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Dream About Gothic People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?(graphicish and long but very interesting and sexy)?

Ok so in this dream im at school kind of and someow i end up on a bus and i am in like the front seat and its attached to the roof by cords and it bounces around and i have a sterring wheel that somehow sometimes controsl the bus speed and direction and were driving in all these odd places to drop people off like this outside sidewalk sale of gender knowledge puppets like puppets that when you open there mouths its genatalia so little kids can learn but its by a sex shop. then somehow i end up in my bathroom with some girl and marilyn manson i make out the girl then i turn to marilyn and like start makin out but he doest really look like marilyn he looks like this kid from my school who has really long hair and kinda looks like marilyn if he took off his makeup(marilyn did) and hes not bad looking either(the kid) so were kissin theni take of his pants and well do mouth stuff but his thingy at first is shaped like a J which is the first intitial of my hubby then his thingy gets like these sharpish protrutions on the sides like the sides of a bearded lizard then i get up on the counter to do counter sex stuff then he puts me on the floor and the girl is layin on the floor then my mom opens the door and he jumps up and kinda hides in the corner then i say its fine and close the door and we get dressed then we head out but my mom is kinda mad then shes not and i feel like im high or something in the dream its very confusing then he goes outside and i tell him where the busstop is but hes confused and so i go outside and theirs some kids my age out there and im like" have you seen a gothic guy walk past here?" and their like "marilyn manson" like not excited and im like yeah and then i go the way they pointed and i find him then i grab his hand and is holding it as we walk past the kids again like tryin to show i was with him then we go into the garage liek the ones under apartment buildings and there are a bunch of bikes everywhere cuz they are claening out a storage thing in the corner full of them like ppl stored them and so we grab 2 liek bmx bikes liek we owned them and biked out then i woke up sorta

The fact that you are in school in your dream & by a sex shop means that you want to experience & experiment with new sexual pleasures the same way a young person does when they first experience sex. You are willing to experience these new sexual pleasures with a girl because your current love life no longer fufills your desires.When you give the guy a bj it is not pleasurable for you because the " J " shape of the guy's dong represents your husband & the fact that this dong gets sharp when you suck it represents your displeasure in going down on your husband which no longer satisfies you. Sounds like you are a woman who has a healthy sexual appetite & you have sexual desires which are not being fulfilled by your husband . As such, you are open to fulfilling your sexual desires elsewhere.

Example: Tell me what my dream means?

I was walking down the hallway in my old school, ( this was in the middle school, 8th grade and now i'm in 9th) and I was on the way to gym when i saw my one classmate who i know and is nice, but i'm not really friends with her. Anyway i followed her around the corner, and appeared in this dark room, like a unfinished basement, with dirt walls and wooden furniture. A Japanese or korean or chinese guy was standing next to me and was like in charge of this "gang". In the room there were like smaller sections in the walls almost like cells, except there weren't bars. on this dirt platform, like a mini stage, but not as tall or long. Anyway my classmate was sitting at this wooden table drinking shots one by one. She was all dressed in black clothes, like gothic, black skinny jeans and a black skin tight t-shirt with fish netting sleeves. She was surrounded by huge guys who were also drinking and smoking pot. The asian guy was showing me around and telling me stuff, not like he wanted me to join them, but more like he wanted me to know. Earlier on when i got into this room and saw my friend i realized this was a place where they trained people to tolerate alcohol and more weed, like they were training to drink. Then there was like a police raid, and i never saw the police but everyone ran behind me, up the wooden stairs where i knew i had somehow entered but i didn't remember going down them. When my classmate saw me she grabbed me and we started towards the stairs. Then everything went all dark, like i was done dreaming, but then i was on the street with my classmate dressed normally with three other girls i can't remember, but one i do was a soccer teammate of mine. Anyway we were walking down a street near my house, and were talking about guys and stuff. Why i have no idea, i am not into guys at ALL. Anyway i live in the country, so there is only like two houses on this street, and we came to a tiny bar, like it was smaller than a garden shed. The fat old bald bartender was drinking shots, and my classmate saw him and her eyes bulged and we all ran in there. The bartender disappeared and my friends were grabbing the alcohol. We went outside and right next to the bar was a white pavilion like a garden one. We all went inside it and there was a table with chairs beside it. I sat at one end drinking nothing, my classmate was at the other end drinking shots, ( big surprise there.) the other 2 girls and my teammate sat on the sides drinking fruity alcohol beverages, like you get on vacations with all the decorations in the weird curvy tall glasses with the umbrellas. Anyway they were constantly sipping them while my friend was downing shots. Then when we got up we walked out of the pavilion and appeared in a wood that i have visited in other dreams, in fact every other dream i have had with woods in it. Any way we were walking down the hill, and the 2 girls and my teammate were all groaning that they shouldn't have drinking the whole drink in only a half an hour. I felt bad too, like i had had the fruity drink too, but i hadn't had a sip. My classmate was halfway down the hill,( the woods had a hill.) perfectly fine. Then 4 of like rottweiler mastiff mixes attacked my classmate. She was yelling looking up at us for help except she wasn't bleeding. I looked at the others, but they were all huddled together terrified, so i slid down the hill and the dogs all turned on me, but i talked to them calming them down, some reason i knew that their owner was abusing them. Anyway there were four big dogs and one younger one like half the size of the adults. he bit me right above my ankle but under my calf, and then i woke up, and it was right before my alarm goes off. Like a minute before. After the dogs turned on me though, i was still in the woods, but my friends, teammate, and classmate all disappeared.

Now if ANYONE can tell me what that means you are my new idol. I keep thinking about it, and it's been driving me nuts.

Example: I Think I dreamt of the devil, I need some help on the meaning of my dream?

Ok so I dream more or less every night, I don't watch T.V and if it is, it's SOAPS and I don't play video games.
My dream started off as myself a young mother taking my young child to school on the back of a motorcycle; after some journey and the police were behind us, my little girl jumped of the bike and her face smashed against a lamp pole, littering myself and the police men with blood. Naturally in my dream, I was distraught; after sorting out what happened with the police men and moving the body, it came to night time, they could tell I was feeling a little lonley and had to walk home...so they said "take this sheep with you" , it had a rope around its neck so I could lead it about, I found it a little strange but took it nonetheless, after some time of walking through this really long alleyway and turning lots of corners, there was lots of forrest around as well, the sheep all of a sudden stopped; it would budge, so I said to it; "common' we gotta go" trying to dragg it, when all of a sudden it started to shake, it looked at me in the eyes and transformed into a very large, black straggly goat, some bald patches and raw skin; it had red eyes and a long down face, with two twisted horns; to other people this may have been terrifying, but to me, I wasn't really scared of it, then out of no were, a third horn burst through the center of its head, very crooked and grey. I gasped and dropped the rope and asked; "your not really a sheep, are you?" and it shook it's head, almost threateningly. I then built up some courage and said; "let's not make this hard, i need to go home" so i got on top of it, and after much struggle I rode it, it was kicking its back legs a little, until it threw me off and left me in one of the dark dingy alleyways; I then decided to take it by foot and walk out of there, so I walked a little until I came face to face with the weird demon goat again, but this time it was accompanied by a tall, dark, young woman with dark billowing hair; she looked very Gothic and threatened to kill me, I decided to run, but there seemed to be some kind of protection over me, we ran through all the corners until I got to a grave yard, I walked right into the grave yard with no fear, but she hesitated with the goat by her side; she threatened to kill me and send a curse my way, until I shouted; "NO, YOUR NOT!" and murmured some kind of enchantment and killed her...the goat remained alive, smiled and walked of, which was weird...then I found myself walking through the grave into the modern urban city...being safe once more; I just want to know what the dream means, I have a feeling someones doing black magic against me...and I am also a Tarrot reader and when I read my cards, for the passed year they have been making no sense, up until now, constantly repeating I have a harsh enemy on my tracks...but I just need some advice...

Example: I Dreamed of a strange but kind visitor last night, what does it mean?

i've always been on the darker side of things, and i had a weird but pleasant (first in months) dream last night(though i was followed by a horrible one). a visitor came to me at night and pulled me through a portal into a "wonderland" (more of a gothic wonderland ;P) and i guess he was a gatekeeper of souls or something because he was doing paperwork while i sat and played with a pygmy gorilla(sounds weird i know, but it was a gorilla the size of a poodle). and he was very friendly to me and talked to me about troubles in my life and why i shouldn't let it bother me. i felt completely comfortable talking to him even though he was a little "tim burton-like" and i wasn't afraid at all. it was like an imaginary friend pulled into creation. is there any interpretation in this or is it just my imagination going wild? it stands out because i don't usually have pleasant dreams.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream 2 nights ago, it’s been on my mind ever since.
I was alone in the house, my parents and brother were at a party. I tend to stay home when they go to places I don’t like.
I had just cut myself, I have a history of cutting. And Black Swan [my favorite movie] was on TV. Then my someone rang the doorbell, it was my family. For a split second I didn’t know whether to go to the bathroom and clean myself up or to turn off the TV, like watching Black Swan was a bad thing.
Black Swan was different in the movie, the concept of the story was the same but it was shown differently, Nina was at a party and it was the scene where she goes insane.
I panicked and decided to go to the bathroom to clean up. This part kinda freaks me out, I saw myself in the mirror, I almost remember my face and figure clearly, I’ve read that you won’t see your reflection in a mirror in a dream, however I remember seeing myself, and I was normal.
I was in a wedding gown. It was white but it was also really gothic.
In real life I only cut my hips, but in the dream the back of my neck was bleeding, and my chest was bloody too. I washed my neck and opened up my choker necklace and washed it because also bloody
I noticed that I couldn’t find the razor. It wasn’t a blade, it was a straight razor. I was really scared that they would find out at this point.
And then even though my gown as still bloody I ran in the living room and turned the TV off [my family where in the room]. It was like I turned it off exactly before the scene I didn’t want them to see would come up. I don’t know why I didn’t want them to see, and I’m not even sure which scene it was. And that’s all I remember. And I don’t think they noticed the blood on my dress.
And the dream had this feeling to it, I really can’t explain, I get that feeling in some of my dreams. Sometimes it’s mostly good, sometimes it’s bad. It was a bit different it this one, I can’t exactly say if it was good or bad, but it was just really eerie and worrying.
I usually don’t have a problem figuring out what my dreams mean but I need a bit help with this one.
Thanks :)

Example: Do my dreams mean anything?

I honestly don't know how long I've been having these dreams, I'm guessing about a year know? These dreams all connect together. The first started out I was at the beach. A busy beach, it was filled with condos and surf shops. It was BEAUTIFUL! The water was so blue and the sand was so white. I think I was there with some of my school mates. I remember running down from the condo to the beach and seeing a guy from school, he said "Be careful. Leave". The next dream, I was at the beach again and I was looking in the surf shops and gift shops with my aunt. She lives in Florida but not at a beach like in my dream. I remember walking down the beach right next to the gift shops and a band was playing not to far from where I was walking and speakers that ran down the streets played the music. I walked into another gift shop and then everything changed. The entire beach was abandoned and I was all alone. My next dream was pretty weird. My aunt, mother, crush and I were at this shop thing. The scenery was dark and very gothic like. I remember really liking the atmosphere though. The shop was half a store and the other half was like a car wash but for people. They made it into something like a ride with the theme of death. But you stood in this place and it sent you through this tunnel designed all scary and it washed your clothes right on your body. The store half was beach themed since we were on the beach but it was again, abandoned. Water filled up to about your ankles in the store. I remember my crush being there and my aunt and mother worked there and were collecting clothes that needed to be cleaned. I was helping and my crush came over and asked to go on the cleaning ride. I said no and he by himself, but never came out. I was scared and all of a sudden the place was empty and instead of water filling the store, it was blood. My last dream, I had it last night, I was at the beach again. Not a person was in sight and the ocean was now filled with blood. My crush was miles away, but I could see him jumping into the bloody water, along with my aunt and mother. The stores behind me were empty and looked like a tornado had went though them. The condos had collapsed and the sky was gray. The sun was black. I remember being scared but also kind of content. I put my head in my hands and felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked up and it was a skeleton in a black robe, or as I had thought then, 'Death' . All I did was nod and stood up, walking to the blood ocean and then right before I jumped in, I woke up. The dreams really scare me. Do they mean anything?

Example: What does dreaming of having penis mean?

Okay, very strange dream. I'm an 18 year old straight female, and have never really desired to be a man before.

In my dream I was an 18 year old male lying naked in a bed. In the room I was in, there was nothing except the bed; the lighting was quite dark. I remember how strange it was seeing my penis. In the room with me was a man of around 30, a woman of around 30, and another young man of maybe 17/18. They all came over to the bed and climbed on, moving closer to me. They were all quite beautiful, dark and almost gothic in their own way, like they were vampires.

The oldest man (who seemed to be the leader), moved close to my face and whispered tenderly "Please...join us..." And I felt nervous, but I lifted my hand to caress his face in a gesture of submission. Then suddenly the oldest man was naked and my penis was very erect. He slowly and gently started to push his penis into my anus and it felt so wonderful.

The woman then started to give me a ******* which also felt great (but I was not attracted to her, I was just so concentrated on the feeling of having a penis and having another penis so warm inside me). I felt so complete and loved. I loved all the attention I was getting. The younger boy then caressed my chest and kissed me softly.

I remember I felt so aroused, and was so close to cumming. It felt so wonderful! Sorry for being so graphic :\

No rude answers please.

Example: What did this strange dream mean?

I was being made fun of by children because of my black nails, They were saying it was for girls and i was saying it can be for guys too. I then found myself on my knees, I could not move. I heard a girl say "Livia likes you, Go on Livia and tell him". She walked near me even though a man was throwing soda at me. The girl said "stop!", put her arms around me and shielded me, I thought i had found the right person for me. She then said to me "Where is your armor?", After a long pause i replied "...you are my armor" She was surprised and put her hands on my face, put my hair out of my face and she was about to kiss me but everything disappeared.

Example: What does my dream mean?

A few nights ago, I had a dream of being on an island in the South Pacific with all the people I knew. The women were working on the island proper in a laundry-the moms were forbidden to work-and someone threw a soapy, bleached mess at me. My friends were laughing while my sister told me to change in her room. I found a nice violet and white gothic lolita dress and was changing when I saw this really hot guy. Kinda looked like a combination of Stewart Townsend and the actor of Booth/Angel. I greeted him and then was awakened. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Ok, the first dream is pretty vague because i had it a long time ago but I will try to remember it as best as I can...
Ok it starts off in a big dark mansion like Gothic style, we having a Halloween party everyone I know is there, people from school, family EVERYONE! For some reason I am serving drinks (like a waiter would) and I am walking across a really long hallway and I can see the party room down the hallway but its really far away. then suddenly I come to this massive wooden door, up about 3 wonky steps and the door has bullet wholes in it with a big old fashioned handle (everything so far was black and white) then I open the door and walk in, and in front of me is a long cobblestone path and on either side is a field of sharp pointed red crystals glittering in the sun, the path seemed endless then I get to the end and my alarm rings XD

The second is really strange(and I can remember it because I only dreamed it recently)...
I wake up (as my 6-8 year old self) in a small circular unfamiliar room, it has a bunk bed and desk with a computer on (the computer had some works on but I cant remember what they were) then I climb up to the top bunk of the bunk bed and see one of my friends as a small boy (witch is weird cause I only know him as a teenager and I have never seen any baby pictures or anything) he says hi and we start talking, we begin to play and then we start drawing dots and stars and hearts on each others face, we laugh and have a great time then...DURRRRINGGGGG! alarm again!

I have never had these dreams more than once and I have no idea what they mean! Any comments will be appreciated!
Thanks :D

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