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Dream About Gummy Worms meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Here's mine:
So my friend who doesn't even have a brother had a brother, and he was like my bestest buddy. So he came over to my house in the middle of the night and he said, "Iron Man is coming to my house!" And apparently that meant that his house was gonna blow up, so we freaked out and ran to his house. So we went in there but nothing was wrong so we went into the kitchen and there was an old lady and a hippie. The old lady was wearing a blue nightgown thing like my grandma has, and she had a styrofoam bowl that was filled with white paint on the right side and black on the left. She put her hands in the paint and it turned grey. So she licked it off her hands and started laughing hysterically. Simultaneously, the hippie (whom had dread locks, a huge hat, and a tie dye shirt) was playing the guitar and singing country songs...
So then it changed to day time, and me and my friend's nonexistant brother were running from an old man. So we ran into this lady's backyard, but she was sunbathing and reading Star magazine, and she was surrounded by a bunch of lawn ornaments, like flamingos and gnomes. So we said, "Sorry we thought this was your front yard!" (Her front yard, by the way, was completely fenced off!) So we ran out and then we found this giant, blow-up teddy bear. You could like go inside it and crawl around. So we went inside it, and there was this girl named Rachel that was chasing us.
And that's pretty much it...I woke up thinking, "What in HECK was that?!"

So what was your weirdest dream you've EVER had?

I've had many weird dreams... but in one of them, I dreamed I was in Egypt. I walked into a random pyramid and there was a dining table made of gold. GUESS WHO WAS DINING THERE? Queen Elizabeth, Captain Hook (from Peter Pan), and the principal from my school! WTF!
I joined them, and suddenly these half dog half human things started attacking me from nowhere with golden canes. I ran out of the dining room and somehow met up with my mom and brother. We all started running from them. We then ran into a room. My mom and brother hid under a bed and I went out to a balcony and hid under a chair (major stupidity right there). The creatures came in and couldn't find us (WOW) and they left. I figured out, somehow, that we had to find the biggest gummy worm out of a pack of gummy worms, so we started searching for it. I found it on the floor near a chair in a different room. It was a giant cola flavored gummy worm. I ate it, then we all teleported back to my house in Korea. Weird, huh?

Example: What does it mean to dream you have a mouth full of dead snakes?

I have this sensation all the time when I'm dreaming that my mouth is full of something, sometimes its gum sometimes its snakes sometimes candy snakes (like last night) and as I take all this out of my mouth more and more gets lodged in my throat and I can't pull it all out and I can't talk

Its like pulling a never ending tube out of my throat.

Before you say anything about it (cause I've already had perverted answers) I don't have sex, I don't have a sex drive due to my meds, I freak out during sex because of intrusive thoughts and I don't give anyone head, nor do I want to

Example: Worms under my skin in my dream last night!?

Ok so I went swimming in this dirty lake to save someone that wasn't actually there. I got stuck and this guy came and saved me (I know you only dream about faces you have seen your brain cant come up with faces so my dreams always have faceless people) so we went into this giant tube of spinning water but I could breathe under the water and it was supposed to cleanse you of everything from the lake but it didn't work on me. Someone asked me "didn't you get it?" speaking on the treatment of the water and I said no. So then my leg hurt and I looked at it and there was something there it was like this giant leach worm thing and it looked like my skin had stiched over like stiches but it my actual skin and i ripped it open and pulled whatever it was out and threw it to the other side of the room and it sat there for a minute before like getting up and like worming toward me and my mom appeared and caged it and killed it. but then she said what it that and i looked and they were all over me and I started pulling them out and then where the first one came out it started oozing green and yellow and my mom told to me to let it because it was poison leeking out of my body or whatever. I again started pulling them out and I pulled another really big one and it got up and formed a slimy flower and hissed at me and it jumped at me in flower form and my mom killed it too. They were all over me covering me and i couldn't get them all out and i was digging into my skin and then all of a sudden I woke up from my dream and I still felt like they were all over me so I jumped out of bed digging at my skin and when I turned the light on nothing was there. But for the rest of the day I felt like they were there squirming under my skin. But unlike in my dream I can't see them and its freaking me out. What could this mean! I'm really freaked out and scared. There has been a lot going on in my life lately and I have been quite stressed could this be the cause or what? Please serious answers I am really upset about this.

Example: If you have a dream where you . . . . .?

I had a dream last night i was at my dance recital and rite after i had to go to skool (in my last costume)(as did everyone else in my skool) we HAD to go to skool in our last costume and i was running trling to get to my class and i didnt hav the rite costume and so my mom rushed to bring it to me and wen i left to get it i couldnt find my way back so my mom told me and weni got there i went to change in the bathroom and wen i went to leave the bathroom there was a 1 ft tall 3 ft wide door u had to go thu to get out then i found a normal door and then i was on a ladder (a one like on an air plane) and i was getting arrested and my friend (who i just reacently met) Dexter told them to lay off i did nothin wrong and they let me go and suddenly i wason a playfround on the monkey bars(but there was no ground and i was hanging on the monkey bars only by one hand-cuff and i was falling and i asked Dexter to held me and he said let me see ur fone (i said y )i gave it to him and he said he was calling his friend "Chris" and he weighed the same as him ( dont kno y he said that tho) and then the hand-cuff turned to gummy worms and the gummy worms broke and i was falling but Dexter cuaght me and i said thank sooo much Dexter ur a life saver (litterally) and he pulled me up so that i was on land and i gave him a huge hug and all his friends stared at us

Plz help i dont get this dream

Example: Personal decisions on eating marshmallows/gelatin?

Okay, so.. I've been a pescetarian for 22 months and I was a vegetarian for 3 months out of that 22. I decided to eat fish, but that's not why I'm posting this. Probably about 4 or 5 months ago, when I found out gelatin was in marshmallows.. I cut out ALL gelatin related things, but then I found out that gelatin is really hard to avoid. It's in marshmallows, gummy bears, star burst, etc, etc. Gummy bears and gummy worms were my favorite candy and I was asking a few people and they said eating gelatin/not eating gelatin is a personal vegetarian choice. Some vegetarians still eat gelatin, some don't. I mean, I haven't in months, but last night I had a moon pie and I had a bad dream that I was eating raw hamburger because of it..So that sums it up that I will NOT be eating gelatin or marshmallows, but do you eat marshmallows or gelatin?
and what about sugar? Alot of sugars are processed through bone marrow charcoal, too..

Example: I keep dreaming that i am being chased by "Gummy Worms" what does that dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the beginning of my dream ,i was in shop rite, looking at the 'dirt' deserts, instead of gummy worms they were huge gummy frogs. and i first one i saw had the whole middle taken out. but the second one was perfect, so i picked it up and put it in the cart with my dad and my sister. then my dad puts his hand in the desert and pulls out a stuffed hamburger bun with the pudding stuff in it and starts eating it! i run to stop him and then the scene just magically changes to my room. all the walls are white, there is my refrigerator with thousands of glass coke bottles on top my dad is now gone into the hallway, and my sister as the scene was changing, was pushing me away, and then she moves. i hit the refrigerator, all the bottles fall and break and i fall in it, and i start screaming. i get up and my mom calls from her room saying, take her to the hospital so they can stitch up her wounds that she covered with black eye liner, in my dream i replied, what the f**k! and then it did a close up on my right foot stepping in glass and the blood and me screaming, then i limp into the hall way and i woke up. there is soemthing significant about the glass! help me..?

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

Dream #1 (copied and pasted from previous queation)

Ok soo we were at the football feild, we went to the stands and it was huge just like the ones in the professional football games
_______ dream stopped--- next thing I remember...
I was with my crush's friend.. And we were just using our phones And then he took my phone and added his number (but he took it in a flirty way)
So then I took his phone (in a flirty way too lol) and added my number...
_______ dream stopped... Next thing I remember
We were constantly looking at eachother with flirty faces

What's that all about?


but the thing that odded me out too is that today in class our teacher was checking everyone's PowerPoint project...
We both walked up to her at the same time and he was like REALLY close to me like his shoulder was like less than inch away from my shoulder
So confused bcuz I don't like him like that...


Dream #2
I was AR the movies with some frends idk who though. I walked out to go get a snack and there he was just sitting there with a soda on a bench. I get a snack and the lady at the counter makes a tiny pack of sour gummy worms like $20 I walk away empty handed and go to my movie. As I'm walking... He's still sitting on the bench. I go walking again sometime during the movie and And he's still sitting there with a soda. (no contact with him at all) I walk several times during the movie and he's still Just sitting...

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Dream-I was in a car with my boyfriend, Tim, and mom and we were driving somewhere but I don't know where. We stopped by this gas station and me and Tim went in. We were going to get some candy so we went to the aisle, yet I couldn't choose what I wanted I picked out two different containers of my favorite candy yet couldn't choose. My mom came up and asked if we were ready tim told her I still couldn't decide. When I looked back to continue trying to choose all the candy was gone and so was the aisle. we looked and looked, yet couldn't find the aisle so I went back to the original one, a family came up and a few kids took a couple of candy bags from the bottom self so I looked down there yet all there was, was sour gummy worms so I just didn't get any candy and left. Outside we were talking about how long my dad was taking. Then my point of view changed and I could see him driving a huge white truck, which we don't have one but my dream brain thought we bought a new truck or borrowed one, he was driving down a dark road and two people were in the car with him. A ragged man and woman. The man was holding a gun to my dads head, then my dad flipped and snapped both their necks. Everything went black and when it came back to color I was in the hospital. I walked to a random room and laid down on the table, a nurse came in and was like oh you're here and had me change. While I was changing, my door was for some reason open, a guy from another room at the end of the hall, There was my room, on across, and then a door to the left all of which I could see perfectly. came out and walked passed my room I was like hi, then I closed my door and resumed changing. The doctor came in and made me lie down on two chairs that had that one paper on them, then he had me lift my shirt off my stomach (somehow I was fully clothed again), yet he started checking out my foot. told me I was fine then left. I sat up and my dad came in. then I woke up on the table, my dad asleep in a chair, and I tiptoed out of the room cuz I had to pee. yet instead of going to the bathroom I went to the room across from me, I heard yelling from next door, the hallway now longer, and shut and locked the door in across from me which was now the bathroom, and went into the room I was in and shut an locked the door. I turned around and there was an orange fluffy like thing wiggling in the window, I went over and looked out the window and this real skinny guy I'd never seen before was pressed against the wall looking up at me with glowing eyes wiggling an orange cat toy I freaked an ran across the room, yet he brought out a smaller cuter cat toy of a bear and started wiggling it, when I laughed he brought back out the orange cat to and I sat on the bed trying to catch it when I finally did he gave it a tug and I let go he brought it back through the window and began wiggling it, I caught it again yet this time he gave it a harder pull and almost pulled me through the window, yet I let go, I ran to the door and looked back, the top of his face, from the nose up, was above the window sill and he was shadow black and staring at me with round glowing blue eyes, like a cats, I unlocked the door and tried to run back to my room yet he grabbed me, I screamed for help though it was barely louder than a whisper and my dad burst through my room tackled the guy picked me up and jumped through the window the guy screaming "give her back! she's mine" and my dad yelled back "shes not her, that woman was your sister!" next- I was with my mom and she was showing me a video of me in the hospital awake and talking with people, yet I don't remember it ever happening. When I asked her she told me a lot of people came to visit, yet she told me that something weird happened. In the video I looked at the camera and my pupils grew until my entire iris was black and all I had was white and black eyes. It was scary because it didn't seem like it was me staring back. So my mom took me to this huge church. It was as big as a castle. there was a priest in the middle of a room preaching. I walked up to him, pews were on either side of him, and noticed his white smock was nailed to the alter, I thought they nailed it wrong and so I pulled it out and moved it up, this startled him and he blushed and said "well that embarssing" because I moved it to high up. Then the second priest, dressed in all black, began walking around, people ran up to him and he touched there heads. I went to walk up to him, wanting his help to tell him I was possessed. Yet when I got close I began crying uncontrollably and had to sit down, he continued to walk and I followed crying, until I had to sit in a corner someone sat in front of me. the priest began to walk up to me, then my mom knocked him down and began choking him. I didn't want to look at her eyes, yet I did and the pupils grew until her eyes were completely black and w

Example: Dream interpretation?

I had this really vivid dream last night. I was at the house of this guy I watch on YouTube for the night. He had a huge mansion and lived with a lot of other people. He treated me like a five year old(even though I'm a teenager), so in the morning I walked home. On the walk, I was eating a big bag of gummy worms and got really nauseated. That's all I remember.

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