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Dream About Hacky Sack meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

i had a dream last night that my crush, robby, told me to hang out with him at lunch.
i came to the place he always hangs out at with his friends,
and there was this huge circle of people playing hacky sack (in real life, his friends DO play hacky sack at lunch, but this was a HUGEEE circle).
i got upset because i couldn't find him, so i sat down on a bench and one of his friends looked over and smiled at me (i don't even talk to him in real life).
i asked him where robby was, and he his other friend, james, to come over and sit with me (james and i are friends too)
james stopped playing hacky sack and came over to sit with me, but he wanted to hold my hand as well
i asked him if robby would mind, and he said no
robby finally shows up and he tells james to get away from me (in a joking way)
james leaves, and robby sits down next to me
i asked him if i could put my feet on his lap and he didn't mind
i wanted to talk to him, but he was too busy eating his sandwich and we didn't talk at all.

can someone help me interpret this dream?
any help would be great :)

I'm not a professional but it sounds like either you or James have feelings for each other, but you only relise it when your not thinking of anything, and that your dream says that maybe you and robbie shouldn't be toghether because you didn't talk at all, and if you were together you might not have time for each other. I hope it makes sense!

Example: My bffl had a dream that her now boyfriend wants to see other people. what is her dream telling her?

my best friend came to me today and told me that she had a dream that her now boyfriend (my ex boyfriend of 9 months and i still love him and dont approve of them going out but am supportive) and her were making out then she asked him why he is so hard to communicate with and he just replied that he wanted to date other people. and lately he has be avoiding her. at lunch he sat with her for 5 seconds then ran outside to play hacky sack with his friends. he never sits with her at lunch and never hangs with her. i told her that maybe shes just having second thoughts about their realtionship. i told her that she sould break up with him and if hes really sad then that means he really loves her and they should stay together and if he doesnt care then that means he didnt really love her. cuz my thought is that he just is with her so he can piss me off cuz i broke up with him. i need some serios advice on what she should do so please email me at babybubbles92@rochester.rr thank you

Example: What does it mean when...?

in 8th grade i was walking in the halls alone and this guy whistled at me, and blamed it on his friend. i looked back and he was blushing. same thing happened a few days latter, but he blamed it on a different friend. later in the year we were having break and i was finishing my work, while the teacher was out of the room and then out of no were, his hacky sack hits me in the face. the rest of the year we made jokes that my head was a magnet to balls, and every time i caught him smiling. i also heard my name in the class room and the hallways. he isn't shy but when he was around me he just shut up, and watched what he did. during summer i was at the fair with my friend and every were we went i saw him. on the first day back i seen him in the halls and he looked at me as if he was saying, "i missed you" . he is the type of guy that every girl wants but he hasn't dated anyone for a long time. At camp a few friends and I walked with him and his friends for a while and he was soo quiet yet his friend wouldn’t shut up. i have also seen him in my dreams a few times. what does this mean?

Example: Strange dream about a boy?

ok so heres what happened in my dream:

i was in the library at school and this boy i have a crush on was standing right in front of me kicking a hacky sack for some reason, and like staring me down. then i asked him what his name was and he told me, and then as he was telling me he turned into a COMPLETELY different person, (who doesnt exist) but he still had the same name. and then i went downstairs and he was standing in the lunch line with my best friend who apparently knew him.

its weird i want to know what it means! especially about the part where he turns into someone else, i think that means something. Thanks a bunch!

Example: Signs hes my soulmate?

Im 22 and my boyfriend is 20. We first met Jan 24th 2012. He decided to come along with his friend Rudy and Rudys girlfriend to figure out information about her Financial Aid.(he doesn't even go to Northeast State!) Rudy is also a friend of mine who i met at a bar a yr ago. My boyfriend, Richard, first spotted me when i was waiting for my mom to pick me up at my college. He was there with his friend, Rudy for a few hours. Little did I know I had no idea Rudy was even there and didnt even know Richard was crushing on me at the time. I wasnt really noticing guys at the moment because at the time i had a bf. Well I had just remembered to go to financial Aid to find out when i would get the leftovers from the finaicial aid. As I was leaving the office, i remember spotting a guy playing with a hacky sack (didnt see his face though but found out later it was Rudy) and then i looked over and spotted a guy looking at me, it was a different kind of look though, almost mesmerized...I smiled at him as i was walking away...All i remember after that was thinking "WOW, did that cute guy just look at me?..to the point i turned back around to look at him again. I was speechless to the point i felt i had to go to the bathroom and just sit and replay what had just happened. It was instant attraction! From that moment i wanted to get to know him but i was really shy. After that i left to go home. Well that night i had received a facebook message from Richard telling me he was there with his friend Rudy and Rudy knew me. From that moment on, things only got better and more amazing. And we have now been together a week and 4 days! Hes amazing! (: we are talking about moving in together in a year! Before you say things are happening too fast, we've known eachother 3 months before talking about this. We are both extremely happy together! This was instant and i have a strong feeling we are soulmates! what do you think? We are both so amazed at how things came together so well..He didnt even go to northeast state and mom was late picking me up. I never noticed him until the second time he noticed me so i just feel it was meant to be! what do you think? ive never felt this way before and neither has he. He wants to make me happy at all costs, puts me first, wanted to commit and now hes even wantin to help me out with everything..finding a job, buying a car..etc. couldnt be happier! tell me about your experiences and let me know what you think about mine? thanks!

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