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Dream About Gorilla meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was the most vivid dream I had yet. I dreamed that I got off the bus and began walking down the usual street I use to get back home, but when I looked around every shop I passed by was empty. I looked up in the sky and (it looked like something like in the LINK) it was crackly. I looked down and began running to the bus station and there wasn't much people around. Then I saw three big black and white birds (huge) soaring in the sky. I don't know why but they scared me a lot. When I got to the station I saw huge gorillas stuck in cages and they couldn't escape. (kind of like King Kong stuck in a huge cage but on top of a building.) Then these people ordered me to get in line but we didn't go any where. Then we all gathered in a group and from a distance I could see this battle. The birds arrived and one swooped down trying to scare someone. Then I looked behind me and a bunch of military soldiers with guns arrived. They had a machine with them too. Then the soldiers waited for an enemy.

Now I heard this horrible scream or screech that was so loud and vivid that scared me. It was a huge alien creature and it began shooting laser beams from it's mouth and screeching. The commandeer told everyone to retreat and the alien chased me while killing everyone.

Your dream has multiple meanings. The empty shops represent dreams and hopes either not reached or forgotten. The birds represent three people in your life you don't understand well, you either view them as good when they do you harm, or you view them as harmful when they do you good. The battle represents the arguments you will have with the three people you don't understand and you will feel like your arguments get you knowhere. then one of the friends will try to intimidate you. Lastly, your most trusted friend will help you get rid of the intimidating friend but you will not fix the them and it will hurt other people.

Example: Q about my dream! Got a gorilla at the zoo?

Last night i dreamt that i went to the zoo to pick out a new pet and the zoo keeper showed me a gorilla, supposedly tame. my guy and i walked home with him with a rope around the gorillas neck. next thing was me trying to run away from the irrate gorilla who was very destructive, i shut and locked the door, he broke thru and started coming after me and i jumped out of the 3rd story window, running away screaming

what does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of dead animals everywhere ?

I have had a recurring dream where i am walking down a road and there are dead animals lined up on both sides of the road . Not only are the animals lined up but they are lined up in pairs . The animals range from domestic animals to exotic animals to animals im not sure ive even seen before . And although they are dead there are times as i walk down this road that an animal (like a gorilla) will reach out and grab my foot and i have to fight it off . I have also had a dream where i am on a road with trees lining both sides of the road and the road, trees, everything is covered in dead cows and guts . What does this mean ?

Example: What does it mean to dream of pillow gorillas?

Alright, So Last night I had a dream of these pillow gorillas chasing me, and I was shooting them, but they weren't shooting me. They were fierce looking, but didn't do anything aggressive, accept chase me...What does this mean?

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

The other day I had a dream that I was on trip with random people. We were walking in some kind of lab that looked like a zoo where they were experimenting with gorillas. Something went wrong and they all broke lose. They chased everyone and started killing them and ripping them apart. It was a gruesome dream. After that I worked up and idk why I dreamed this. Any advice people?

Example: What does seeing a gorrilla in your dream mean?


Example: What does it mean to have a dream about a baby gorilla a pastor and we are at a Paint & body shop?

A few months ago i got my car painted [real life] and in my dream we were at that same paint shop. In the dream the painter had my pastor's face and he had a baby gorilla/ape. In the dream i could not see the person whom i was with but i believe it was my father because that's who i went with when my car got painted. So the painter comes walking to us with his baby gorilla playing around and I was soooo excited to see one because as a child i always wanted like a little monkey or chimp. I started playing with the gorilla and called my friend she was like "aww i wanna see, take some pics" ... I proceeded to take pictures and was happy and then i woke up ... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: Weird dream...what does it mean?

Okay so last night I dreamt that I was downstairs in my family's kitchen, and I saw a squirrel and a weasel outside the window. They were looking at the food on the table (not like it was dinner, it was just like a cereal box and napkins and stuff) and then they moved to the next window (there are 3 windows around the table) and the weasel held the squirrel in its mouth to move it to the next window and I thought it was cute SO I went to go get a camera. When I came back, I knew that they were already at the next window so I went ahead and took a picture.

But I saw a GORILLA/APE/GIANT MONKEY thing... it started stealing food from the table somehow (idk how, b/c the windows were closed) and so I went to where my parents and my brother were and I said to my mom "THERE IS A GORILLA OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW!" and she just looked at me and shrugged and said "whatever".

Interpret please?

Example: Dreamt about being chased a gorilla...what does it mean?

I had a freaky dream last night about a gorilla chasing me. In the dream I was walking down a familiar street when I saw a big male gorilla just sitting on the road, and I walked away from it but it followed me, and then I asked a guy in a house if I could come in to escape it, and then in the dream I saw something saying "sightings of gorilla creature in the UK" where I live.

I've had another dream before about being chased by a gorilla in an open field, and another one involving a chimp, but what does this dream mean exactly? Like why a gorilla or other ape?

Example: Dream about a grizzly bear?

I had a dream last night that I was living in a mountainous/forested area and a grizzly bear was going around getting into people's houses at night and mauling people and trying to go after their dogs. I was trying to stop the bear from hurting people... what the heck does it mean?

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