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Dream About Green meanings

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Example: Hare with beavertail and green snakes dream meaning?

I dreamt i was looking at a large white hare with a bunny siiting next to it on a a log/rock. We were in the woods. The hare just kept looking at me then just turned around and went away, it was then that i realized it had a beaver's tail. My moter was there with me and i remembered she was saying it's called a babbit...Any ways, after it left i noticed some snakes coiled up below a sort of ledgelike rock. I turned to mve away but one of the snakes came out behind me, it was huge! Bigger than me...and all green. It attacked me in my mouth, i fought but it was so strong! I squeezed its neck until it finally let go. To me it was dead and i dragged it over to the bushes and threw it there, but then it slithered away, it seemed scared though because it didnt come back. However, the second snake followed me, a green rattle snake, larger than me as well, but smaller than the first. It caught me by my throat, i fought and fought and squeezed it's neck. It was very strong as well. I felt it's rattle tail stinging between my legs. I squeezed harder, and it let go, this one also dropped dead but slithered away also.I had a bitter taste in my mouth and my mother said that was the venom. I spit it out and the saliva was green! I lit a match and threw on it and it caught ablaze. It died shortly but the little sparks that remained scattered on the ground still shone very brightly. My sister was afraid of the fire light so i stomped them out one by one. I remember my mother and i talking about the snakes in the dream and i was telling her the snakes represented my enemies and the green represented envy...this conversation was going on in the dream. What do you think this dream means?

Very rare for a dream to interpret itself but, yeah.

I'll correct your dream on one instance though: enemies = problems, not actual enemies, figurative enemies, think of it like that and the problem will shine light on itself, the first snake is a problem you thought you may have killed (figuratively) but, it was still alive, and then a bigger problem presented itself and now that that problem is finally dealt with you're talking it out with your mother, probably just closure with some problems you've dealt with, that's my guess.

The green/envy thing is completely bizarre, you'd know better than I what this means to you specifically, maybe green = money?

Example: Green Parrot Dream Meaning?

I had a dream there was a hole in the wall of my kitchen. A bright green parrot flew in. We tried to shoo it with a broom. I remember it was the brightest green I have ever seen. While I was dreaming I was also thinking I def. need to look this up when I wake up. Wierd.

Example: What does it mean when you dream you have green eyes?

i had a dream and someone in that dream was looking at me and said i had green eyes, whats that mean? does that have anything to do being to envious

Example: What does it mean to dream about green plants growing on my fingers?

Example: Green snake in dream ! Need meaning..?

i had a dream last night that a green snake is crawling around my living room and it finally climbed my leg.. i withered.. it fell down and again started crawling around the living room. please let me know the meaning of this dream.. ?!

Example: Dream meaning?

I keep dreaming of the colour green- what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of green grass?

I had a dream of falling on the ground and some grass & leaves were stuck to my hand, in the dream someone in the dream told me to pay attention to it. What does it mean to dream of healthy green grass and green leaves? (Please dont comment if you dont have an answer)

Example: What does it mean to dream of a green snake?

In the dream i was watching an egg hatched. Then a baby green snake came out of it, then i was holding and petting it.
What does this dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning green color?

I have had reocurring dreams with green color and a little girl.I would appreciate if you helped me with interpretation. In one ream i was getting dressed by female members of my family and by my female friends in a beautiful green gown...then i realised they were preparing me for some eremony and i didnt find out which, i remember i was approaching the ceremony venue and i was wearing green hugh heels shoes and they looked gorgeous as well. Another dreamwas me packing things for the trip, particulary green top and green dress. My partner was vert happy that we are going tigether and he seemed fulfilled. We might havve been moving too. I had 3 dreams within the last 4 months period about little girl(3/4 years) who loojed like my niece but was like transparent and attached to me...and the latest one about red hair little girl, wearing white, not transparent and she seemed very radiant, beutiful. Help, what does this all mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a Green Cobra?

I recently had a dream that worries me. It starts with me realising that there is a snake in the grass. The grass is long and bright green. My boyfriend then tries to get it out in the open to kill it by hosing it with water. When the snake finally comes into sight, it is a large green and white cobra! But we are now in my childhood home and the snake is trying to attack everyone. My mom, boyfriend, some stranger and myself are in the house trying to kill the snake. The snake then strikes my mother who falls to the floor. I am pregnant in my dream, as I am in reality, but I try to save my mom because the snake was venomous and I know she needs a doctor. I try to get to her but the snake tries to attack me, by striking me on my left hand. I know I musn't make any sudden movements...but the snake cannot reach me to bite me. I hear my mom shouting my name in the background just before I wake up. What does this all mean?

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