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Dream About Guard Dogs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do black dogs mean in your dream?

I just woke up, and i had a dream that I had 3 black dogs, any one tell me what that means?

It really depends on how you look at them in reality and how they are in dream.

Normally, dogs could symbolize friendship. But black dogs could symbolize guards, alert, or in some cases peer pressure.

Again,if the dogs are barking, that is most likely applying to peer or social pressure you may have in reality

Example: What does this mean? dreamt of dog trying to attack me, cutting my hands with blunt knife...?

I dreamt last night of being at work and one of the guard dogs chasing me trying to attack me and another dog got into a fight with that dog so i got away.. i woke up then went i went back to sleep i dreamt i had people leaving my mums house (i was young again) mum started yelling i made a mess i told her this knife is blunt.. doesn't make sense i know.. but to prove the knife i had in my hand was blunt i started cutting my hands and it cut in deep.. i was suprised.. then woke up.. went back to sleep dreamt of being in a car someone jumped into my drivers seat so i jumped out of it while moving (2nd night of dreaming of jumping out of a moving vehicle) .. i was running away from them and hiding, they kept finding me but i kept running.. then again second time of dreaming bout this i dreamt these bad people came into my house and i was hiding from them calling the police..

is this alot of crap? or does it have some meaning..

Example: What does my dream about a dog mean?

I dreamt there was a dog who needed to go somewhere with some people. They were yanking him to go but he didn't want to leave me at home. He wanted to stay with me and his eyes were sad. It was weird. Any idea what this could mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream a dog pees on you?

In my dream I was taking a nap on a recliner so my legs were up and a little chiuahuah sits on my leg. I didn't seem to mind so I kept on napping then in the dream I woke up from my nap and the little dog moved from my leg and turns out he had peed on me! Does anyone know what that dream could mean?

Example: What does this big dog and big house mean in dream?

My sister saw a dream of me and her walking.. I cross the road she doesn't.. I wait and look at a nice massive house.. Then there is a large dog with diamonds on it going around me.. I then walk through the door of the house...

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean: strange building, live chickens in hot oil becoming dogs, man farting on train?

The dream goes: I enter an office building, and I'm not supposed to be there, so I'm snooping around, and it's well-lit, not dark. I come around a corner and the guards see me and yell at me, and I make some excuse and start to walk toward the exit, but then there appears a restaurant kitchen, and I pretend I'm going to the restaurant so the guards don't get angry at me. I stand in front of the open kitchen, and now it has a huge pool of hot cooking oil, which the cooks are using. Suddenly, about 10 live ducks or chickens appear and are floating on the oil, and then, one by one, they heat up and fry into whole fried chickens. The cook cuts some off and I eat it. I pull myself up a few steps into what is supposed to be the dining area, but it becomes a train carriage. There are a few people in the carriage including a heavy-set man who then lets a few loud farts rip. Some of the other passengers express their disgust, but he says, "Hey, what else am I supposed to do?" I exit back into the kitchen area, but now there is a glass window that says the restaurant specializes in dog! And there are a few skinned, frozen dog carcasses propped up by the vat of oil. Any thoughts?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so, some people believe in the meaning of dreams and whatnot. And I need someone to at least try to tell me what this repetitive dream means.
Every night since August 6th, I've been having this dream that I'm sitting on the edge of a pier with my girlfriend, a blonde teacher, a brunette friend and a blonde friend of ours. I don't know who the 2 friends or the teacher are. The teacher tells us to draw pictures of who we use to be and put them in the water, so we do. As we do a gray wolf who somehow I knew was named Sam showed up, and the others got scared. But I went up to him and told him to go home and a guy walked out behind me and froze all my friends except the blonde friend in a green slime that killed them. A guy walked out behind him and they both took me and the blonde friend. they took us, escorted us over a frozen and snowy wooden bridge over a railroad track that lead into the ocean into a camp ground. I escaped and ran through the camp ground. In the middle of the grounds a shaggy brown furred dog started chasing after me and attacked my pink and white wheel-less heeleys. I lost the dog as I turned the corner and I ran through to a small neighborhood. I ran to a fence with a security guard behind it and said you gotta help me. All he did was scream at me in an indecipherable noise waving his knight stick at me and I ran away between two red bmw's and beside a building. But then I saw a car coming down and I ran behind the building behind some trash cans. Just then I looked up and saw a man standing on a balcony staring down at me. He asked me if I was a vampire and I nodded, he went inside. Just then a guy got out of a wooden fence near the bmw's and took out a gun. A man came out of the car and they began a shoot out. Then I got pulled inside the building and that's when I woke up. Please try to help me decipher the meaning of this dream! Thank you!

Example: What does dreaming about a brown dog means?

I dreamt 3 dogs but only one of them the brown one was outside my door barking at me in a mean way and will try to attack me if I try to leave home.he was like a guard at my door but will attack me if I tried to leave

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where it was night time and I was with a few "friends" I don't know or recognize them. I do remember there a great shine of moonlight. My "friends" and I were trying to sneak into this rich man's manor (it has a small resemblance to a section of my backyard) and we were trying to look for something he had taken from us. I remember being behind a wooden fence and I had a small jewelry chest, full of jewelry. The necklaces hanging out of it were clanging against the fence hence alerted guard dogs. We ran down some steps and went into a door that looks like my backyard door leading into the garage. I remember the next thing I end up in is this stone cobbled cellar or perhaps a hallway, because I remember seeing sunlight going through windows. It reminded me of European architecture. I was still trying to find the rich man. I can't remember how I ventured about the place but I do remember going up stairs into this room which looked pretty modern, it had stucco walls and there was this blonde woman who mentions that she does services for the rich man and that's how she ended up in the room. She tells us to hide in the bathroom and she meets a man with glasses, who looks like a lawyer of some sort. She tries to kill him and we stop her. Next thing I remember is that we are trying to escape. The landscape I see is mountainous and there was a town up upon these mountains, as we escaped, we escaped by flying away by hand gliders and almost crash into a lush green marsh at the bottom, but we fly back up and land into the town. The mountainous landscape made it look like we were in China. This probably one of my best dreams I've ever had. It was very pretty. I'm glad I am able to remember it. I noticed that I was always I searching for something. I even woke up later because of it. It was very vivid, could it perhaps mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

Ok, i've wanted a dog for the longest time and last night my dad and i were argueing with my mom about getting one.
i had a dream that we got a German Shepherd mix and he was OUT OF CONTROL.
he dragged me when i was walking him and he jumped a fence and lifted me off the ground. we had another dog but he was mellow.
they weren't puppies, they were maybe like 1.5 years old.
my mom says that im not responsible enough for a dog.
is this trying to tell me that they are harder to take care of than i think?
they were just crazy. the shepherd mix was eating the furniture and just so hard to walk. it actually felt like i was being dragged by a 100 pound monster in the dream.
what does this dream mean? :[

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