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Dream About Government meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that was really weird and bothersome. If I remember correctly we were a family really high in the government. Like my dad was the president or something really high. Anyways we went home and my mom had just bought some fruits that she had eaten. So after a while she started coughing up blood. We started panicking thinking something was wrong with the fruit. We went to the person that sold her the fruit and got nowhere. I can't remember who but someone took her to the hospital and we went to some sort of a global conference. there was when we heard the news that she had a stomach cancer and only had until tonight to live. I raced towards the home. I literally woke with watery eyes. What does this all mean?

There are many meaning in dreams. According to Freud dream can mean your unconscious or conscious. Really there is really hardly any prove about dreams. It is a really tough topic.
There's a lot of meaning in ur dreams

dream of ur mother having cancer is like you are afraid that one day when she passed away you don know waht to do.
- you think about her too much
- events happen this week affect what you dream

Example: Dream meaning?

I've been having a couple of weird dreams this week. The first one was that I was in hiding because the a coup d'etat happened and they (the government) were looking for me because they wanted to execute me (pretty weird huh?) and yesterday I dreamt something that made me feel really good when I woke up. It was about me meeting this girl on a Depeche Mode gig and we totally connected and as time passed we would be together and she would say that she loved me. I kinda remember the face and she was really pretty. I've had this kind of dream a couple of times but in different circumstances.

Does it mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at some government sponsored program with my group at this moderately large facility that was created for entertainment purposes and I got on one of the trains thinking that it would take me along a scenic tour of the entertainment / camp grounds but after getting on the train I realized that the train was going in a straight direction rather than a circular round direction and that it wasn't going to return to it's original destination. I figured I would get off the train before I left the camp grounds (and assumed that the train covered a small section of that camp ground) but I stayed on the train too long and got way off the camp grounds. Then I called them to ask them where I was, and I realized I was lost.

Somehow, I ended up back at the camp grounds. I was at this old camp that I went to a couple of months ago, and the guy that I was crushing on was there too. We were going through this obstacle course that was supposed to simulate what life would have been like if we had lived in Nazi Germany during world War II as a Jew and I felt uncomfortable going through the obstacle course cause there were times where I felt like they were using the leather head rest they placed around my neck to choke me for the purposes of making me uncomfortable and nauseous. In my dream the rest of the park was normal and created half by technology and half by nature but it wasn't extremely technology or extremely natural.

Afterwards, I was hanging out with a bunch of people who belonged to the same government group as me and I told them "I want to go visit that park again just so I can talk to Toni" (which was the guy that I liked) then David looked at me very smugly and said "beauty fades" and I realized they all thought I was an idiot for basing my romantic relationships on physical attraction.

Then I dreamed that I was walking around the shopping store with a Dan (another guy I used to like) we were walking from left to right and I told him "I'm a loser, I'll do anything for a good looking guy." and I started telling him about my obsession with this really handsome, skinny, fit, tall and perfectly dressed guy named Tyler (who is German) We were at the Eatens or the Bay.

That's when I woke up

Example: What does the figures in my dream mean?

the figures in my dream were angels mostly and 1 bull but what do they mean

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had dream that I signed this petition to stop toture in the People's republic in China and like the Chinese Government put's a price on my head. Then I'm captured and put in some toture faculty where they shoved a basebat warped in barbwire up my anus and plucked the hairs of my scortum.
Then I got put in a cell and got ked up the *** by some huge black guy...But then I'm busted out by Tibetan monks and becomethenext Dali Lama.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had a similar dream throughout my life and i had it again last night...it starts out , Im in a motel room with my family , when all of a sudden a young boy runs up to our room knocks on our door and says " Come and see something keeps blocking out the sun" I run to a large window in a lobby and look out. I see what seems to be a full eclipes of the sun..the boy says that this is the second time in 3 hours this has happened. as it gets dark i see a red planet 4 times larger than the moon and several moons around it..I run back to the room and tell my family to get ready to leave cause something bad is happening..i run to get my van park in front of the motel and run back to the room..As we are getting our stuff together i hear a newscast man say that everything is stable right now but the government doesent know what is going on right now and noone saw this coming..well i quickly realize that the date is 12-12-2012.. Not 12-21-2012..this is a large end time profecy but my date is different..I scream at my family to leave and we left most of our stuff there went outside to find our van gone..at 3:05 am it got bright as it would at noon and a realize that every three hours we are going through a new cycle of night and day..The ground begins to shake and people are running every where and i have this feeling of terror for my family..I find out that my van was towed and go to the place it was taken and pay the amount i need to get it out..the man i speak with is very starange and says you under stand this is the end sean and god cant save you! I then realize we are in california i look up and this large red planet is getting closer and i look at my family and tell them dont worry this will be quick and we wont feel anything at least we are all together..Then i wake up...just to let you know as of 3 weeks ago i began to have 2 seizures a day..ive never had seizures in my life and so far its unexplainable as to why im having them ,is it possible im having these vivid dreams because of that?

Example: Ramadan:What does this dream mean ?

I see dreams that come true later but I have not seen any lucid dream
after January 1, 2013. Therefore I am not sure if this is a lucid dream
or just stray thoughts.

I saw a wide hall in which attendants are waiting on the side and
Mian Nawaz Sharif, incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan is
lying on a couch. As I go towards him, an attendant announces
my name.
I see Mian Nawaz Sharif injured and looking pale. His convoy was bombed.
I go to him and encourage him by patting on his shoulders.
I have never been close to him or a government in power.

Could knowledgeable Muslims please inform what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream that my teacher wrote me up for suspension, and I had to go to the principal's office some point during the day to get it, but I didn't want to because the suspension was unfair, and she didn't know the whole story. What does this mean?

Example: What does this insanely vivid dream mean?

So I'm really sick with a 104 fever for the past few days, and my dreams have been weirdly vivid. The one that I remember the most though is about this girl lucy. So I'm pretty good friends with her, but I think she is the funniest and most amazing person ever and I love her. (not in a lesbian way) So I had a dream that I came home from school and my parents told me that Lucy hhad died because her neighbor's pet dog was caught in an electric fence, and she got electrocuted. Her brother was there and took a video of it all happening and I saw it. Then I could not stop crying. In real life I have had on and off depression, so I was just thinking "Why Lucy, it should have been me?" Then still crying I was trying to tell my parents how sad I was, but the words just came out garbled and not understandable. It then turns out that the dog wasn't even her neighbor's anymore because they had disowned it and let it free a while before. I then woke up crying hysterically and very sad. This has never happened to me before, and when I woke up I remember the intense relief that it was only just a dream. What could this mean?!

Example: What do my sexual oppressive government dreams mean? [NSFW]?

I recently had two very vivid, lengthy dreams that have very similar elements to them and I am very confused as to what they are supposed to mean. For background, I am an 18 year old attractive girl.

Dream 1#: I slowly witness the world as we know it get taken over by an oppressive dictatorship. the dictator was a quite attractive older man (mid 30s). People were constantly watched, and adults were brainwashed into living in wheelchairs. I become a political rebel and the cameras (which were conveniently attractive robot women) would facially recognize me and try and capture me. I was going around jumping out of buildings, leading rebel parties and the like. Somehow, I met with this dictator and I begged him to have sex with me. For some reason he said only if we both dressed up as Marie Antoinette (Who i know very little about). That ruined it a little for me in the dream. But after that we parted ways, I still hated his regime I just found him attractive.

Dream 2#: I dreamed people my age started slowly getting free electronics. First a PSP, then a tablet, then a laptop, then a console. Stuff like that. I knew it was bad to use it but eventually I gave in because who doesn't love nice, free electronics. there turned out to be a program one signed up to when using this stuff. It seemed very basic, but then I heard about kids going missing. Me and my friends ended up getting followed by a big limo, but as long as we hid from it when they were looking, we were safe. We ran through various neighbourhoods, but we eventually got caught. For some reason I really wanted to perform oral sex on the leader of this organization (Again, older male) and I tried to but weird stuff kept happening like I fumbled the belt buckle or whatever.

I keep having these dream and i don't understand it at all. I hope you find them interesting, but I also hope you find a meaning!

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