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Dream About Haggling meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

Today, well last night, entering morning, I dream of my eating disorder (tendencies, only because I was 5 pounds away from being underweight.) . After leaving it, and letting it go, and not even have it creep it's way in my head for SO long, I dream of it. I was so frustrated! Here is what happened:

It starts off me in the kitchen with my mom. We are just cleaning out the refrigerator when she shows me like 3 different things asking if we should throw them away. It was Vanilla, something else, and v8 fruit drinks. I said to throw them out and then started feeling sick to my stomach. I was standing over a trash can, and the trash bag had already been removed to throw food away in. Mom started asking me, "Are you okay?", "You alright?". I said "No, that stuff makes me feel sick." I say as I point at the 3 items. "Why?" she asks. I can't answer because I start throwing up in the empty trash can. Not on purpose, I just couldn't control it.

Fast forward (I don't know why dreams do that.) I was in a restaurant with my family, it wasn't very fancy, just a little place we go to a lot. I was sitting on the left side of the table with my brother, parents on the right. As we were eating, Mom asked me if everything was ok, because I had gotten sick earlier today. I told her yeah I was fine. That it was just one of those really weird things, I told her I was on my period. I asked to be excused as I took my last bite of food. I went to the restroom, and then the dream showed my mom outside the bathroom stall. That was that.

Fast forward again. I get to see myself for the first time, my full body, and I'm thin, not scary thin, just thin enough for others to see I've lost some weight. I looked as if I wore a size 3. I was wearing mint green shorts, like the kind you go running in, they were short enough for me to see my legs were thinner. With a white tee shirt and a matching zip up jacket over it, with my iPod in my ears. I was standing looking at myself in the mirror fixing my hair, in the living room.

My mom comes and taps me on the shoulder and says you've got a doctors appointment remember, "Yep, I remember." I get in the car and we are driving to the doctors office, I run my fingers over my lip, my dream zooms in on my scared knuckles and then shows my mom looking at them. We continue driving and we begin getting into farmland, we pull into this big hospital. I say, "this isn't the normal doctors office." Mom says, " I know, there offices moved into this big clinic." I don't say anything.

When we pull into the parking lot, we walk through the big glass doors, we check in at the receptionist desk, she gave me a big smile and a nurse guided us to a room. It all checked out and looked just like the normal doctors office I'd go to normally. The doctor walked in and smiled. Fast forward, the doctor pulls my mom out of the room. I watch from the room, looking through the small square window on the door. My mom just looks calm, like she understands something. I walk out of the room as mom motions for me to come out, the doctor then says "Bea, you've got an eating disorder, bulimia."

I stand in awe, not realizing the words coming out of his mouth. Thinking to myself I can't have one. How? Why? How do they know? Then the doctor starts saying "The uncontrollable vomiting, scars on your knuckles, your body weight." As he is saying these things the pictures of things that had happened in the dream come up again. I see the part where I enter the restroom, I see when my mom saw the scars on my knuckles, I see my body, and how thin I was. I just stand in disbelief. Then I realize, I never really believed I had an eating disorder.

The whole time I was unaware of the harm, or I chose to block out the purging. I just felt like it was something I had to do. I chose to say I was alright, and because I chose that I never realized the pain behind it all. The dream ends by me walking out of the doctors room, and through to double doors, the clinic changes as I walk through the double doors and becomes a hospital. My mom has her arm around me as we walk out. I don't say anything. My fingers are grazing my lips, my hood is up, and I shut everything out.

As we drive home, I'm still in the same position unchanged. We go home, we walk in like what happened was nothing. Mom sits the keys down on the kitchen counter. She goes into the room with my dad and they talk about everything. Once again I see my body, the same as it looked before we went to the hospital. I cry silently because I know recovery will have to begin. I'm being admitted.


Can someone tell me what this may have meant?

Cutie Pie that was a long dream sequence and surprisingly you remembered it all. You surely are obsessed and worried about your weight. You need medical support for sure to balance out your weight problem. At the same time you are sick of your family members haggling over you to eat more.

Example: Price discrimination in Taiwan. Dual pricing vs universal pricing?

They still give foreigners mark-up prices for the goods and services that are supposed to be sold at a fix price, like some taxis. when i first came to taiwan, i had to pay 150 NTD for riding a distance just about 3-min-walk on foot...? (actually, I didn't want to ride the taxi, but the driver kind of made me..) later, having found out that taxis don't cost that much, now i felt cheated? Business is very, very, very dishonest here.

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

Every night I dream that I've lost my penis. I mean, it's like I'm going about my daily routine and, in the dream, I realize that I've left my penis somewhere. For some reason, it doesn't seem weird to me that I've misplaced it and am trying to find it. In the dream its just aggravating more than catastrophic to me, like I misplaced my phone or wallet. In the dream I'm only mildly annoyed about the lost item, rather than screaming and panicking. I know some people are going to think I'm making this up, but I'm not. What do you guys think my dream means?

Example: What to sell at a garage sale? help?

Ok well. I'm trying to get my family to have a garage sale, because we have soo much junk in our house. I mean it's not like wall to wall junk. But our house is just filled with little piles of useless junk. And I'm trying to get a new guitar, my dream guitar is a Taylor Guitar. So I was wondering what I could sell? Also I'm thinking of having it at my Grandma's house, because she has a better car "traffic" location, also people could use the store next doors bathroom so they wouldn't have to use the house's which is a little scary for me.. because I really don't want random people going into our house alone and possibly steeling something. But anyways.. what could we sell? We have a lot of comforters, a lot of food container type items (could you sell those?). Also we have a lot of decorative pillows for teen rooms (considering I'm a teen and I don't want them anymore). And I was thinking of selling soda and other items too.. to make extra money. But would it look weird for an 18 year old to be selling soda and cookies and stuff? We also have a LOT of cloths that we don't wear anymore, and a lot of kids shoes that we saved from when I was little. What else could we sell? We also have a lot of movies and chairs and stuff. What other type of stuff could we sell? Because I'm kind of stuck on what we could sell. And how much should stuff cost? Thanks :) But people always say I look like a 13 year old lolz.. and we have a lot of kitchen items that we could sell. I was watching Little People Big World and they made over $1600! And I was also hoping to possibly paying for my own dog with the garage sale money too.

Also do you have any tips for making signs? Should they be done the same way? Thanks in advance, sorry this is kinda long.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I don't usually believe in dream interpretations, but I thought it would be fun to ask. :)

I dreampt that I dug up a bell called the "Georgia Bell" in my neighbor's side yard. It was probably about two feet long as soon as I dug it up, but it kept shrinking as the dream went on. One side of the bell was very rusty and the other half was very clean and well-preserved. I got it in a wagon and went to a pawn shop, wherin the first lady offerred me $100 for it. I haggled for $115, but she dropped the price to $55. Offended, I went to another pawn shop, but by the time I got there, the bell was small enough to be held in my hand. The dream ended there.

Example: How much are games during the fall months in Europe?

I was going to travel to Europe next fall and I was wondering how much a match would be for a Man U, Liverpool, or Bayern Munich. I would look more towards the cheaper sections. Thanks!

Example: Should I try to haggle down the rent on a sublet apartment?

I'm moving to a new city soon and going out to look at apartments next week. I'd be subletting for just the summer months in a university area just to start out until I'm sure I can really make enough to live on there. My parents are insisting that I need to try to haggle down the rent costs from the stated prices. I've rented student properties before (when I was a student), and I never haggled on the rent and I wasn't aware of anyone who did. I'm also hesitant to try haggling because I know there are a couple apartments I'm going to be looking at that I'm really excited about and don't want to risk losing. My other thought is that I'm renting directly from student tenants, rather than the actual landlords, so I feel like there would probably be less room for negotiation there.

BUT I'm willing to admit I'm wrong and I've been an idiot for paying advertised rent rates before if it seems that's the case. Is haggling over sublet rent something that's commonly done? If so, how can I be polite and reasonable enough about it not to put myself in too much risk of potentially losing my dream apartment over it?

Example: What does the word carvex mean?

I had a vivid dream and the word carvex appeared. I am wondering if anyone knows what it means or if I should just assume it was my brain spewing out various letters. I have checked dictionaries and tried translating it but so far no luck. This will be my last effort and then I will put carvex to bed =) Any ideas?

Example: How much will it cost to insure a motorbike such as cbr600f if im 23 and just passed my test?

And are there ways of cheapening the cost - I really have no clue of how much motorbikes cost to insure. the cbr600f is group 14,which sounds reasonable. Can i lump the insurance with a car thats group 11? i live in the uk.

Example: Which car would best suit a girl at the age of 21?

Im trying to figure out what car would best suit me, im at the age of 21. We all have our dream car and mine would be a alpha (really hope i spelt that right) :) i just know that i wont be able to afford them at this stage... is choosing a car difficult?

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