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Dream About Hair Dryer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was napping and I had a very strange dream. This is taken from my "dream diary", but all names are removed.

"It starts off in a concrete room with random people from a forum I go on jumping into lit-up swimming pools. It's nighttime and the setting looks like my dad's room. Suddenly we all get in a line, I am in between this boy I like and some kid from my school who kinda likes me. I leaned my head on the boy I like's shoulder despite him only being 3/4 of an inch taller than me. He drew me closer. He smelled like a warm shirt fresh out of a dryer, and his hair was sooooooo soft. Suddenly the guy who likes me comes over and says hi, then I say hi then I look away, and the boy I like disappears as well. Suddenly I am in the mall with one friend from the forum and another friend from the forum and we're shopping for pink and red dragon plushies. Then I get a call from the guy who runs the forum and he sounded funny, so I went to his house where yet another friend from the forum was and found out he (the guy who runs the forum) was high. He (the guy who runs he forum) then claimed there were unicorns running down the street, and then I woke up."

could anyone tell me what this all means? I've never dreamt while napping, but I have felt things/smelled things while dreaming.

My interpretation of your dream is you are afraid of ending up alone, with neither boy. Your choice is to either go for the boy who clearly likes you, and have a relationship which you may not be happy in, or you could go for the other boy and face the possibility of complete rejection.
As for the people from your forum... I think you may be spending a bit too much time on the forum, if it is prevalent in your dream.
As for the unicorn and random other items from your dream... those are just random firing of neurons in your brain, which really have no meaning.
A dream is often a mix of issues you are dealing with in real life, and random items from your memory.

Example: What does this dream mean?

my dream was that i was in this town and i heard a siren that meant iminent danger. i saw somekind of object falling down and crashed miles from where we were. turns out it had some kind of bacteria that caused us sick by turning our skin yellow with red dots and it quickly dried up. and i dreamt we lived like this for months and soon one of our eye started coming loose from our sockets. in my dream, i knew nobody and i got contaminated with the bacteria and lived like this. it never killed anyone but made us miserable. the only temporary relief was to drink fresh water like those spring bottled waters but since the bacteria was spread out in the air and water, it only temporarily healed us then we got sick again. what does this dream mean anybody? thanks for your answers



Example: What does this crazy dream mean?

last night I dreamed that was pulling hairs out of my mouth (not strands but ponytail size hairs! someone in my dream told me I had to go to the hospital, before I went to the hospital I went to see my crush,at the library he was busy so I talked to someone else. I told them that I knew who my crush was dating after I said her name,the guy I was talking to said that my crush was behind me. my crush looked mad and walked away I went after him. I apologized for talking about his girlfriend he accepted my apology. Later on I told him about how scared I was to go to the hospital. He said he would go with me so we went to the hospital. A nurse told me that I would need a blood transfusion I told her I was scared of IVs. She said she would wait until I fall asleep to put an IV in I was ok with that. My crush laid on the bed with me and he held me close to him. 10 minutes later I fell asleep in his arms. when I woke up (still my dream) the IV was in my arm and I wasn't scared.Why did I have this dream and what does it mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was standing at the end of a cliff with several other young people around my age and there was some sort of disaster happening...apparently to be saved from the disaster we had to jump off the cliff into the water and then swim back to land. None of us were really that scared, we were more like excited. I remember me jumping off, and in the water I found a leather case, and a yellow backpack. I held onto those and swam back to dry land. When I got there, there was some of the others waiting for me, one with long hair. They were all so excited to see that I did it, and apparently the backpack and leather case were something important, and so I put the leather case in the backpack and kept it with me. That is all I remember from it.. Can someone help me decipher some meaning out of this?

Example: Hair cutting dream, what does it mean?

In the dream I had cut my own hair and I was so horrified and I kept trying to hide it. I know it means something but I dont know what. Anybody know?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay,this dream made me so happy I loved it. Alright-
I was at my grandpa's house,and I walked through this secret passage way and fell down some stairs. Then the passage led to the bathroom,and there was a huge latter going upwards,and my friend who moved away's mom was up there blow-drying her hair,but it was so shiny up there I couldn't look,and I asked her " can I go?" and she said yes,so I went to a different room,and it was a room filled with toys and just amazing things I can't even explain!

I have had this dream many times,and the first time I had it,I was very young and that friend haddent moved yet.

Example: Flat ironing your hair in a dream?

I had a dream last night that I was flat ironing my hair, and i was really rushed and it just wasn't working! There were still curls no matter how many times I was running the flat iron over them.
Any specific meaning for this?

Example: I dreamed Britney Spears was chasing me with a hair dryer on high. She was crazy scary. What could it mean?

Example: Thick,dry,messy hair?

Am a guy who want's a perfect hair like most guys wants. I like to have a hair that is rich soft and very easy to style. The problem is my hair is Thick,dry,greasy,and hard to style even with water or gel. I want hair that is shine silky smooth and perfect. Another problem that i had is making it grow. This is a problem that i had for so long. Every time i want it to grow even a little it always looks crazy and very messy. Please help me and tell me what can i use to make it perfect cause that is my dream.

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