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Dream About Grapes meanings

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Every night all I dream about is FOOD! It's so annoying. What does it mean? Like It's not like I'm starving...

Breakfast: special k with a banana
Lunch: Special k with a banana
Dinner: honey nut cheerios
Snack: grapes

thanks please help

Psh, your meals are not real food! You sound like you're dieting.

Seriously, your meal choices are plain and lack sufficient proteins and fats that your body needs and wants. You may not be starving, but you need some more variety. From what I see, you're only consuming bran and some fruit. You need meat and vegetables and some fat for your body to burn off too. And you know you want it! That's why you're dreaming about it.

Your meal choices actually are not healthy. Have a burger, some fries, a salad! :) (Though I do mean in moderation). Eat some other foods.

Example: Elephant dream... Meaning ?

What does it mean if you dream about playing with and feeding elephants? Are elephants good omens?
I dreamt I was Playing with a pride of elephants and there was a baby, the baby would mimic me if I stood on one foot and even pushed me in a puddle of mud! Then I ended up feeding the pride grapes and scratching their ears and talking with them and such... :-) it was a cool dream !

Example: What does this dream mean?

The person who had this dream likes a guy named John but they haven't talked. The other guy joe is good friends with John and has a girlfriend named Ann who is good friends with the girl who had this dream. the girl who had this dream is named steph.

Steph described it as..
It was her and Ann in a classroom at our high school with other people obviously haha and they were starting to eat lunch but steph put hers on the ground and walked away with Ann for a couple of minutes and then when they went back John was sitting in front of stephs food like blocking it not knowing and Ann was just like just wait until he moves so she did and then Joe, Anns boyfriend, calls Ann over to sit with him and John. Ann made steph go wig her cuz John was there. (at that point they were all sitting on the ground) steph had grapes and John puts his hand out to her like he wanted one so she gave him some. Then she woke up hahaha does this mean anything?

Example: What does it mean it you dream grapes, a loin, and a tooth felling out?

I dreamed about one of my front teeth felling out and picking and eating grapes! In this dream I also dreamed about a loin and a the end of the dream the loin was burned in a fire!
What does this mean? It was a stupid dream but I'd like to know.

Please do not answer with hocus pocus nonsense!

Example: What does it mean to dream im stealing grapes out of the fridge?

they were dark purple,i took the big ones, i was tryng to get as much healthy food into me as i could.

Example: Wish to know what means if you ever dream about grapes and snow ?

i had dream wish to know what does it mean if you ever find out please let me know dreaming about collecting very good green grapes in snow

Example: What do dreams about giving birth to a grape mean?

Example: A glass of grape kool-aid seems to be a reoccurring object in many of my dreams. What could this mean?

Example: Dream of planting red grapes! what does it mean?

i dreamed i was in my garden planting small red grapes the grapes were still very small not ripe, i cut a bunch of grapes from a plate next to me then i put them in the ground cover them with dirt sand and pour water on them. so they can grow ...
does this have any specific meaning? i was not thinking of grapes lately and i dont plant any thing in my garden my mother does that, .

Example: I was dreaming of ants crawling over a bunch of grapes what does it mean?

My dreams was i was at my grandparents old house and when i went in one of the rooms i saw a a lot of grapes inside a room and when i tried to pick some, black ants were all over them and one bit me.. what does this mean?

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