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Dream About Gymnasium meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I had this dream that we went to a huge gymnasium for the state volleyball finals. And my coach wouldn't put me in. She "forgot" my uniform. I got really upset , so I went out the gym doors, and found myself in my house- outside of my basement door. The varsity coach came up and said that my coach was going to put me in- she had talked her into it. So I went downstairs, which led back to the gym, changed into my uniform, and was substituted in. I made some amazing plays. I spiked at least 5 points and then, the score was 42 to 41 us and we needed one more point to win. The other team had possession of the ball, they served, and my whole team is screaming, "IT'S IN!" But I let it fall, and it was out! We are state champs!
The game finally over, I went over to the stands, where the guy I like came and put h is arm around me. We went up and sat down. His sister took a picture of us, then he took a pic of me, and we kissed. Does anyone have an interpretation for me? Thanks!

This is kind of hard without knowing you personally, but here's my answer:

The huge gymnasium represents that you feel that everyone is watching you. And the fact that it's the state finals means that it's an event that you have work hard to get to and may never get another chance. In other words, you are feeling a lot of pressure from something that you feel is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Your coach forgetting your uniform means that you have doubt about your coach. Furthermore, given that it takes a different coach (the varsity coach) to come get you, I would guess that you don't have a good relationship with your volleyball coach. I might go as far as guessing that you think your coach is sabotaging you or holding you back.

Your home represents a place of comfort. That's why you went there when you felt that your coach let you down.

As for the guy you like, it's not uncommon to dream about people we are attracted to. But, he's in this dream because you feel that the only way to "win" his affection is to prove to him that you are capable of great things - such as winning the volleyball state finals. And, part of proving to him is also proving to his family so they accept you, too.

In conclusion, right now you are feeling a lot of pressure from a lot of different sources. You are also feeling that you are being held back and if you just had the chance to prove yourself, people would see what a great person you really are and love you for it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very weird dream last night. I dreamed that I was like in a school gym and that it was full of people and in the ceiling there were mirrors, so when you look up you could see the reflection of everyone, but in the reflection everybody in there were birds different kinds and colors except me. Then all the people were trying to help me become one and they placed me on top of something very very high and just left me there all I could think about was that I was very scared because I felt that I was going to fall and hurt myself. Then I woke up. Very weird. My husband says that it may mean that I feel trapped but I don't think so. Any ideas?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream that I was on the edge of this stage in the gymnasium/auditorium watching my friends and foes high jump and i fell asleep and fell off to the ground, where everyone heard my head and neck break and walked over, but then just walked away without doing anything? What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

i had a dream that i was getting ready for my first day of highschool and once i got there it turned out to be this gymnasium with the actors from abc's family show Make it or Break it.. and we were all doing obstacles and stuff (ive been watching a little too much make it or break it lately) then all the sudden im taking a photo with a little girl and she asks for my autograph because apparently since im at the gymnasium with the make it or break it stars, im a part of the show.. and then my teacher says oh yeah i forgot to tell u that u have a audition to be a voiceover in the new disney Cars movie.. and i argued with my mom because the day of this audition was the day i was supposed to start high school? and she was pushing me to do this audition( btw my mom is NOT like this in real life ) and i called my best friend to ask her what i should do and she told me to do what i wanted and i ended up agreeing with my mom to stay home and not audition.

weeeird dream... what do u think it means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Had a dream where I was shopping in the Mall with my mother, two children, and older brother. Somehow – I don’t remember – a curtain catches fire and the fire extinguisher the salesperson has is too small and does not work which obviously allows the fire to consume the area in which the curtains are in. I immediately go searching for another extinguisher. Somehow my stepfather points me in the right direction even though he hadn’t been there with us already. I run back to the area where the fire is and try to put it out to no avail. I yell at my mom to take my children and wait for me outside as I have to warn others in the mall. I pull the fire alarm and notice that there are computers with vital information about a volunteer project to help needy children in an urban area in them. I instinctively know they belong to a former principal of mine from when I was in middle school. They’re on a cart. I grab the cart and on the way to warn the other people in the mall, I also grab all of my material possessions which are dear to me (and somehow are at the mall) as well as ones which would be very necessary after the fire. These include my tech items such as my camera, computer, and phone and personal items that belong to my kids such as shoes and clothes and their favorite stuffed toys. I find a whole bunch of people in what appeared to be a gymnasium holding some sort of rally in memory of the building which is going up in flames, although the fire has not yet reached that area. I leave my cart with everything in it in the gym to find more of my belongings in the hallway. After grabbing a handful of items, I go back to the cart only to find that the computers which held the key things for that volunteer program had gone missing. I start calling out to whoever took them pleading with them to give it back as held key info into a community volunteer program and I promised not to take any action against them. The people who took them immediately gave them back upon knowing what they were needed for. I go back out with the cart and find more of my daughter’s shoes in a bureau and I grab one of each color. I notice the hallway is getting warmer and I scream to the people inside. I try calling my mom but she doesn’t answer her phone. I leave the building into an area with tall grass. There are birds circling my head. They fly in different directions before leaving. I’m walking down a path alone searching for my mother and children with cart in tow thinking about how happy everyone is going to be that I saved those two computers with vital information in them. Halfway down the path I start to wonder – “What if my mother never took the kids out like I had asked?” And then I wake up. Noticeably missing in my dream is my husband. Why? What is the overall meaning of my dream?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

Here is some background info me and this guy are friends and I am iffy when it comes to liking him more then a friend. I have had he in my dreams for about a week. We r both going into grade 9 next fall.
We are walking in a hall to go to a gymnasium. He is talking to guys and I go to walk past him when he puts his arm around me and I lean in with out even thinking about it I glance up and he is looking down at me I say u r so tall ( in real life I'm about 5'5" and he is about 5'6" ) We get into the gym am I'm cold and he is like here is my jacket I put it on then the school plays a quick game and we all sit down and two of my friends are saying they r obsessed with each other did u see him put his arms around her like they were married (I assume they r talking about me) I say who? And they pause and r like umm Sam and Alisha and that's the end of the dream. What is the meaning?

Example: What does dreaming of your crush mean?

There is this boy i really like in our school, he doesnt know me but i know him. We do not talk in person but I still like him, he's the only one I like, and then I saw him in my dreams yesterday, We were at the gymnasium (of our school) eating fish together then he courted me there and he told me there he has a slight fever && we were very sweet. What does it mean? I felt sad when i woke up and realized it was just a dream :) but i hope it can be true! :) What does it mean?

Example: What Does This DREAM mean?

In the dream I had super powers (my eyes were like lasers and were incinerating people?))
My ex boyfriend was included in all of this, and we were in our high school gym (there was school, but no teachers around) and we were sitting in the bleachers.
And I was talking about how hot my body temperature was (laser eyes, hint hint) So he touched my arm, and said: You're crying aren't you? (FYI, I haven't talked to him since April. We're not friends, and we don't speak to each other. And it's hard to be around him.)
I lifted my hair out of my face and with my voice shaking, told him that I was not crying.
But I didn't shoot him, I was just focusing my "super powers" on people who'd hurt me in the past, and boy, he sure was one of them. But I didn't do anything to him, except leave him alone in the bleachers as I continued to test out my "super powers."

I know this all sounds crazy, but geez, I just need suggestions an answer or something.
The sub conscious really is confusing!


Example: What does my dream mean? Why did I dream this?

Last night I had a dream about this boy that attends my school, I dreamed we were at the Elementary school in the bathroom and I walked in to use it and he was already in there. When I got finished, as I was walking out, I turned my head and I saw his penis...He's a cute guy. So after walking out of the restroom I walked to the gym. He followed me. As I was opening the gym door. he pulled my pants in a sexual way, I liked it. After he did that I told him to stop (I didn't want people to see him doing that). Then, I woke up... What does this mean?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

i had a dream that my crush my five bffs and i were mice and had to drill a hole through the gym floor to go to the underworld and defeat lord voldemort

this is a real dream...i swear

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