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Dream About Grade meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if u have a dream about getting bad GCSE results?

i had a dream that i got ALL D GRADES for my GCSE results. Does anyone know what this dream means?

I get this dream whenever I have an exam looming. Lol I once dreamed that I got a Z! All it means is that you're stressed and they're on your mind - passing means a lot to you and you're afraid of failing. Just take it easy.

Example: What does this mean in a dream?

I had a dream that I achieved excellent grades in my exams. Does this mean anything?

Example: Dreams question about grades?

What does it mean in a dream if you get an f or a grade of C?

Example: What do you think this dream means? I dreamed I was at a reunion type (w/my sons grade scool kids & family) &

I was watching some of my sons friends at a table. One of the boys ate something poisonous that I didn't plan for him to eat. I tried to get him to spit it out. And said good, keep spitting it out. And others in the room (a banquet type reunion) were commenting that he was going to die. Then I was concerned for this kid who would have died under my watch. And I was so sad for his mother. So I tried to help him by praying for him. I had him sit in my lap & my arms totally around him & I prayed in spirit for Him & for him to be healed from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. And I got in a trance praying in spirit for him. Then later he seemed better. And he told me thank you for praying for him. And others were saying my name & wondering about what happened. Then I told him, "Hey Kid, I was really worried about you.".

So? I asked God about this dream after I woke up. And the Lord let me know who the child (now 19 yrs old) was. That he needed prayer.


I am below 12 yrs of age and i had this dream last night which i found strange .


I was swimming in the pool with one extremely good looking guy with my friend or friends . So i was talking to him , and he seemed nice , like he was my mom's friend or something . So after that we ( the guy , and another 2 people i think _) we had dinner in a restaraunt . I was wearing high heels , and a dress , so i was sitting next to him , and we had a great time laughing , then there was some rubbish on the floor i think it was broken glass , then another person sitting with me ( not the guy ) threw a glass bottle on the floor , and the good looking guy had put his hand on his face , then i kissed him , and we were happy , then he asked me to marry him , and i went somewhere and wheen i came back i said that i was only 11 and still have to study and i told him that we don't have to get married just be real close ...

what could this mean ?

Example: Dream meaning?

I dreamed that I was back in 5th grade, which was 2 years behind where I am now. I was so confused in the dream because I knew I was in grade 7. So later in my dream I realized I was dreaming, so I slapped myself in the face and I didn't feel it. In my dream I was saying "I wanna wake up! I wanna wake up! I wanna wake up!..." over and over. I said I was gonna try something so I closed my eyes and opened them, and I was in my room, awake. What does this mean?

Example: What could this reoccurring dream mean! ?

Okay well I have a reoccurring dream that either both or just one eye is closed and I can't open it/them. Like it will be a normal dream that seems like real life, like me at school or me at the mall or something random, but than my eye(s) won't open and I try to open them with my hands to hold them open and I can't! What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about math grades?

I'm 12 and my mom wants me to get good grades in math in my report card. The dream was that this guy just came to my classroom and handed me this form on my grade in math. I don't remember anything it said on it except for the letter grade which resulted in a B and my mom said a B or an A. So what does this mean? Am I actually going to get that grade? And report cards are coming in a week.

Example: What does a failing grade mean in a dream?

I had a dreams when I opened my report card I got an 25-30 percent in math which is strange because in really life I past math easily.Simply what does an failed grade mean in a dream?

Example: I saw in my dream that i pass my math test with a grade of 97%. What does my dream mean?

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