but as for the bananas, I boiled them and was about to add another, but my mom had drained the water and poured all the bananas out so I had a half of a banana, and was talking **** to her as I noticed my new girlfriend
the girl
was in the hall
so I stopped talking and she went into the living room
I went in as well, from the door that was in the kitchen it was a living room/dining room she was barely dressed, no shoes, no bra, her shirt was open and tied at the bottom
she gave me a strange look
She looked starved and was smoking she was so thin
she didn't have any boobs anymore
and you could see her rib cage well and that is about the time I woke up I certainly hope not seems like something bad had happened
she had no name
and she was starving and had blondish hair close to brown"
that was his dream any ideas

Example: *Have You Ever Had a Consistency of "Good" Dreams*?

For the past 3 days i have had many good dreams, they are all about
power, fame, popularity, winning, past-dominance, bullying the bully and a lot more. (includes naps)

What about you? have you ever experienced this? If So What does it mean?

Example: For Sting is the TNA hall of fame more of an accomplishment then potential dream matches in WWE?

By that I mean potential dream matches that he could and would have had if he decided to go to WWE.

Example: Strange dreams?

Lately I have been having really strange dreams and I'm not sure what's causing them. I can't sleep at night, so I sleep usually during the day because I am really off since Summer has started. I don't usually eat after 9pm or before 8am. So I don't think it's food. Can someone tell me what's up with that?
Also one of my weird dreams was.. I was at my school in the gym and there was tons of my friends and family and I was wearing a wedding dress and this guy named Brandon, I was marrying. (I've NEVER dated a guy named Brandon) I married him and then walked out of there and all of my exs boyfriends were all like out in the hall. And some how I saw a piece of everyone of those guys in the guy I'd just married. And yet I still loved this one guy more than the one I married. But I never did anything about it. Then I woke up all freaked out. Can anyone explain this to me? Along with my other question..
And what does the dream mean..

Example: What movie was on hallmark hall of fame saturday night (I mean 2 days ago)!...

Example: The Script - Hall of fame lyrics> You can walk straight through hell with a smile? What does this mean?

Example: Was last year's wwe hall of fame a joke?

I mean they inducted drew carey with the likes of HBK WTF?Has the wwe gotten this lazy?What does drew carey have to do with the wwe besides the royal rumble?I don't see wwe giving Mike Tyson a hall of fame award/ring.What are your thoughts?

Example: Once you come into a Hall of Fame then are you retired from WWE?

I have seen that whenever some WWE wrestlers comes into the Hall of Game he never wrestles again like Hulk Hogan (2005) he never wrestled again,Stone Cold

remember The Rock is still not the inductee in Hall of Fame that is why he wrestled for WWE Championship with John Cena and Cm Punk

then we can't see dream matches
WM Matches
Stone Cold VS CM Punk (Extreme Rules)
Hulk Hogan VS John Cena (Hell In A Cell)
Brock LEsnar WWE (C) VS Sting at WM
Lita VS AJ for Diva"S Title
The Shield (C) VS Rikishi Fatu team
Big E Inter (C) VS Razor Ramon AKA Scot Hall
Razor Ramon VS Kurt Angle VS Bret the Hitman Hart (Main Event)

THis will b so damn best for business

Example: Carey price Hall of fame?

I was just wondering if anyone thinks price may be a hall of famer, i collect sports memorobelia and i was wondering if it is a good idea to spend big bucks on some of his stuff.

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