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Dream About Grumble meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream of it raining quail mean?

If you are familiar with bible stories, then it could be drawn from that, because when the people grumbled and complained (despite the fact they'd been rescued from slavery in Egypt) God sent them bread and quails.

11 The Lord said to Moses, 12 “I have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them, ‘At twilight you will eat meat, and in the morning you will be filled with bread. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God.13 That evening quail came and covered the camp.

If you look at the link, you can see references to raining down, and grumbling, and the whole story... so I really think that must have been in your mind, and either you or somebody else is being UNGRATEFUL, and grumbling when they shouldn't.

Example: Nightmare..Shot in the head..Die in dream..Can't go back to sleep now really worried..What does this mean?

I'm really freaked out right now and all my friends are sleeping. I just awoke from a dream that kinda has me all shooken up.

Me and a few friends were hanging out (one i seen last night and one i'm suppose to see tonight but have to cancel) and this car of guys pull up and we're all chatting and we were a little drunk so i was being goofy and the one guy pulls out a gun and looks at my best friend and says this is "brain dead" and shot me in the side of the head. I don't think i died but went to like a commercial like a we'll be right back type thing and showed a talk show and had a singer singing a song about being gone and missing you and then i woke up.

In the dream though it felt like it was saying it wasn't my time so he was bringing me back but it was taking a minute so we went to commerical it was really weird and i'm soo scared. What does this mean?

I never had anything like this happen,i always wake right up if something like this was to happen.

Example: I have a dream about being tied to a wall. What dies that mean?

In the dream its like a scary place but I'm never scared and someone walks in. I'm just sitting there with my hands tied to the wall above my head looking straight. My stomach grumbles and the person touches my stomach and ask if 'm hungry, but I'm not hungry Does this mean something?
The person I'm seeing is a man but he doesn't look mean he looks like he's trying to help and he's like about 30 so I always think of him as wise.

Example: I had a dream about being tied to a wall. What dies that mean?

In the dream its like a scary place but I'm never scared and someone walks in. I'm just sitting there with my hands tied to the wall above my head looking straight. My stomach grumbles and the person touches my stomach and ask if 'm hungry, but I'm not hungry Does this mean something?
The person I'm seeing is a man but he doesn't look mean he looks like he's trying to help and he's like about 30 so I always think of him as wise.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I woke up around 5 in the morning shaken a bit from a dream I had. What I could recall from the dream was that me, the man I am seeing and a few other random faces were standing against a rock wall, waiting for the next tide to hit. We heard loud grumbling sounds as the wave built up, and then we saw it, it reached up to about where an airplane would be in the sky.. As it came closer, we all held our breath and stayed against the wall, so as to not get tossed around the wave.

This is all I can remember. It is just too random for me, I can't figure out why in the world I would dream of that. Do you think there is any meaning behind it?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a strange dream. I was in a white room looking at like sometype of artwork. i kinda wanna say it was a flower like a rose but that could be my imagination. so i was in this white room by myself but i could "feel" like other people around me. I felt a gut feeling to get out of the room. but ignored it. then i got another gut feeling and thought to myself "thats god telling me to get out" so i went to the door way- there was no door but a ladder decending down from the door way to the ground. the ground was really far down... the ladder was white and on the side it had numbers like "7h, 6, 5, 4h..." i tried to walk down it (the opposite way of crawling down a ladder- my body was facing up towards the sky) i slipped... i got scared. then i hered a sound like a grumbling sound of the room i was in- i got really scared like i need to get out of here. so i decided to jump and i did but it was a loooong fall and i screamed "guardian angel help me!" and i fell. when i feel i immediatly wokeup and kinda threw myself upright. my back neck and arm is hurting- the same spot i fell on.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend and me were being held captive in his bedroom in his rented house. (one other tenant has recently left and the landlord is looking to fill his room) anyway in my dream the person holding us captive was a new tenant we had never met before. He was around 50 and he looks like my boyfriends step dad, he tied my boyfriend to a chair in his bedroom and screwed the chair to the floor, he was also gagged. He then moved onto me who was now screaming, he started laughing this creepy laugh and tied my hands together, he then turned me over onto my front. He stipped my pants and knickers off and began to rape me, my boyfriend at this point could see everything and was grumbling under the gag. The man took a camera and took a photo of him and me whilst he was raping me, he was smiling and i was screaming. It was all over and i was onconcious when i awoke i tried to escape but couldnt undo my bofriend i ran downstairs and the guy chased me. I ran into the female housemates bedroom where she was with her boyfriend and she didnt believe me when i told her what had happened. I asked her boyfriend if hed drive me home but he was blocked in on the drive. The creepy man came down and acted as if nothing had happened threw my phone down and said i had a text, however it was clear he had wiped the memory clean. (there is more but thats the basics) ... i woke up terrified and nearly crying why did i have this dream?

Example: What does my weird wedding dream mean?

I had this dream that I was an African-American female, and it was the day of my wedding. I am marrying an african-american guy (who I've never seen before in real life) but I don't like him and he is very sinister and reminds me of the "used car salesman" stereotype. It seems like he had something to gain out of our union, or I was bribed, or something to that effect. My attitude towards the wedding is very much a "let's get this over with" attitude.
During the day of the wedding, it is overcast outside and I am in a stale mood. I arrive at the church, and the only other people there are the groom, his best man, and the preacher. The preacher tells me that because I have no bridesmaids present, I have to stand behind the groom for the duration of the wedding. I'm very frustrated, and I'm grumbling under my breath, but I do it anyways. Then suddenly the church doors burst open and its my maid of honor. I request to stand beside the groom and the preacher grants my clearance. I then grab his podium and move it so that it is directly between where I and my husband-to-be are standing. I stares @ me, but does not say anything, and neither do I. I calmly resume my rightful position. The preacher continues with the ceremony, but then he asks me to sing from one of the hymns. I refuse but he insists. We go back and forth, but he reassures me everything will be fine. I finally agree but I think its ridiculous. He hands me the hymn and the music starts. The preacher scolds me because I did not begin singing at the right moment. I look at the hymn and notice that there are musical symbols that are supposed to tell me how many counts until I begin singing, problem is, I cannot read music! BTW, the song was fields of gold by sting. I am finally fed up with all of it, and I take the hymn and I throw it at the preacher, say some choice words to the groom and the preacher, and I make a run for it. It is still overcast outside and I meet up with some people I know (but don't know in real life) outside the church and they are helping me escape. My groom attempts top chase me down, and I am fearful that he will. Several miles down the road, I make the group I am traveling with stop on the side of the road. I see the coastline (a beach) down off the side of the road, and I run down into the sand and write in it. I cannot remember what I wrote, it is was something to the effect of, "*Insert the grooms name** sucks!" in big letters so that anyone looking down from the road would see it. I am very proud of it and feel liberated.

What does this dream mean?
Background Info: I am a Caucasian female. Adult (25), and I have 2 close friends who are also Caucasian. I wouldn't say I don't have any African-American friends, i just don't have a bunch of friends anyway. I am not prejudice either, so don't even go there. I do feel that the most disadvantaged African-Americans citizens are African-American females. 1. because of their ethnicity and 2. because of their gender. - I do think that this is tying into the dream somehow.
I am not dating anyone or interested in anyone at this time.

Example: What does this crazyyyy dream mean?!?!?

So last night I dreamed one of the weirdest ones yet.

So it started off with me, my two sisters, and my cousin at the mall. (I'm the only boy; cousin's a girl). So after a good hour of shopping... I remember something. I'm like "Omg you guys! I forgot... I have to get a movie ticket for my Hawaiian Language project! I'm making a movie poster in Hawaiian, and all I need is just the sample movie ticket. Here... come with me go get it"

They're all like "ohh ok, fine."

So when we get to the little box office thing, we see a looooong line. Everyone is just waiting with mad, angry faces. Me and my posse start doing this funny strut thing and everyone just moved to the side. We walked straight to the front of the line, and no one grumbled, well not immediately. Once I got my ticket - which was really fast - I turned around and said, "k, let's go already/"

When I turned around I saw this scarrrrrryy looking guy staring DIRECTLY at me. He was flaming with anger and I thought I could hear him grunting. So anyway... he stands up and runs directly at me, my sisters, and cousin.

I push them on the side but he still came running. He wanted ME only! Ohh yeah... and for some reason, the mall was decorated with Christmas ornaments and stuff. In the middle of the mall, they had this huuuge christmas tree. Underneath it there was a biiig white blanket that surrounded most of the foyer.

So he started chasing me (and this guy is really, really, REALLY big!), but I run pretty fast so he was like just slipping all over the place. Which brings me to the next setting detail; the ground was really slippery. And for some reason I was running around in just my socks. I swear at the beginning of my dream I was wearing these really nice shoes. After he got me cornered, he grabbed some random person walking by (which for some reason, was completely oblivious to all of this just like every other person in the mall). It was a little boy. the guy picked him up by his arm and ripped it off! Like out of it's socket. And then he ripped off the skin on the boy's arm. By now, the boy is dead. For some reason though the boy had a big smile on his face. After the big guy ate half of the boy's arm, he started to cry. He looked at me and got down on one knee and started pleading with me. He was like "pleaaase! help mee!"

And then suddenly he jumped up and started chasing me... AGAIN.. But for the split second I saw him ACTUALLY look sad. i dont think it was a play or something. anyway... i did this weird sliding thing once i got to a corner of the mall and slid under the white blanket that held the christmas tree up. when i heard him run by, i lifted the white thing off of me (which was really my blanket) and woke up.

Now please... interpret. (:

Example: What does this dream mean?

My friend was in an apartment he rented out, and his siblings were with him. He is 16 and his siblings looked 15 or so, but acted like toddlers, playing with toys on the table. He was grumbling about how he didn't want them there (he reminded me of a skitsifrenic, his hair was grown out and sticking up), and I told him just to let them stay there. After I said that, he stopped dead and just looked at me. He started whispering something, and we somehow got to the point of me asking if his parents were dead. As I asked this, the house started to become distorted and slanted.

I remember seeing he was dressed in white shirt and white sweat pants, and had a white band wrapped around his head.

I am an only child in real life, and I dreamed that I had a little brother, and he started crying softly, and I hugged him, and it was about his parents dying. I asked if he knew how my friends parents dying, and he said yes. I asked him, but then I woke up.

What does all this this mean?

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