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Dream About Goth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

The night before Easter, I dreamt that I met a guy, and he was about two or three years older than me, then I was stage left, way over by the side my feet just hanging off the side of the stage, and then the guy I met took me into his arms, stared at me in the eyes and chanted something, and his friends were chanting with him, and he thrust me into another guy's arms, and the guy turned me around and said, "kiss me" I was nervous, so I ran off but then I heard them talking about they would never make the mistake of initiating a stranger ever again, so I came back and kissed the guy. Then, I was by a pool like at a Y or a high school or something with the lanes and stuff, and I had a backpack that spilled and my Mom asked me about the stuff that was in it, and among those things, was a black book with a gold ankh on the front of it, and she asked me what it was, and I said it was just a journal, and so she let me go, but I knew I had been lying, though I didn't really know what about

Hi I have been interpreting dreams for a while and this is the second one I have heard from Easter morning. But this is what your dreams means. God is showing you on this stage something that is about to happen in your life and people will be watching you even though you do not realize it. But the devil is about to send some temptation into your life to drag you down. The people who you heard chanting are people who have the spirit of witch craft on them. And they will try to intimidate you into getting involved in some immoral things. The reason you kiss this guy in the dream is because they Lord has shown you that you gave into pressure from the enemy. Now, you said your dream moved to a high school or a Y. You had on a backpack. The back pack symbolizes extra or unneccessary luggage in your life that is not good for you and some of what you are doing in darkness is about to be exposed to your mother, especially the black book. God is especially concerned about the black book in your life. This dream is so deep. The lanes which you saw are in reference to one who is running a race. You are in competitions running a race for the Lord. But, because of the black book which represents spiritual wickedness hidden in your life. You're going to hinder yourself in what God wants to do in your life. There are people who will come into your life who will acts like they are your friends if you choose to stay in darkness with some the issues in your life. Lastly, you said you pulled out a chain from under your shirt with a shape of the book and the ankh. What God is showing you is that whatever it is that's holding you back, it has a appearance of holiness, but it is a deception which is connected to wickedness. The gold chain symbolizes diviness or something heavenly or divine adornment. God showing you that you are wearing it without shame under a cover of darkness. Sometimes, interpretations are not pleasant, but I have to tell you the truth. Okay, God bless you. Patrick.

Example: I had a bizarre dream. What does it mean?

Ok I had a dream that I went to visit a someone ( I haven't a clue who they are, but it felt relative-ish). I never did see they're face, but I remember spending the night in a room upstairs. the bed faced a different way than I'm used to and it was next to a window ( also not used to) . there was no curtains and I could see a huge tree with no leaves outside. I couldn't sleep.

So next day Im at a festival with my friend Morgan and her husband, we stop at a booth that had neat goth Accessories, but I didn't buy anything because I couldn't find anything I liked.

Then a Christmas toy parade started to come through the festival. After the parade, Santa Clause said he had gifts on a truck (I was like 30ft from it and I notice that there were alot of Mexican kids there and not nearly enough toys. So I book it over to the truck and get a free toy for my son (he was with grandma on the other side the parade). I got a really good one!
Right next to the truck was some cool train sets, but they didn't end up being the free toy. A Mexican lady just happened to be selling them right there, so I bought one. it was only like $8, but when I set down the train to get the money out, another mexican lady snatched it up thinking it was free toy from santa. So I hurry up and pay and go running after this lady and shes acting like she didn't understand.
So I tel her "Este mi huegetes!" ( its my toy!) and I snatch it from her.
I was ready to fight her for it but she walked away.

I go back the the apartment to put it in a safe place. I hadn't noticed before but there was no furniture in it, the walls were all off white, and it was huge. About 3 stories with high ceiling in the living room. the design was kind of "modern adobe" . There were stairs inside the condo, but the weird part was the little adobe flight of stair leading to a crawl space in the living room. there was no door, just an opening.
I went in it because I was curious and it was a little passage inter-connecting all the apts. some entrances had decorations on there opening within the passageway. One had a sign that said "party's in here".
I though that was weird so I headed back. I notice the passage had more stairwell in it and went to other places like the roof and different floors. Anyhoo I get back, and moments later I see a teenager at the passage entrance. he begged for food and I had gotten some tamales at the festival so I gave him one.
I went outside to leave and noticed it was getting dark. As I was getting into the back seat of the (person that im visiting and have no idea what they look like's) car, I see the kid I just fed with like 8 other kids and a mom walking through the parking lot pan handling. I do nothing and get in the car.

Ok , what does it all mean?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

okai. my buddy had a dream involving this girl he likes, they both go on this chat site alot and well talk. im going to call him bob and the girl jane.

he was on his computer and opened a new tab on youtube, with these gothic looking guys that were shirtless hehe. his first tab was the website he goes on. he was in his room (in the website). waiting. when he got back to that tab, jane was there with this other guy, who he says was her friend that wanted to be her boyfriend. the girl had to choose between him or the other guy and she chose the other guy. she left crying a little while bob was screaming and crying: "ill change for you if u want me too".even though she always tells him not to change in real life. than he looked at his other tab and the guys that were there left to go find jane and bring her back. he went to go find her and when he did he protected her from the guys. they were hiding from them too. she was wearing a white dress but before she was in a black outfit. he said they did odd things and in the end she kissed him.

sooo tadah! he refuses to go on yahoo answers so i did him the favor. anyway what does this mean. thanks in advance :D

Example: What does this dream mean? (christians only)?

ok I have had a crush on a guy for 2 years and back in april he got a girlfriend, His dad is this paster or a chruch and he is also a christian. He says he girlfriend is to but I don`t know cuz she is goth. Anyway I have had this dream a few where he came to me and said he just got a phone call from his girlfriend and she is having his baby. Then he said in the dream that she pushed him into having it. What does this dream mean? Is this dream from God? Should I tell him about the dream? I have been praying about it but I keep having hte dream. My crush already knows I like him but I don`t want him to think I`m just saying this is that him and his girlfriend will brake up. Please help asap

Example: What does it mean when you dream about another planet?

In my dream I arrived in a blue planet (i dont remember how i think a black space ship) and i met really strange people some had orange faces others were blue...and they all pretty much looked goth and they were in some sorts of gangs and were in constant battle. Some of these people took me in, i'm not sure why.And they we were running and so was i. And we were talking and laughin and then we went in a vent on top of a building...and we went down & it was just like going down a slide. Then we were on top of some building but it wasnt a building it seemed like a desert on top of a house/building...(this was supposively a hang out spot were we could be save)we jumped to the destination which was a square shaped place with even more sand & then next door in a rundown shack was an asian screaming and shooting at us. So we jumped back into the vent going down the slide again & somehow arriving up . Now we were in the danger zone everything was a mess.. Pretty much the whole planet looked dark with orange sand with a few shacks here and there...but with advanced technology. And the only thing the light out the place were a few dim lights(kind of like christmas lights). The next part is even more ridiculous:we get in a car like machine and drive when all of a sudden another car starts crashing into other ones and shooting so drove away quickly. And used some sort of device to rewind time so we could see who was in the car. Unfortunately we didnt get to see who was in the car but they flashed a green light at us so we started hiding and running.

Other facts:
somewhere in the dream we went to a thrift store with really cool clothesi had never seen before & we were hiding on the run there too.

the people that were with me were 5 or 6 i only remember maybe 3: one looked very much what you would expect an alien to look like i dont think i ever spoke to him though.
then there was another tall person with spiky white hair and i dont remember what color his skin was.(but i though he looked pretty cool)
and there was a tall blue girl with weird hair

there was also some sort of battle in the desert between races...the green and orange people wanted the normal people to change and join them.

everyone look poor like street bums...

also i think the planet was actually completely filled with water so i was in the ocean?
or maybe it was just the atmosphere.

Example: Dream meaning help please?

I've been having these odd dreams on and off for a couple of days now. The latest one was last night and I was in this sewer like place and all the water drained out and I was standing on 2 or 3 dead body's that looked asian. I proceeded to carry on walking and I came to this door on the side of this corridor so I opened the door and went through it I was outside the building and there was these emo/goth girls there. They seemed to have a lot of knowledge and I went over to one of them and she said lie down next to me so I did and she opened her mouth and all this spiritual knowledge/ energy came out and went into me. After that I couldn't really control my body as I could before and she got on top of me and started to kiss and have sex with me. At that point I woke up. During this dream I was half aware that I was lucid and half not if that makes sense

Example: What on earth could this dream mean?!?

Ok so have you seen wrong turn 2? The one with evil hillbillies? Cannibals? Yeah. That's how my dream was. Only I was at my grandma's house, and these cannibal hillbillies were chasing me. I was running around and I knew I was dreaming. I was trying to wake up but I couldn't. And, later in my dream, was the craziest thing you will ever hear. I was in the house behind a glass sliding door and I saw this creature. It was almost a human version of smeagol/gollum. But it was goth! And what happened next was rather disturbing, and I will not say. PLEASE ANSWER?!?

Example: What does it mean to dream about Goths?

Idk it was odd, this un-friendly goth girl was being really nice to me, and then my goth friend who is going out with the goth girl, was waiting for me at my locker, and he had one of those baby doll things that you get in Home-Ec that is programmed to cry and stuff, and we were talking but he had to go, and he left, and then this other goth who i don't really know at all just randomly was there. Yeah so what do you think it means?

Example: Disturbing dream about crazy goth girls!?

let me just say, i do NOT dream about this kind of stuff and i rarely watch horror movies. this is a first for me. so i was hanging out with these strange goth girls, real pretty girls, they all wore lolita dresses. ruffles, red lace, the works. the lead girl wanted to kill her friends and put them in the graveyard in her backyard. she killed them and had me do the cleanup stuff. this didn't bother me until later in the dream. i only managed to save one girl before i woke up. wierd dream, any thoughts?

Example: What does my dream mean?

One of my friends from grade school and high school died of an accidental drug overdose about a year ago. Before it happened, I had lost touch with her for about 3 or 4 years but a month before she died, I was walking with a friend from college who she knew and was on the phone with and I got to speak to her one last time for about 10 minutes and made plans to see her that winter break. However, she died that winter... Anyway in my dream last night I was walking through a big store (like a Target or Wal Mart) and from a distance I saw her, she looked up at me and saw that it was me and ran to me and hugged me... she also said "she missed me" ... I woke up right after that but I felt strangely well rested and in a relaxed mood. any idea what this means or why I dreamt that? Also, she had known to be a goth type wearing lots of makeup but in the dream she had makeup on that made her face green. I'm not sure what that means.

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