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Dream About Graffiti meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's dream about cleaning the bathtub mean?

I had this weird dream about cleaning the bathtub, and suddenly my best friend appeared saying that I was late for something, and it's not a public bathroom, and i had to clean some stickers in the bathtub, and i think it's the bathroom at my house, and when i stepped out, my old classmate was waiting outside of the bathroom. I don't have a very good relationship with my old classmates, and I'll never invite them to my house. So what's this dream mean?

This makes a lot of sense to me.

A bathtub is where you go to clean (or renew) yourself.
You are cleaning the bathtub.
Your dream is trying to teach you that perhaps it is time for you to renew the way that you renew yourself... get that? =) It's time to remove the "graffiti" from your way of thinking (represented by the stickers that you are trying to remove).

Next your friend appears and the message that she gives you is that "this is not a public bathroom" - and I hear her trying to teach you that - you don't have to conform to public notions (the way everyone else thinks and judges things) - this is YOUR bathroom. You decide what is best for you.

I wonder if you are holding on to grudges with your old classmates and your dream is trying to teach you that it is time to change your way of thinking so that you can truly renew yourself... and move on clean.

You still don't have to invite them to your home... but letting go of any mucky feeling will give you a fresh and clean (and renewed) outlook.

Keep dreaming. =)

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

dream-a white lifted f150 truck truck parked out front of the house a few people were attaching my suburban with a crowbar and soneone

one drove threw the fence in the backyard ..someone came up to the door and started to put a crow bow in and trying to get through

...dad popped out of one of the rooms-then i woke up

this dream scared me so much i posted a question and didn't go back to sleep

does anyone know what it means i looked up being robbed and it said i got something stolen from me job/item which is not true it was more like a break in but it had not gotten to the point of being robbed yet

and the damage to my truck i can't find that out--vandalism only gives graffiti? and they used crowbars

-plz tell me what the hell this means so i can rest easy

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

Lately I've been having some odd dreams. 5 nights in a row I've been having similar dreams of kissing THE SAME GUY EVERY TIME! He's a guy that goes to my school and we aren't close (we're actually enemies) We hate each other and I ABSOLUTELY have NO feelings for him what so ever. In my dreams we're dating and I'm always the one kissing him. I kiss him on the cheek & lips. (It's really creepy! I don't get why I'm having these because we never went out and not planning on it! I'm not attracted to him in any way!)
Another dream that I had last night, and the night before, was about cars. I was seated as the passenger in both. The road seemed smooth and straight (although in the first one there was other cars, kinda like obstacles for our car to get around I guess.) All I remember was a ton of traffic zooming around our car. The first car dream had a lot of cars that had graffiti on them and wild colors. Our car seemed to get around the other cars perfectly fine though. I'm wondering what these dreams mean because I know dreams can connect with reality.
In my waking life, I've been dealing with recent brake ups, and hardships throughout my love life, friends, and family. A lot has been happening to stress me out. In any way, might these dreams have a connection to my past, present, or future?

Example: Can someone help me figure out what this dream means?

I dreamt that I was in a room with 2 people I don't really remember, but my palm started hurting, I looked at my hand, and I saw that something was sticking out of my palm, like a coarse hair. I pulled it, it wouldn't come out easily, so I pulled long and slowly and it got longer and after about 7 or 8 inches it came out of my palm. When I brought it to eye level it was the same length, but a worm. I became startled, threw it to the ground, and by the time the worm hit the ground, It had become a millipede. Then it disappeared. I remembered the dream when I woke up, and while I was getting ready for work my palm itched and I looked at it. And right in the center of my palm there was a SCAR. About 1cm long and faded like it had been there all my life. The problem is that it hasn't been. I am pretty wierded out by this please if you can shed any light on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Example: What does it mean to dream about your dead mother?

Had the weirdest dream I was with my father and we went to a door of a house my father knocks the door and my mother opens it my mother has been dead for 12 yrs..She says you can't come in my father responded saying I have to come in Ive brought your daughter she has cancer (i waking life i don't think I have cancer) anyway she sends us away and I'm now at a bus stop alone suddenly she appear's and says come over to the house you can't stay long I return to the house and its a real mess there is graffiti all over the walls we talk can't remember what about and she tells me I have to go I turn to her and say it was nice seeing you again then I wake up ..I have been dreaming alot about houses recently ones just being built and ones that are supposed to be my home but they are not .

Example: Meaning of crazy dream? (Zombies, Ballet, Haunted House...)?

Okay, last night I had a reallllllly weird, but for some reason I think meaningful, dream.
It was also a really long dream, too.

Well, anyway, I was trapped in this haunted house with some of my friends, and there were these blue zombies...made of spaghetti...(I know, what the heck). The zombies had weird googly eyes and were everywhere, it was dark and I could barely see in front of me, so when you ran into a zombie it was freaky. I think we all got split up or something, but anyway, me and one of my guy friends found a room with no zombies, and a window, so we hid in there for a while. We started talking about stuff and I told him I used to be a figure skater for years but I quit because I was never good at any of the moves (which is true). Then for some reason or other, we started dancing a ballet duet, which was really cool, because I got all the moves right and danced perfectly, and I don't even know ballet! Then after that we sat down by the window which was covered in spray paint and graffiti and he ask me "Are we _____ now?" and I said yes. I don't remember what ____ was but it was some sort of phrase that i've heard from a song before. Then the scene sort of faded out into more zombie fighting, then we escaped the house.

Then after a while I had to go back in the house with a group of people on some sort of trolly, and I don't know why, but we stopped the trolly in this room and popped some pop corn when suddenly this little girl started changing into a zombie. Her mom was freaking out but the girl said "Don't be scared, mommy! I'm not like the other zombies. I wont hurt you..." and so the mom picked up the girl and hugged her, then the little girl bit the mom's shoulder and started tearing out her organs and stuff, then I woke up.

I'm not so sure what that mess was all about, but i'd like a little insight :) Thanks...

Example: What does this dream mean?

First of all do dreams have any meaning? if so i will explain my dream i hope you can help
so me a Friend and i guy i've known all my life but i never talk to were in this tiny little closet like room made out of steel. their was a red chair where the guy was sitting me and my friend and were standing. then for some weird reason i moved into the chair with the guy and we started making out
then trough a door came my health teacher and she told us we all could get out of the room.

okays so i woke up and then fell back to sleep. so my family and i were driving through this factories with graffiti all over the walls.we were kinda trapped there. then from the distance i saw the guy from the other dream again. my whole family disappeared and the factories were gone. i was standing alone and in front of me was the guy. so i put my arms around his neck and my head on his chest as if i haven't seen him in forever. he then pushed me away and we were standing in a football field. he was talking to his brother. they were talking about going to a club. i asked them if i could come along. He said it was okay with him as long as i asked my parents for permission. i asked him what if they said no. he said as long as you want to go i'll pick you up i asked him who else was going he said "Just you me my dad and my brother." then i said are any of your crazy bitches going and he shook his head no. then his dad appeared and the guy asked me for my number. i couldn't remember my number but the number i gave his was close to my real one. he then took me in his arms and hugged me tight and then i woke up.

okay so i don't Talk to this guy at all i see him in school sometimes but that's all. a few years ago we used to work together and i admit to having a crush on him. But why did he just randomly pop into my dream and why did i feel so connected to him?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My graffiti artwork turns into a monster and begins to chase me and I run for my life...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I can't remember any dream since this one about a year ago...

I was standing with my head down under a spotlight surrounded by darkness. I begin walking. I walk into a cemetery. It appears to be late fall. People are standing around crying. I stood by a tree about 50 feet away from them. I watched them bury the dead person. The dead person was me. Everyone wept for a little while longer and then began to leave. It started to snow. Then it stopped and flowers began growing and it was spring. The me by the tree started walking away to a 4-wall cabin. Inside the cabin was plastic blue chair from school. I sat down and then everything spun for a second or two. Then I was sitting at school taking a test with a bunch of other people. The whole dream I showed no expression and you couldn’t see my face. School let out and I started walking down a hallway with graffiti, torn up posters, old signs from 1989, old soda cans, etc. Walking home I ended up in the cemetery from before. It was late fall again. People were standing around crying. I was standing by a tree about 50 yards away from them. I watched them bury the dead person. The dead person was me again. Everyone wept for a little while longer and then began to leave. It snowed, stopped, flowers blossomed. I started walking to a 4-wall cabin. Someone was in front to the door.
Then I woke up.

Example: Dreams about graffiti, what does it mean?

I had a dream about that I was doing graffiti,also I had I friend or i think a couple but anyways i remember looking at one of them and he was smiling. and another one was that I was sneaking to a fence in the day but i never really did any tagging, i was just looking at it,I think. so what do these dreams mean?

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