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Dream About Gorillas meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of pillow gorillas?

Alright, So Last night I had a dream of these pillow gorillas chasing me, and I was shooting them, but they weren't shooting me. They were fierce looking, but didn't do anything aggressive, accept chase me...What does this mean?

Being chased by gorillas is a common dream among gorillas. When humans dream such a dream it can only mean one thing- Proof that we are descended from apes. My aunt used to love the idea that she was chaste. One day she was chased and she was chaste.no more. "It was like a horrible dream"
she would say, smiling.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about a baby gorilla a pastor and we are at a Paint & body shop?

A few months ago i got my car painted [real life] and in my dream we were at that same paint shop. In the dream the painter had my pastor's face and he had a baby gorilla/ape. In the dream i could not see the person whom i was with but i believe it was my father because that's who i went with when my car got painted. So the painter comes walking to us with his baby gorilla playing around and I was soooo excited to see one because as a child i always wanted like a little monkey or chimp. I started playing with the gorilla and called my friend she was like "aww i wanna see, take some pics" ... I proceeded to take pictures and was happy and then i woke up ... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: Dreamt about being chased a gorilla...what does it mean?

I had a freaky dream last night about a gorilla chasing me. In the dream I was walking down a familiar street when I saw a big male gorilla just sitting on the road, and I walked away from it but it followed me, and then I asked a guy in a house if I could come in to escape it, and then in the dream I saw something saying "sightings of gorilla creature in the UK" where I live.

I've had another dream before about being chased by a gorilla in an open field, and another one involving a chimp, but what does this dream mean exactly? Like why a gorilla or other ape?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are killing a huge gorilla with insect repellent pump sprayer?

1. As a child I always dreamed I was in small room and a huge gorilla would come into the room, he was huge and tall and I would get the old fashaned spray pump with insect repellant and spray him over and over again and could not kill him. This dream accured for years . I alwys woke up terrified.
2. The other dream was a baboon with many colors on face snarling at me and I was terrifed. This same dream happened for years.
3. The 3rd dream was a beautiful island with many beautiful colors and happiness and then all of a sudden as the canoe I was in turned around the bend to the left a valcano started to erupt and hot black burning lava started coming towards everyone and covered the whole town and Island and I would run as fast as I could and could not get away. Weird same dreams for years !

Example: Baby dream gorilla-what does it mean?

In my dream I built a zoo and I had so many animals, but I started it out with a baby gorilla. All through the dream, I cuddled it into a blanket and it was pushing me away. I put another gorilla in to nurture it, but it wouldn't let it. I tried letting it see other animals and roam around the zoo, but it still faced away from me. What does it mean?

Example: Dream about Gorillas?

I keep having this dream about Gorillas. They talk to me and i just try to get away from them because i am so scared. But they are really friendly.? What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream with a gorilla that carries you but just like loves you?

ok ok so i had a dream with this Ugly i call it ugly cus i hate gorillas
so now that he picked me up and then the damn gorilla talked to me and wus saying that I was beautiful and stuff lik that it wus really weird and then it jumped to another dream where i was dreaming by the guy that i lovee..my neighbor..oooh gosh he is so so so cute..he has blue eyes and blond spiky hair and his tall and his argentinian omy god he is just so cute..

Example: I had a dream about a gorilla taking photos of me what does it mean?

I had a dream i was in a room with a gorilla and it was taking photos of me what does it mean?lol

Example: Does it really mean that I will experience a new friendship if I dream about gorillas ?

I had a dream about gorillas ( about 3 or 4 ) and I was curious so I google'd it and it said that I will enter a new friendship if the gorillas were being friendly , and they were . So is this true ? or is it like something im thinking about too much ? Please answer .

Example: I had a dream about a gorilla almost taking my head off but saved by an unknown occurrence. What does it mean?

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