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Dream About Gown meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so my dream was like about me falling in love with this unknown dude
The dream started off with my mom freaking out about my sister being missing and I somehow knew where she was (twin telepathy) the somehow I’m ignoring her and end up going to my next next door neighbors house in this supper hot outfit and I’m talking to this girl but I didn’t see her face and while I’m talking to her I notice that there’s this dude starring at me by the corner. He had black hair and blue eyes and he was a delinquent. Somehow I end up going somewhere and end up back at that party and my mom is there in her night gown. Also I’m with my lost sister right now and my mom says what are we doing her and I walk up and kiss the black hair blue eyed guy and say to my mom this is what I’m doing here then my mom drags us out then that boy leaves I guess embarrassed and I fallen him and it turn out that he live in the trailer park right next to my house and I fallen him and I ask him if I’ll ever see him again and he just like hugs me and goes throw his fone and says put your number in and so I do but I forget my cell phone at home so he can’t put his number in. then the next day I see this little girl in the street looking lost so I offer to take her home and she lives in the trailer park to and somehow the park is having like a second Halloween and like it’s really all spooky and then the black hair blue eyed boy scares me and says take care of my little sister then cuts across this field and then I go fake trick or treating with the girl and nobody would give me any candy because they said they didn’t know me and at the ended of the dream I end up stealing a yogurt and then I woke up also I don’t even know who the guy is in this dream was I only knew my mom n sister in this dream so this dream was really weird can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Well your dream has few aspects worth elaborating. The mother, who is caring & you also acknowledge that, Sister who me you love, Neighbours house where you see an attractive boy, a small girl whom you intend helping & then the aspect of your stealing yogurt for her sake. The dream indicates that you are at present in a situation where you are in a process of taking a decision regarding your future, but that is not in consonance with the social /elders thinking. Your effort to get your action validated by means of good deeds is at present not fetching the expected dividends. Therefore you need to balance both aspects for getting positive result. The expectation will fructify by your truthful actions. BOL(Best of Luck).

Example: Does anyone know what my dreams mean?

i was getting married to my new boyfriend
i put on the dress, it was a big white gown wit puffy sleeves and i loved it...but it was a skirt and belly top so my whole stomach was visible

but before i went to the church i panicked because i realized i had no tan my legs wernt waxed and my hair wasnt nice so i cancelled the wedding

another dream i had when i was about 10 (im 22 now) but i always
remember it because it was terrifying...i was upstairs in bed and could hear my family in the living room laughing and watching telly...its was dark upstairs an something scared me and was chasing me down stairs (i never saw it) but just as i got to the living room door i fell and something caught me by the ankles and dragged me back upstairs into the dark...then i woke up

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream meant?

I had a dream last night, that I was running down an endless corridor, chasing this girl I know…she just kept glancing back at me, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t say anything. I cried out her name, but she disappeared into a white light. I followed her, of course, through the light gateway…and found myself outside. We stood opposite each other, in a field of high grass and bright summer sun that glittered off her tawny hair; a faint breeze stirred around our feet, and ruffled the white, silken gown she was suddenly wearing. I tried to speak but no sound came out…she stared me down, then saying “Why?” over and over…and then the field disappeared, turned to nothingness black ocean. She vanished, and I fell. And fell. And never hit bottom…

Example: What does this dream mean?

when i was little about 5 or 6, i had this dream that there was a little angel about my age on my window. in my dream i got up to talk to her and she was really nice. then i wanted to give her a tour of my house. so i walked downstairs so we could play with all of the daycare children(my mom does daycare). then she disapeered. the freaky part is that in my dream i was wearing my 101 dalmation nightgown, and in real life i was wearing that nightgown. what does this mean? o and i dont think i remember the angel have big fancy wings, i just remember her having a ballerina bun in her hair and she was pale but glowing like the light was coming from her. btw i am 12 now, but i never forgot this dream

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamt i got married to someone i dindt even know. my white wedding dress and veil was short. what does it mean?

Example: What could my dream mean?

my dream:

me and the guy i liike, Evan where just sitting around. i wasnt really sure where i was just in no particular place then its like the ground started to rumble and i reached out to Evan wanting to protect him or at least try, but something held my right hand back. i looked back and it was a old rusty chain. i pulled on it and it snaped. the ground fell through then we were in the forest and i was wearing the most beautiful black ball gown. it was made out of lace and i ws affraid to move cause i knew Evans eyes were on me and i didnt want to hurt the dress . so a carfully walked over to Evan and he held out his hand. he was wearing a pinstripe black suit with a pewter colour vest under that. then i heard rippiing and i turned around and he had grown humungous black wings. i looked back into his eyes and they turn from the deepest brown to a deep purpleand then he kissed me and he vanished. like just vanished into smoke.. i felt like i had to find him. like i had to protect him from anything and then extreme sadness...
i woke up and my heart was racing and my eyes where wet like id been crying.. kindA crazyy huh? hahh..

please tell me what you think. im curious (: please and thxx

Example: What did this dream mean?

Okay, I had this dream a few years ago but i was so scared to do anything after it for weeks..
I was in the playground in school, my class was lined up ready to go on a trip i dont know where though. I wen't up to my teacher that i had back then with an empty bottle. she said i should fill it up with water and i said no but then gave in and walked to the toilet to fill it up. When i was in the toilet i opened all the cubicaL doors with my foot untill i got to the 3rd last one. When i opened the door on the ground was like someone had graffitied a cartoon person with rollers in their hair and a green face mask and purple dressing gown but where the eyes would of been drawn there was holes and under the ground there was someones eyes looking terrified and worried moving up and down and side to side. I woke up and was scared of going anywhere alone for weeks. What was it all about?

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

i had this wonderful dream that i was married to john travolta and we were in the store and he was buying me this beautiful gown and he kept telling me how much he loved me

-i am married to my husband for 3 years and we are still in love like the 1st time we knew

Example: My colleague said he had a dream and he was at work in his dressing gown and I was in it, what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream that?

well the first dream i was wearing a dressing gown, only a dressing gown, it kept on blowing open and ever one could see my "you know"

then my second dream i was at a bowling ally and by boobs kept popping out of my top lol

what do these dreams mean?

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