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Dream About Gourd meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can you give me your best example of a poem that makes a philosophical point? A haiku, a sonnet, or ode?

No, its not for a class. At 57, I don't do homework like many kids here do.

I doubt few classes combine poetry and philosophy in a conscious way. I had "Road Not Taken" in mind, motivating my asking the Q, hoping others more advanced than me could lead me. Also Blake, Donne and many other poets are actually very philosophical when they deal with the meaning of life and reflect on the values we live by.

What about the classic line from Shakespeare about, "To be or not to be...whether 'tis nobler..."
Sorry, I don't think it's any kind of a poem; but rather a soliloquy from either " Hamlet" or "MacBeth". Is this for a class?
How about Robert Frost's proverbial, "Stopping By Woods on a Snowey Evening"---"...promises to keep; but I have miles to go before I sleep." I lost my set of world's greatest poetry years ago...and, that former housemate had promised to get it back to me.
"Philosophic" is defined as: "calmly reasonable, bearing unavoidable misfortune unemotionally." in my copy of the Oxford American Dictionary. So, I think I'll stick with what I've already typed in here.

Example: Why did the chicken cross the road ?

Was it really off its face ?
Aunty Rose P.

Example: What were the names of the fraggles?

Example: Please interpret these dream?

I and my ex live in partner were in a clean area of a market place where there were scattered ripe tomatoes around. On one corner there is this motorcycle with a side car that carries four boxes in it, the three boxes were full of unripe (green) tomatoes. Then the fourth is vacant. We picked up the tomatoes on the street and placed it in the vacant box. There were people around but no one cared if we take all those tomatoes with us. After gathering all the red tomatoes we rode in the motorcycle and head on. Then the next scene shows us in a foreign land, a street that is clean and clear, at first no one is around except the two of us. On the street's sidewalks were apple trees, once again - all over the streets there are scattered red apples and we picked it up once again, having the same motorcycle, we drove off after we filled it with apples. Before droving off there were passers by already but nobody seems to care or know us. In this scene my ex lover's face is different but I know he is the same man that I am with. Then what follows is a scene almost the same as the first one but this time I know that we are in a foreign land, and my ex still wears a different face. Now there were green vegetables all over - gourd, and pickles and we picked it up all just the same but we have a mini truck to fill this time. After picking up and the truck's compartment was full, there were still lots that we can take but since we have no more space we left. -end-

Example: I had two dreams where pumpkin gourds were growing out of my arms and feet.?

I could pluck them off and in my dream it worried me until I found out that it was a common thing. I am not sure about much else in the dreams.. Just wonder if anyone might be into dream interpretation. I searched on Google but came up with nothing. Any thoughts?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a nightmare last night and it seems foolish now but at the time it was terrifying! Could anyone tell me what it means?

I was at my grandmother's house and it was night time so I was sleeping and I woke up to go get a drink but when I opened the door there was a very scary thing walking slowly down the hallway - all I could see was a long black robe and a skull for a head - in one hand it was carrying a candle and in the other it was carrying a pumpkin... I sent my grandmother out to find out what it was but she never saw him. I went back to sleep. Apparently I woke up several more times that night and every time I opened the door it was the same thing walking down the hallway and every time it scared me to death! Somehow I knew that he had been walking in a big circle all night (the way my grandmother's house is built there is the hallway that leads to the living room, turn right and there's a bathroom directly connected to my grandparents' bedroom that is connected to the same hallway on the other side). Morning came and I refused to leave the room and my mother and grandmother kept asking me why and I told them about the thing in the hallway and all they said was "Oh, your sister got him. He's gone." Then I woke up.

Now I know it sounds like a stupid thing to be afraid of but I don't know, everything is scarier in dreams. What really got to me was that he was holding a candle and a pumpkin... what does all of this mean?

Example: I dreamed I was given a gold fillagree key and then I woke up?

What does that mean?

Example: Descartes Philosophy 100?

Descartes' method of doubt and the discovery of clear and distinct ideas?

To find certainty, Descartes employs what he calls the method of doubt. How does doubt lead to certainty? What are some of the major steps in his process of doubting? What is the highest or most complete level of doubt (what philosophers call Descartes' "hyperbolic" doubt)? In Meditation 2, Descartes discover something he cannot doubt-what is it? Why can't it be doubted? This discovery turns out to be the first of what will be many "clear and distant ideas". What basic feature marks these ideas as always true?

-- I am needing help on my essay

Example: Regular nightfall everynight?

from the last weekend i
found my underwear wet
when i woke up..
means i getting nightfall
every night without any
****** dream..
plz give me solution for

Example: Can you help me please?

I need help.My sister is really annoying.My sister is three years younger.I can't get her to stop.My mom yells at her but she continues.Is this a really big problem?Why so?And also what I should do.Thank you.I really need help.All I here in my dreams is Antonella,Antonella,Antonella.(Antonella is her name)

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