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Dream About Grafting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about bones, what does it mean?

I had a dream that I was washing my bones in a bathtub! I was holding them and rinsing them all off, they were separate from me, makes no sense I know, but somehow I just walked to this place and picked them up and carried them to the bathtub. It wasn't scary at all, in fact it was something I knew I needed to do. While washing them I noticed a small area on one of my leg bones, it looked like a small square patch of some kind. I peeled it off and it had the color and texture of dried nail polish. I peeled it off from the leg bone and noticed underneath the bone was a little bit stained. In real life I had a bone graft surgery done on my leg when I was a kid, and I think the patch in the dream was in the area of the graft. What do bones symbolize in dreams? And what does the patch mean?

Your bones represent "life" and the Word of God. The bathtub represents the place of spiritual cleansing. By washing your bones individually is represents you doing an examination of your life in all areas. The small square patch represents a "scab" which never fully healed and because it never fully healed it left a blemish in a area of your life. Everybone in your body is related to the Word of God. Your leg bones represent how you "walk" and the things you "walk" in whether it be in the spirit or the flesh. By the blemish being on your leg bone it points to their being a hindered area in how you walk before the Lord. I would say this blemish might be in reference to your faith in God concerning healing in your life.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a cult and demons attacking me And saying im the chosen one?

It keeps happening xc

Example: Why am I having this dream?

I have been having nightmares for about two months now. They're very graphic. Currently, I am a physiology student and have been doing lots of frog and rat dissections in lab.

I dream about dissecting my boyfriend's ex. One night I'll dream about cutting her heart open, and the other night I'll dream about grafting her sciatica, etc. All these dissections are taking place while she's awake and alive.

The last time I've had terrible nightmares of this level was when I was 8. I was violated back then by people who I thought were my friends. I was raped. My dreams back then did not have anything to do with dissections and such. I was just down right cutting someone open.

I do not understand why after almost 20 years after, I would have similar dreams. It's bothering me. I do admit that I have a lot of anger towards my boyfriend's ex as they have once gone out on a dinner date without my knowledge during the early stage of our relationship. After 1 year plus, it's still haunts me.

Please help.

Example: What does it mean if your teeth fall out in your dreams?

i have dreams that my teeth are falling out or missing

Example: Dream meaning please ? Help!ASAP?

last night was the wriedest dream i ever had i don't remember all that much cuz it was pretty crazy. I remember looking down or something on my mom and step dad sitting on the couch in the living room and it started to flood like the whole world started to flood i think maybe all i seen was my house and the land around it flood. Then they died, i think i remember being in a hopstial i think it was a hosptial not sure but there was a bunch of kids my age and some kids not my age they were all very friendly and nice. But there was no nurses or doctors or anything but there was medical supplies. Not sure if this is from the same dream or not. I also remember seeing a line graft not sure what it met or what it was for. The color of the lines of it was blue. I also remember seeing the full moon up close and it felt like i was on it at one point. When both my parents died i do not think i cried when they did. I also think i remember saying i am saved b4 the flood came i think.

Any ideas on what this dream could mean ?

I also woke up with a huge headache not sure if dreams can give u a headache or make u breath funny i also woke up breathing funny.

Example: Dreamt about a kid grafting $10 bills from my skin?

First, it started with me being back in my old neighborhood where I lived before I moved away at age 15. I get broken in my home by 5 jocks who wanna kick my azz, and I manage to escape through the window. Then I come back later, and I tell one of the neighbors in the apartment building where I used to live about what happened, and this little black kid comes out and starts peeling skin from me that's big enough to be dollar bills, and he somehow makes them turn to 10 dollar bills. He gives me some and keeps one for himself.

Could this dream mean anything?


Example: Do you know the meaning of my today's dream?

A boy asks my adopted older brother who at this moment is changing clothes and getting ready to leave for his job in our rented place when he says yes to the boy, turns off the lights and gets out.
Later I wake up, switch the light on and immediately become sure I did one person get killed.
I hear voices outside saying "there's person inside". And I get very angry and ask these people what the hell it's all about. They say I am guilty. I let them in and explain what happened and that I had no intention to kill anybody. If the boy was in contact with the electric current and died I was not knowing anything of it when I had the lights back on.
The mob said I was going to pay dearly. So I got so angry with this people that I decided to go out too. A woman starts telling her child to kick my door, I became so angry and pushed the child away. And told the mother to contain herself because the final word was the Judge's not the mob's. Everyone now is trying to do justice .

Example: How did YACUB graft a "WHITE MAN" from a "BLACK MAN"? in the Bible is yacub call JACOB?

Did Jacob graft sheep making on like the next? What does it mean when people are called sheep?

Example: Dreams on dying help?

I've just broken up with my girlfriend and I keep dreaming that I am back on tour in Afghanistan but the twist is its nearly the same dream every night just its set out a bit differently. We're patrolling down the road and we come under contact, we take cover behind a wall but John was caught in the open and hit by an Insurgent Sniper. I rush out without thinking to get him, I start dragging him back as fast as I can and then as we get really close to bringing him back I get shot through the chest, Johns within reaching distance and then that's it.

I know this may sound a bit mad but could someone please tell me the meaning of my dreams. I'm just constantly dying in them but its my tours that keep flashing back. I've been very lucky to have some minor scratches on my tour.

Do I feel I should of died for Honor and Glory rather than die a horrible lonely life in civvy street?

Example: Dream about the end of the world?

I had a dream not too long ago that it was the end of the world. I dreamed about it because everyone was making a big deal about June 6th, 2006 or whatever. My dream wasn't scary, though. The whole town was standing around this giant clock, waiting for 4pm, because that was when it was suppose to end. At 4, nothing happened, and everyone went back home. But then, my brother saw on TV that in other places of the world, where it was passed 4pm, big waves or a tsunami had hit and it was the end of the world there. My brother and I started to prepare. We called my mom at work, and she said she would finish up some work and be home. We called our dad's house, and his girlfriend told me they were looking for batteries for a flashlight. I even rang my landlord's doorbell and my landlady said,''I know! I might just take my pants and leave!''. My friend was on vacation, so I was watching over her bird, in addition to mine. Me and my brother stood on the kitchen chairs and I was holding the

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