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Dream About Gout meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had this dream that the flowers from my garden where trying to strangle me, what does it mean?.?

These long twisty vines and snake weed were trying to choke me and this Gout weed was after me and I got in trouble with several neighbours because it took over their yard.

Maybe it means that you are scared of something.
That you can't go somewhere, that you're stuck on 1 place.
Maybe you feel like people are all puting you in a corner and you cant get away from it

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, last night I had another weird dream about my mom. But first off, a couple weeks ago I had a dream where my mom had died. And I had to take care of the entire house because my father was too depressed. And while I was doing the dishes I just had a breakdown, cryin gout for my mom to come back. So on. Last night I had a similar dream except for my mom was just about to die. And I took this walk with her,crying balling, and then I was in the hospital with her while she died. I was screaming and crying, pleading and begging for her to stay. No one could hear me no one did anything. And both dreams I awoke at 7:00am, not my usual time. I'm just afraid of what might happen. This is really starting to scare me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a vivid dream that i remember very clearly and i dont know what it means. This is what happened in it

there were 3 girls from my school running between my house (i used to like one of them) and my grandmas (we are neghibors) and there was a girl i used to like (7 years ago) in my other neghibors pool. then we were sitting in my grandmas kitchen and the one girl (that i used to like) put her feet on my lap and had socks on (i also have a sock fetish) then she asked me if i liked that and i said yes and they went in the basement and that dream was over

Then i had this dream

i was swimming in a pool with a bunch of people then i was flirting with these 2 girls i know (i dated one years ago and liked the other one months ago) then i was asking them seperatly why they never text me back (in reality i dont have the ones number and the one really doesnt text me back) and then i was talking to the one girl and told her i like her and she said carry me out and i was carrying her and i went to kiss her and she said what are you doing your only 15 and i said i was going to kiss you and she said oh okay and kissed me then we gout out of the pool and i was at my old school with the other girl still asking her why she never texts me back and she said she will and then we were running for our busses and we kissed then she got on a bus and i got on a different one then i woke up the next morning and had a text from the girl that said YOU DNT LIK ME YU LIK *******

Example: What does this dream mean... HELPPPP! boyyy trouble!?

basically me and this kid have liked eachother ever since 6th grade in middle school and its been 5 years so far..
we both dont talk anymore but thats not the point. we always smile and stair at eachother.. and everytime i see him in the hall ways we both turn bright red and smile and dont know what to do! and i just wish we woudl talk again..
both me and him have had alot of family problems going on in our lives, and although we stopped talking i was still there for him when his mom passed away.. he speaks to my best friend about me all the time and always wants to know how im doing..
but last night i had an insane dream about him...
me and my friends were in an autotorium but i dont know where we were, and he was with his friends as well sitting down.. he was sitting in the middle of the row and then me and my friends wen to go adn sit down in the same row.. i wound up sittign a seat away from him and the seat between us was empty.. he kept putting his hand on the seat and then my friends kept telling me to move over one and sit next to him.. so i turned around and said okay ill sit next to you and smiled and he smiled back..
then we started hooking up.. and everyone was lookign at us and all excited for us..
then we stoped hooking up adn were like can you guys stop.
and then we continued after that we started talkign aboutmy cousin and this kid she is currently hooking up with,.. and i was suppose to go hang out with them but i didnt want to go alone and they kept telling me to bring soemone and i didnt know who to bring. and the kid my cousin is hooking up with was like oh bring... and i was like yeah right i wish we dont even speak anymore adn then finally we started speaking becuase of my dream...
after the show we were attempting to watch in the autorium finished me and my friends went back to his house adn we were all hangin gout..
i just want to know what this could possibly mean!
becuase in real life he does talk to my friend about me, we always stair and smile at eachother adn all of his friends know about me.. and all my friends knwo about him!
ughhhh what does my dream mean!

Example: Could someone please tell me what this dream means?

It starts out with my wife and iI doing the grocery shopping. Everything is proceeding normally until there was a loud noise. The other customers hear it as well and start heading for the doors. Thinking they might have the right idea I take my wife's hand and leave the store. as we are exiting I see a city bus pull away from a point where it crashed into the store. I commented to my wife that i had seen an article in the newspaper Saturday of a similar event happening to a different grocery store( I hadn't read any such article in real life) and that it appeared someone was stealing buses for the purposes of crashing them into grocery stores. . We got to our car and took off, but after getting only a few blocks away we decided that the incident was over and we should go back to shopping. Instead of parking the car in the lot we parked several blocks away and walked to the store. When we got there all the entrance and exits were cordoned off and there were several police units there, making it look like the store was closed while the incident was initially being investigated. We began walking back to the car. After crossing the main road and entering the residential side streets I noticed several of the houses were on fire. We increased our pace and i noticed more and more houses beginning to catch, not from the previous burning buildings, but spontaneously from their own interiors. Although I had no physical evidence i had the vague impression that the houses were catching fire due to natural gas leaks. We turned and entered a walled walkway the air in the walkway appeared hazy and, a short time after entering , a gout of flame began traveling up the corridor my wife made it out, but I was caught by the fireball as I was just about to exit. It hurt mildly and it felt as if my hair might have gotten slightly singed. In the next few moments i somehow got separated from my wife. All this time more and more houses were combusting, I tried to find my way back to the car, but couldn't seem to remember how to get there i figured my wife was already there as she has a far superior sense of direction to my own. I turned down more and more side streets and I was unable to spot any familiar landmarks. i came to another walled walkway and suddenly there were other people behind me forcing me to move with them down the walkway in order to avoid being trampled. another ball of flame formed at the far end and everyone ran for the entrance I was just about out again when i saw there was a woman at the mouth of the entrance staring transfixed at the fireball I embraced her and felt a similar result to the first one as it struck my back, The group and iI continued down several more streets surrounded by burning houses. We stopped as we caught sight of a police helicopter. The helicopter appeared to be armed with twin machine guns and rocket launchers the helicopter turned and fired. Bullets pierced the pavement ten feet in front of us and traveled until they struck a liquor store (not on fire) with a destroyed roof. a few seconds later two rockets flew out of the liquor store. I'm not sure if they struck the helicopter or not. It was then that several of the people in the group recognized their vehicles. I got into a minivan with and older couple and we sped off. They got on the highway and I realized they were heading the opposite way from my home. I asked them if they could drop me off at my house. I hoped that my wife was either there or heading there. Somehow I ended up at my in-laws place. My mother-in-law and father-in-law (both who have passed in the last few years but I didn't remember that in my dream) were there as well as several members of her extended family ( all still alive). Shortly after I arrived my wife entered through front door. I hugged her and began talking about or ordeal but she shot me a look telling me she didn't want to discuss it in front of her parents as to not worry them. I wanted to go home immediately but she wanted to stay for a while to not appear rude. I woke up shortly after.

Example: What does my dream mean?

How my dream started in my house I was on a line and I was with my friends but i didn't know these people just in my dream I was friend with these strangers. So anyway i lined up in a line to get my cheek stamped with some red paint i think it was a heart shape. Me and this boy went up together and the person stamping our cheeks said something that made us get off the line. we walked a little then looked into each others eyes and then i just made out with him (now i don't normally do that because i don't like making gout with anyone soo it was weird). After we ran up my stairs and went into my bed room we laid on my bed and he got on top of me but we just kissed. then this gothic girl came into my bed room and told use to go somewhere because thats where my school was. We walked down stairs and the boy asked the the gothic girl if school ended and the gothic girl said yes. After me and the boy got dressed and we were just about to leave my house but I woke up.

Example: In my dream my grandfather had swollen feet and sores on them. what does that mean?

Example: I had a dream including an evil monkey and a spider what does it mean?

i had a dream the other night that I was at my house and i looked outside at the backyard through the sliding door and saw a huge spider ( not like a giant just a big spider) on this branch looking at me. It freaked me out in the dream and i ran over to my sister and my dad and told them about the giant spider outside. i seemed to be very paranoid about the spider coming in. Then i went to the sliding door and saw my dog outside the door and i rushed to try getting her in. Then i saw this evil small monkey right by her outside, and the spider by the monkey, trying to get in and i panicked and tryed opening the door just a lil bit so only my dog would come in. But sadly the monkey came in too and was jumping all over me like an angry excited animal and i tryed brushing it off . I looked over at the spider because i closed the door really fast and didnt know if it was inside, outside, or if i killed it. I became paranoid not knowing where it was, not wanting it to bite me. Wierd thing i saw the spiders eggs by the door? .. That was my weird dream, does anyone know what it means?

Example: Dream interpritation?

i have alot of dreams of being in a rush or being chased but it always ends with me jumpin gout of a really high window and flying/gliding with no stearing kinda like super man down to saftey and then in my dream i keep trying to fly again but i cant. what does that mean?

Example: The apokalips dream?

Ok in this dream i was in the outlet mall looking around with my family and my dad says that he forgot something at home so i decide to go with him we get in the car and are driving on the freeway then we start seeing car driving the opocite drection. we go over the hill and stop the car we see a giant mushroom cloud there. there was a HUGE wall of dibree coming at us so i got out of the car and turned around and said "God thanks for the great likf, Mom i love you." then i felt the wal hit and everything went black.(The wierd part is the dreams not over. I died in a dream. Thats wierd.)I found self waking up in a bed at the outlet mall i got up found my mom and asked y i am not dead she said something on the lines of: "Your body bounced off dad.?"or somethin like that then i backed up looked around. all of a sudden oil towered out of the man holes on fire and the sky truined red. my mom said "O crap the apokapips. then the dream ended so wats thet about?

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