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Dream About Grammar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dose my dream mean?

Ok well there's this guy I like. We used 2 go 2 the same skol n had sme classes 2 gather n talked very few. In 9 th grade we did talk a bit more bc I had him in a class n we sat next 2 each other. Well now were in the 11th grade n I jave had multiple dreams w him. One that this girl wanted 2 hookup w him but he didn't want 2 so he was about 2 kiss me 4 she cold get over him. In another one we were about 2 kiss as well. Then that he was going 2 get married but he ends up not getting married. I have had multiple dreams with him but I just dint know what they mean. We don't see each other and we don have each others numbers. Plz help.

It means you really like this guy and you are just HUMAN! It is normal to dream about someone you admire or have a crush on. Even if you barely knew him it would be normal to dream about him if you liked him in some way. P.S. Learn your grammar because this was just... awful!

Example: Could this dream mean any thing?

Ok so i had this dream last night that was really crazy and i couldnt get it out of my head all day. I was myself as a six year old and my sister and cousin were little kids too just exactly like it was when i was six but the catch is that i KNEW i wasnt six. It was like i time traveled back to myself as a six year old and i was having a normal day like my mom was making me lunch. I was trying to decide wether or not to tell her it was me from the future.. I remember smiling at my babysister because she was sooo cute and innocent. And she smiled back with this huge grin like it touched my heart. Then i was sitting at a table and my mom and aunt were talking and i could tell the dream was fading and i was thinking of all the things i should tell them about the future but before i got a chance to it was over and i woke up. Thats about the gist of it. But it was so awesome like it felt so real i could see my little hand and like everything was bigger than me sorry for the grammar mistakes i wrote this on my cellphone

Example: What does my dream mean

hey yall right when i was a kid i had this recuring dream all the time it was me in my parents room and this masked man was coming in the door with a weapon to kill me but each dream had a different weapon but everytime i tried to scream nothing came out and id wake up just as he was leaning over me i had the same dream all the time untill i moved house and ive never had it again but wen i think about it i still remember the feelings i used to get back then does anybody know what that dream means please help thanx. x

sorry i dunno wat catogry to put it in

Example: What a dream means? ?

For the past week I've been having the same dream where I keep smacking my head off doors and hitting myself, what douse it mean?

Example: What dose it mean to dream about demons?

i was in my own house and i was in the leaving room sitting down in the sofa with my mom we got cold we got this chill like if a spirit passed us. And we suddenly got red dots in pur sking it was horrible i started to feel dizzy and wanted to fainth then my mom told my grandma and they started to pray and i was teying my best to pray but i couldnt i couldnt rember so everything was normal my grandma was cooking in the kitchen and my mom was in the leaving room i came to the leaving room area and everything suddenly turned dark y sat in the sofa scared i knowdess that my mom sat next to me but it wasnt her anymore i started to pray but every time i stoped cuz i couldnt remember then in the middle between of my mom and me i saw something appear and jump into me my mom grabbed my hands and she wouldnt let go they all started to laugh but with that demon laugh i was closing my eyes super thight and holding my moms hands super thigh and i was screaming nooo nooo. Amd i tried harder to open my eyes finally i woke up and i was holding my blanket real thight what dose this dream mean? Anyone?

Example: What does this dream mean?( kind of long and excuse grammar)?

Last Night i had this weird dream. At the beginning of the dream as i recall,I was standing in the living room with my mom and we were just looking out the window.The window has very sheer curtains and they were so sheer you didnt have to pull them back because we still had a good view of the outside. They were a crimson/ violet like color. Anyway all of a sudden the sky got dark and it started raining really hard. My mom and i had a brief conversation about the rain then the sun appeared in the sky. The sky was still dark and it was raining. Which is very odd and the sun was like a pale yellow color. I was just looking at it and then it turned into a clock and in the middle it had like different symbols such as the sun , moon and some other stuff. I was like what the heck. The short hand was on 12 and the long hand was on nine. Then all of a sudden it moved to ten. Then when it hit ten we heard a loud thump.Then it kind of stopped and my mom and i both gasped. It was like we somehow knew whenever the second hand hit twelve it was gonna be the end of something. Then somehow I ended up in a ball field and i am guessing it was field day or something. Reason being is because every one was running around throwing frisbees and baseballs and there was some guys playing flag football. I was standing there looking around and i saw this girl i knew of that i went to school with.She was sitting on this small metal sliding board ( she was the most popular girl in school and we rarely conversated so i wouldnt dare to do this in real life but..) So i walked over to her and we both spoke and had a very brief conversation. It was almost like we were buddies then she said something slick and pushed me about a good 3 feet from her. She laughed then I got up and walked back to where she was and pushed her hard right off the slide and the slide fell right on top of her. She pushed the slide off her and then i saw her cuddling her knee she has a very small gash in her knee and she just looked at me. Then it was like everybody stopped playing and all these girls which some i recognized from school came where she was at to see if she was injured and was talking junk to me and was saying they was gonna jump me and beat me up. I walked past them and walked up to the girl and i told her i was sorry and she wasnt trying to hear it but i kept apologizing even volunteered to help her up. she was still not trying to hear it. Then i ended up at my church. It was kind of packed in there, which was odd cause in real life its half way empty. the same girl was sitting at the second bench from the front with i think a cast and crutch as if i hurt her that badly. I stood right at the bench still apologizing and she was talking junk so i just walked away.Then those same five girls surrounded me again threating to jump me i just did walked back in the direction where the girl was to the front and went around the front bench and this guy said something to me. I told him in church to shut the F up. then i saw my mom and she was like lets go since there was so much drama. I was like ok and i was on the porch and then i told her to wait i was gonna put my dress on. I had this black dress in my hand. I only got it almost half way on then i decided to just wear the undergarments i already had on. Then my undergarments turned into a very bright yellow dress. So i was walking to the car when someone stopped me and my mom and said that they had something for us so we went back in and there was i am guessing about 6 big bags full of something.( bags were dark grey) My mom took three bags and went out, and left me responsible for the last three. I could only handle two of the three bags so i left the bag until i put the bags i had in the car and i would come back to get the last bag. I went to put the bags in the car and when i went into the church to get the last bag. They were doing a exorcism not to far from where my bags where. The whole time i was thinking i hope that demon doesnt get inside or come after me when it comes out that man. They were trying to get the demon out but it wouldnt come out and the guy was just laying there then the demon spoke. It said money then paused cars then paused clothes then paused fame and i grabbed the bag and just got out of there. then I was in my living room with my mom and daddy( who died a couple years ago) and we was just watching tv. When i heard this knock and the door and a eerie gasp and a groan. I knew off the bat it was a demon. I was hoping my mom didnt hear the knock. The thing knocked again and my mom was about to go to the door. I tried to hold her down and i told her not to go to the door. She giggled and said dont be silly l'm just gonna go and see who it is. She went to the door and i heard her ask who was it. It didnt reply . She opened the door. for a good minute there was silence and i was like damn. Then she came back in the living room and i knew it had got her she walked over a

Example: Does grammar mean anything to you?

For example if the person of your dreams wrote, “i luv u” vs. “I love you” on a note and handed it to you, would it still mean the same, if not just as much to you if it was written the first way?

Why or why not?


What’s the sweetest thing a girl or guy has ever done for you?
What’s the meanest?
Have you ever tried to ask your crush out to a dance but failed miserably?
What are your standards for the opposite sex?

Example: What could my dream mean?

Ok so I just woke up all confused because I just had a weird/scary dream and I want to know what they could mean. well my dream was about aids & this is what happened: A guy with aids tries to get at me but I didn't want him so he got mad and wanted to give me aids. he knew we were'nt going to have any sexual contact so he thought of sticking a tiny needle in his palm and passing his disease by shaking my hand and letting the needle go in my palm. and one day he tried to shake my hand and it got into mine but i took it out quick. so what could this dream mean? sorry if ma grammar bad im still kinda seepy

Example: Freakish dream MEANING?

i keep on having odd dreams.
The one dream i want to talk about goes like this... OK

"" i was a in my boyfriends garage ALONE, and it was dark inside, with only a flicker off light (as if it was a moon lite night) i had made my self a nest with blankets and pillows. and was curled up. Then i herd a voice off a young girl calling my name, there was a black cat in the garage too, could only see the shaddow... The voice off the girl was soft and each time she said my name it was as if she dragged it (ie ssssaalllllllyyyy) the girl solwly walked towards me. when she was in arm distants, i grabbed her"""
this is when i woke up screaming and swinging my arms around.

The strange thing is the girl was young and in a white dress,she had long hair, and to add i bought a magazine today, that off witch i have no intret in, or never bought before, and i randomly opened it to a page off this nine year old girl, in a white dress, she looked the same in my dream, so i read the artical and she went missing out off thin air in 1913, in the USA... (am from UK)
am not a spirital person, but i do belive in it.
was this just a dream with no meaning? or was some one trying to get through to me?
hope its understandabell and the right amount off information to any who helps,

Example: What dose it mean dreaming ?

What dose it mean dreaming that theirs always this person looking at you in your dream and you know his looking at you but you don't do anything..
By the way his the guy that i really like but his far way from were I am and even doe if I don't see him I still know that his their watching me...and I don't feel uncomfortable I just feel embarrassed or I just don't really worry about it but I just don't get why don't we talk in the dream?
I've dream this a lot lately his always in my dreams just looking at me not saying anything...

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