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Dream About Gps meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have recurrent nightmares of being found floating in a canal but still being conscious in my dead body. I can see shopping trolleys and car tires through the murky, oily water as I float face-down. Then someone drags me from the water and I see their face against shocking daylight. I can hear officials talking about what they're going to do with me and they always come to the same conclusion: bury me. It sort of ends with the horror of being buried conscious.

In my real life I live alone with my cat that has a neurological disorder and I have no real friends, only the people I speak to at work. I've always had massive trouble communicating with people and I also have a chronic abdominal illness, which I won't go into. But, it often makes me feel like I'm confused as to whether I'm supposed to be asleep or awake. I've never learnt to drive because of this. My family also live a couple of hundred miles away. I really love them, though.

Death in a dream is typically symbolic of the end of something in your life - but it isn't literally death! Dreams usually reflect subconscious wishes & desires or fears. Yours sounds more like the fear variety. So in short, there is something you are fearing that is going to end. But only you can determine what it is you are afraid of that is going to end.

The type of death in a dream also has some signifigance. The fact that you are in a canal and that you are later buried "alive" is also significant. Although it isn't really clear from your description as to what exactly this may mean for you. However, both are "enclosed" spaces - a canal is a type of enclosed space, and of course, being buried is an enclosed space. Do you have any tendencies towards Agoraphobia?

It's also interesting, that the people that find you in the canal, you describe as "officials." They are not family members or even your co-workers or famous people (which often appear in these types of dreams). "Officials" of course are symbolic of your lack of personal relationships in your life. "Officials" represent distance and structure and authority.


yes i did a split

Example: Recurring dream that I'm in jail. What does it mean?

By the way, I've been pretty depressed lately and about 2 weeks ago my sleep habits went straight to hell. I haven't gone to sleep before sunrise since. About 4 days ago I started having dreams about being in jail every night (or morning I guess, but whatever). What's up with that?

Example: Can anyone please describe my the meaning of my dream?

i had this dream the day i was arguing with my parents .

i dreamed that , one day after school my mum was waiting for me at the school gate.
she wanted to take me some where . i asked her where she wanted to take me , but she did not answer me . when we arrived at the place where she wanted to take me , i was suprised cause she took me to the pharmacy . i wanted to know what my mum wants to do but my mum wont answer me wathever i asked her . so...my mum buyd me tablets , i saw the tablet and the box of the tablets . i reed the words on the box and i was so scared , scared like never...''quez what i have read''...i have read that the tablets are for ''Leukemia cancer...i asked my mum for who it was , my mum said it was for me ... i started shaking and i was scared like never...after...my mum and me were in the que waiting to pay the tablets .but my mum could not wait anymore , so she opent the box and gave me two of the tablets . i told my mum to wait untill we are shure that i got this ilness , and i told her to go to the GP first , my mum said oke .so we buyd the tablets but i did not take any of it...later we went to the GP ...I did a cancer test ...result ...quez the results ...the RESULTS WERE POSETIVE ...that means that i have got cancer in my blood ,

i dont remember what happened after but , it was like ... when we heard that i do have cancer , my mum holded my hands and took me some where like a big house ( this is one of the dreams where suddenly something happens , i mean in my dream we suddenly arived at the place , but without walking to that place or taking the bus or taxy , you know what i mean ) .
anyways when we arived to that big house , me and my mum entered inside the house .
when i entered , i saw everywhere ill people ling on the sova with arms legs broken and people with different kinds of illness . later when i saw these people , i looked and walked around the house i saw sections for children age 1-2 and age 34 and 5-6 and 7-8 and 9-10 and 10-11 and 12-13 and 13-14 and 15-16...etc and so go on .
i was going to take a look in the rooms ... later when i arived at the room i ment to be ( age 13-14) i opend the door, but when i opend the door i shoked cause i saw my baby sister sleeping on my bed ...i asked my mum what she is doinng here , but i dont remember what my mum answered me .

please cauld anyone describe the meaning of my dream in the muslim way .

Example: Could this be cancer and does this dream mean anything? Please help!?

Recently my husband and I had noticed two lumps behind his ear on his neck. Because he does not have insurance, we disregarded them as bug bites, but now, as they have not went away we are beginning to get worried. Recently his appetite has not been too good, but really it never was great. But it has been worse the last day or two.
Last night as we were sleeping I was woke to him by my ear crying and weeping in half of a sleep. (I was at the time annoyed because I was woke up). But as he explained to me what happened I felt very bad. In his dream he was talking to his father (who passed over three years ago now), and he said it felt so real that as he woke he still thought he was speaking with him, when really he was crying on me.
What could this be and could the dream be a sign? Please give me any advice!

Example: What does my dream mean?

When the dream starts, my boyfriend is on top of me smiling, then i gp black. Then I see again and I look over at my boyfriend and I'm crying. I look down and see a pregnancy test, and It tells me that I'm pregnant. I realize that my boyfriend and I had sex, and he didn't use a condom. The only thing I can think is that my life is ruined and I can't go back to school. MY boyfriend and I decided we have to marry, but that part doesn't make me sad, it makes me a little more happy and calm. We tell my mom and she starts crying, then I look down and I'm EXTREMELY huge, then I wake up.
The thing is, i'm a virgin and I plan on staying that way until I'm married. My boyfriend and I don't fool around like that, and I know he would never try and get me pregnant. What in the world does it mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I had a dream the other night that I was in a car accident. My dad was driving and once we crashed he decided to bring me to the family Gp instead of the hospital for some reason? Strangely enough when I got out of the car to go into the doctors, the injured I had suffered was a shot wound to my neck...even though no one had shot me in the dream...I woke up feeling like I couldn't breathe...

anyone make sense of this? :-D

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

I guess I should start by saying, I'm a huge Beatles fan. (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr for those living under rocks.) I talk to John and George, and I hear them talk to me. I get depressed thinking of their deaths.
I have dreamed about them before, but those dreams made sense. These two are quite confusing to me.

From the night before last night:
This one had my Great-Grandma, who died in 2005, in it, along with John and George. They visited me late at night, when I was all alone in my basement. They told me that they had gotten permission to come to Earth from Heaven. "Heaven is beautiful," John said. "There are 98 levels."
98 levels? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? And that's all I remember, except for something about a sea of diamonds and streets of gold.

From last night:

It started like this: All four, and me, were sitting at my kitchen table. Besides them, there were a lot of people in my house. It’s flooding back now.It was some kind of party.
I was playing with my iPod touch and Paul said, “What’s that?” I said, “Well it’s an iPod, what we use for music these days.” And I started to scroll through photos. I showed him how to scroll and he asked me where I got the pictures. I said, “Off the Internet. I’ll explain that later,” and started to laugh. “Hahaha, I have so many pictures of you and John staring at each other.” John and Paul gave me a weird look and I screamed, “OH MY GOD I FORGOT!” And ran upstairs.
Next thing I knew in the dream, I was sitting in my chair, holding my notebook. I opened the notebook and their four faces were in it. John, George, Paul and then Ringo. It wasn’t like a picture, more like a 3D movie. I said, “I’m sorry! John you will get shot. George you will get cancer and die.” And started to cry a bit. John reached out, put a hand on my back and whispered, “It’s okay, we came here to save YOU.”
Then I woke up. Do these dreams mean anything together? Are they some kind of vision? I get the feeling they were.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a very bad dream last night. I dreamed that me and my bf went to a friend of his house (which for some reason was in the middle of the ocean and had a caged in area for swimming). Well, his friend offered us money if we would let him watch us have sex. We agreed. Well my bf was performing certain services on me and he turned his crotch at the guy. The guy (who is no one either of us really know in real life) started to go in to perform services on my bf. I saw this and kicked him off my bf. Then, once again, my bf turned his crotch back at the guy and the guy tried again. This time I pushed both of them off of me and each other. This of course started a huge argument between me and my bf. After the argument, I went looking for the other guy who was standing above the uncaged area of the ocean and I pushed him in where he then got eaten by sharks. What could this mean? I'm sure my bf isn't cheating on me. He doesn't get out of the house enough. I've also asked this in the dreams section. I just wanted your opinions as well.

Example: What does this mean? my horrifying dream?

i was walking out of my trailer with my grandpa. there was a dark car sitting a little down the street but pretty close to our house. my gp and i were walking to the car when two men jumped out of the car and ran towards us. they were shouting and i was scared. they shot me with a tranquilizer and then shot my grandpa. i saw him fall to the ground. then the men came over to me and i tried to be dead, but they shot me in the back. my voice was filling the dream. i was saying, relax keep breathing. dont panik. the last thing i saw before i woke up was my blood flowing down the driveway and blurring my vision. can any one help me with my dream? if you can, dont be afraid to ask questions to clarify and please help me i had this dream about 1 1/2 years ago and it still bothers me. please help. thanx in advance!

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