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Dream About Gospel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about doves being penises?

One of my friends had a dream that all doves were penises, and they still had the dove wings. No. She was not on drugs at the time.. Or intoxicated. She just has strange dreams.

Does this dream mean anything? Or is she just a weirdo.

Doves mean peace and all females will be at peace with their self when their male side is in balance with their female side.Which is where mankind is headed as we evolve.Peep this;
From: The Lost Books of the Bible,II Clement,5:1 For the Lord himself being asked by a certain person,When his kingdom should come?answered,When two shall be one,and that which is without as that which is within;and the male with the female,neither male nor female.
From:Nag Hammadi,Gospel of Thomas,verse 22;Jesus said to them,"When you make the two one,and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside,and the above like the below,and when you make the male and the female one and the same,so that the male not be male nor the female female;and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye,and a hand in lace of a hand,and a foot in place of a foot,and alikeness in place of alikeness;then will you enter

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at my house and had tons of people over mainly family but we sat at separate tables one table was quiet another table was talking. The table that is talking had some sort of prophet sitting at their table. The silent table had one open chair and it was for me but I declined. I also remember hearing some kind of ministry... What does this dream mean?
I'm a Christian
Serious answers please

Example: Dream meaning wedding with no shoes?

I had a dream that I was about to get married, but realized I don't have shoes to go with the wedding dress. There was also a feeling that while I knew the groom, I didn't really know him, when I asked for help, the person who was helping me seemed to be working against me with someone I don't trust.

Help please?

Example: DOES MY DREAM HAve a Meaning?

Hi guys i just wanted to know what this dream might mean.

SO i had a dream last night and in my dream i was in the car with my mom and dad and my dad was driving me and he was taking us to detroit michigan, and he was taking me there so i could go record some gospel music and when i got there on my way coming back to canada i forgot my passports so i had to return to get them/... Might This dream mean anything?

Example: DOES MY DREAM HAVE ANY Meaning?

Hi guys i just wanted to know what this dream might mean.

SO i had a dream last night and in my dream i was in the car with my mom and dad and my dad was driving me and he was taking us to detroit michigan, and he was taking me there so i could go record some gospel music and when i got there on my way coming back to canada i forgot my passports so i had to return to get them/... Might This dream mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

First off let me warn you..this might sound really crazy and stupid to some of you but it's not to me. You'd be scared too if it was happening to you..

I am having nightmares..not everyday but it's been for a year now. When I first moved into my old apartment me and my boyfriend the same night had the ALMOST the same exact dream. We were both paralyzed but the dream was happening from where we slept. It felt like someone or something kept trying to pull me off of the bed and under the bed then we both had this pressure put on our chest close to our hearts. It felt painful. We both woke up and we told eachother what we dreamed about. It didnt happen again for a few months then the same thing happend but only to me. It got worse when we moved out and into our new apartment where we are staying at now. We have been living here for only 6months now and lately as of now i've been having almost the same dreams but worse. Now I feel as if something is trying to get into me but only as i sleep. You know when your arm or your foot falls asleep and you get that feeling like if needles were sticking you? Thats how I felt all over my body and I can see my self trying to scream for help and help to my boyfriend who layed right next to me but when id wake up ill be in a different position. Id even try to say Gods name but the words sometimes wouldnt even come out. Last night I woke up to noises that werent even there..for example someone saying talking in my ear and I jumped up and screamed and no one was there just my boyfriend asleep next to me and the noise came from the other ear. I hate going to sleep sometimes because everytime i do i know it'll go back to where i left off. Also in my dreams I am floating in air i'll even hear a deep scary voice laughing and i swear i thought i heard whatever it was say a name but i wont say since i am not sure what was said exactly. I'll feel that same exact pressure on my heart as last time and id feel like if someone or something keeps hitting me on my leg or my back and id wake up to no one there. And again with someone trying to pull me away and id try to grab my boyfriend to wake him up and even try to scream but of course not a sound comes out. id be so scared that when i do finally wake up and i grab onto him and lay with him. Everytime I have this dream I force myself to wake up knowing I am dreaming and I feel this force that its hard to for me to wake up and if my mind is trying to wake up but my body hasnt caught up yet and i am stuck. i even have a huge headache today. theres nothing really bad going on in my life for this to happen to me so i don't know whats going on and it scares me. i feel as if it just gets worse and worse..ive been looking up online about dreams and what it means but i havent found anyone to have the same dreams as me.

Example: Does this dream mean what I think it does?

Years ago, probably 1994, I had a vivid dream in which I was in Paradise and visiting a lovely but quite empty church. It appeared to be a Christian church. It was empty though. I felt the presence of God beside me, and asked him, "where is everyone."
Then God told me, in a normal male baritone voice...not booming or echoing like in the movies...but in a gentle voice..."fill this place."
I take that to mean, I must do some proselytizing, some spreading of the Gospel. What do you think?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about the bible?

i had a dream about one of the bibles that i have and the main cover was torn off completely. i almost threw the cover away but i decided to repair it the best i could. anyone know what this means?

Example: Fellow Christians: What does this dream mean?

Well, my friend and I have both been praying alot about spreading the Gospel of Christ at school during lunch( We are in High school), and God has really been touching our hearts. We both have lots of testimonies to share( He has Cerebral palsy, and has had several life threatening surgeries, I have been without power for seven months and I also deal with SAD) and we want to share what Christ has done for us in our lives. We both were wondering and praying if it is God's will for us to go around, sharing the Gospel of Christ to people in our lunch period. Make the long story short, my friend and I prayed about it, and last night, my friend had a dream, and this is what he told me:
"Last night, I dreamed that we were in the cafeteria, him and myself, and that there were 5 people standing around us.We were sharing the Gospel of Christ to them, and right before the bell had rung for our next class, all 5 of them had gave they're lives to Jesus Christ."
Now I believe that God has answered our prayers, and I have faith that Jesus Christ can use us to lead people to Him. What do you think this dream means?
Thank you and may God bless you

Example: What does Shark Dreams mean?

Just had this Dream that I was in like a Ocean Facility and a Great White Shark was chasing Me and four other people through out the Place. In the End we reached this Underwater Room where the Shark trapped Us. We all decided to escape But I took a Big Knife and started to Stab it Multiple times. It grab by my side and rip a chunk of me. I was still alive and still stabbing it until it died. Before i died I work up. What does it all mean? Is there something bad coming?

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