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Dream About Graduation Clothing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone help me with my dream? please?

okay so here is my dream...

I am at a store like Wal*Mart and I see my cousin and her dad and she is in her graduation cap and gown and im just wearing normal clothes.
then we are at our school and we are both in our graduation caps and gowns but I'm pregnant and the guy that I like is holding my hand and smiling at me...

im so confused as to what all this could mean...

relatives in your dream may represent issues or can represent aspects that you see in your self through them and being in the store (Walmart) maybe that your strained mentally or emotionally or you maybe brainstorming of something.The fact that your prego is that maybe birth of a new idea,direction or growth.When you see someone smiling at you that may mean that your seeking someone to make you happy and holding hands could mean that you have anxieties about losing touch with that person or you have a connection with that person and graduation means your ready to move forward with your accomplishments.

Example: A dream about a crush with a twist (wrong sexuality, public affection etc.) - what does this mean?

I dreamt that I was at my own graduation-style event. An authority figure who I have an innapropriate crush on was there. He is much older than me, single, and heterosexual.

He was at the same gathering as me, and suddenly there is an announcement that his boyfriend(!) has proposed to him and he has said yes. He runs aorund to everyone, including me and a group of friends, and tells us quite excitedly how happy he is before her moves on to do the same to other groups.

Later, myself and a small group of relative strangers are sitting back and digesting a large meal and he pounces in his new fiance and won't stop kissing him (lying stomach-to-stomach on top of each other, fully clothed in an I-can't-keep-my-hands-off-you kind of way). Members of the group came to me and asked me to ask him to stop because they felt uncomfortable, and thought I should ask him to since I knew him.

There were other parts to the dream but I don't remember them.

So he was twh wrong sexuality, engaged and behaving uncharacteristically sexual.

Does anybody have nay insights on what this could mean?

Example: Had a dream that I deep fried my brother's clothes?

[ ] =dream
[I really deep fried it: oil first or clothes, I don't remember. I deep fried it and after a few minutes my dad turned it off because he thought it was ready. He placed them all on my brother while he was sleeping, it was morning. It was not painful because all it was was wet-dry clothes. I was so tempted to put them back so I got some of the clothes from on top of my brother and took some back into the pan but there was not enough oil. Seems like so many things were keeping me from deep frying them that I got frustrated!] I literally kept kicking while I was on my bed until my mom woke me up. So my question is: do you understand what my dream meant? What's it telling me?

Example: I had a dream about women in church suits that matched their surroundings..What does it mean?

The dream was about a graduation that was being held at a bank. I was walking and looking around, when some women (mom's of the graduates, i guess) walked up to me and started being friendly. We sat down at tables, sofas, chairs and other sitting placements. I quickly noticed that the womens attair (church suits) all matched the patterns in the sofa, chairs, table clothes, & etc.

What does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I bought my boyfriend of 2 years a sailboat for his graduation present - nothing special, it's years old and I've been repairing it for months, but it floats. Today his dad's supposed to come by with the pickup truck to get it, but I fell asleep waiting for him and had this dream.
I drove upstate with some kids I was babysitting to drop them off at their relative's house. On the way back I was invited in for a party, and I was tired and thirsty, so I went in. I knew a couple people there, vaguely; mostly I was lonely and I wished my boyfriend was there. He had refused to come with me - he didn't want to sit in a car with kids for hours. I had an hour before I had to turn around to come home and get the sailboat in the pickup, so I hung around. There was this part-Japanese kid there from my chemistry class who in real life had written me a very sweet letter in my yearbook about how when we talked he always walked away with a smile. I must have had something to drink or passed out or something, because the next thing I know I'm laid out on a mattress on the floor and he's walking frantic circles around me, asking me if I need him to call the police or an ambulance, and that my dad was on the way (he'd found the number in my phone, I'm guessing), and what had happened? Turned out he'd brought me home after he found me unconscious, and that I was lying on his father's mattress in the coolest part of the house in a hope of waking me again. I said that I wanted a hug and nothing more, but he continued to pace. Told me again my dad was on his way. I couldn't get up for some reason, so he lay down to curl around me in a hug, pressing his whole completely clothed body against me and tucking his head over my shoulder protectively. He has very nice, broad shoulders and I was thinking about this when I woke up (the first time) only to discover I was still in a dream, only I was actually on his bed and he was still curled around me, and outside his first-floor window I could see my dad's car pulling around and it was very late in the day. He helped me up, and leaning on him I made it outside strong enough to walk by myself. My dad told me I'd missed the sailboat pickup, but as we drove away I could see the Japanese boy watching to make sure I was safe. Not restrictively, not even lovingly. Just kind of as a friendly obligation - and I was warm and no longer thirsty.
I woke up for real to realize that it was still 3 hours before sailboat-pickup time.

Example: Why do dreams never make any sense?

my dream seemed to be some kind of story that revolved around my graduation...it was in some auditorium in where i graduated...i remember seeing my ex gf talking to her friends and i also remember seeing her new bf...it hurt seeing those two though even though they werent together in the dream...

the next thing i know i am graduating (no cap and gown) and there was this really gay show that my friends put out... they were siting down in chairs in the stage and i think music played an they acted as if they were in some gay justin bieber music video...it was sooo gay dude...god damn...

i also noticed the clothes from 3 of my friends...they were wearing a shirt with black and red strippes...i thought everyone was going to wear the same thing since those 3 were the first to enter the stage but i was mistaken...everyone was just wearing casual clothes except for those two...

what...the...****... does...this...dream...mean?

Example: What does it mean when i had a dream of my dead husband, i could see him but we couldnt talk?

I lost my husband in may of this year. I had a dream about him the other night. It was as though we had accidentally buried him, and when he was dug up he had lost 40 lbs. He wasn't wearing the clothes we buried him in, but was wearing something i would be familiar seeing him in. We looked at each other and it was like he wanted to say something, but he couldn't talk to me. I couldn't talk to him either.I could tell we both wanted to. What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean help its reoccurring HELP 10 pnts?

i have this dream where im at graduation with my friends and my future boyfriend and then we go off to collage. anf then i get called home because someone died and i turn and i see a guy wo i guess is my boyfriend and then i like get into my car and its a dodge charger and i drive to work and im like a head manager of like a fashion thing and i get all these opinions and it all silent like its on mute. then i like go home to my apartment and get clothes an drive to my parents house and go to funeral for this girl whos like a druggie and shes in a casket and i see all my friends and there all staring at me like im insane there all like in jeans and there tee shirts and we all have to be at least 26 and i look down and im like in al desiner clothes i was in burberry and channel and gucci clothes and then they moved aside and there where 10 more caskets and there were with all my classmates and then i started to run away i walked into my parents house and looked and i saw my older brothers with wife's and kids about 15 and they look at me like they hate me and like a see a picture on the wall its me graduating from north western Illinois university and my "nephews" say hello like they dont know me and then i wake up

Example: Dream of searching for robe to wear to highschool graduation?

I graduated about 7 years ago, haha, but I had this vivid dream last night where I was obsessed with finding my red robe to wear over my dress for graduation here it goes:

I was at work and realized I needed to leave early that day in order to make it to my high school graduation. I knew that everyone was supposed to wear their robe over their clothes and I knew I could not find mine at home. It had to be red. (this was also the color I did graduate in 7 years ago) So I was obsessed about trying to find one. I asked my coworkers and boss at a meeting if anyone had a red robe for graduation or knew where to get one. No one did.
After I left work I went to my boyfriends house where I continued to obsess and worry about finding a red robe to wear because I envisioned going to the graduation ceremeony and being the only one without a red robe. My boyfriend and I were going to leave his house and travel to mine. As I was leaving I saw a past classmate of mine also getting into his car to drive to the graduation ceremony, he commented that I didn’t have a red robe on and so he was glad he wasn’t the only one and he smiled. I drove the car and we went through some difficult and oddly constructed streets. Some of them had really high hills along side the road that you could travel up and were very dangerous if you were to go over the edge. We maneuvered our way to my house. (it was my childhood home).

I searched inside my closet for the red robe. I could not find it but I found a bunch of dresses in the closet. Most of them I knew to be my sisters but I tried them on anwyays and ended up feeling content in just wearing a dress and no robe over it. In fact I felt confident about it. Then I ventured off to the highschool for the ceremony and I don’t’ recall anything at this point.

Example: I keep having the same dream of a haunted mansion with large rooms within a room. What does it mean?

Okay, so I have been dreaming of a large house I want to call it a mansion. The first part is a regular house where my family lives, my extended family and everyone stays in that part of the house. It is a regular house but we have to share rooms as there isn't space. However, I continue walking alone to explore the rest of the house. I see a huge empty room and I see stairs but I don't go up. When I'm in the room, there is another door and it is open. I can see that it leads me to a line of huge rooms. Some have a huge bathroom. But I don't want to sleep there... I get chills.. it's creepy and haunted and it's strange that none of my family talks or acknowledges the extension of the house which is huge. In some dreams I see the outside and I see ghosts from the 1800s. People dressed the same way as back then and horses and I get chills. It's a huge front yard. But again, the family doesn't seem to acknowledge this either. This time though, I dreamed about the house again. I took my boyfriend to see it too. It was my graduation and my mom was there (I already graduated from college so don't know what type of graduation it was). So I took my boyfriend to the extended part of the house and I couldn't find the empty rooms. They were now turned into clothing stores with lots of people. It wasn't scary or haunted anymore. But I continued to search for the haunted large empty rooms and I was given instructions by a boy who was shopping as to where they were. I found them, they were empty and creepy so I ran. I ran away back to where the stores where. It was too scary. I woke up to thunder. lol anyone had this dream before? what does it mean?

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