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Dream About Gophers meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

SHORT VERSION: I keep going to past families houses and plant gardens for them because i know there is going to be famine and each time I come back I plant less and less and what I planted has died off due them NOT taking care of it...

I am told to not plant anymore by a voice
finally I come to several relatives houses: I come to my grandmothers and the plants start to be covered with pests

I then go to my brothers and less than 1 percent that I planted come erupt into seedlings and then mockingbirds pull them out...

I go to my fathers and gophers destroy the garden

I go to another relatives and not one of the plants bear fruit...

in the end the voice tells me to never plant for them again...

I can plant for myself and I would have nothing to fear be it drought/pests etc... but to never plant for them or the plants will not bear...

this means that you must do it by yourself. without confidence, you cannot appropriate your actions.

Example: I had a weird dream about swallowing live birds and mice. i'm a vegetarian. what does this mean?

so i had a dream that i was in a park or yard and had caught a whole bunch of animals in a garbage bag. there were pigeons and smaller birds, mice and gophers in the bag. i was trying to save them from something. i opened the bag and let the animals out. to save them, i swallowed the mice and birds whole and alive. they moved and chirped in my tummy and made it feel weird. i was scared of the gophers and shooed them away as soon as they got out of the bag. after a while, the animals started to hurt my tummy and i realized they had stopped moving and making noise and had all died. i thought about just letting them digest, but i figured the feathers, fur and bones would hurt, as would the meat also, since i don't eat meat. so i made myself puke up the dead animals. the pigeons i had to pull out of my throat, but the smaller birds and mice i could just pull out my mouth. i was sad all the animals died. also, this was happening as the sun was going down for the day.

i have read about the animals, eating, etc. on dream-of.com, but i wanted some more opinions.

Example: Dream about talking cat, a gopher and other things?

I had a odd dream last night and I wanted to know what it could possibly mean...ANy input is appreciated, just no stupid stuff, thank you-

I can't really remember the first part, but what I do remember is I was sitting in my dad's living room and there was a semi-big Kotatsu* in the middle that a couple of other random teens were sitting under and chatting, I was sitting under it too next to this guy named Jack that I used to have a crush on. He was talking about something(I can't recall) and I wanted to talk to him so I said "wow jack, your so good at talking" I felt so stupid cause I didn't know what else to say! haha! then for some reason there was a Gopher under the Kotatsu! everybody moved out of the way but jack layed under the kotatsu and fell asleep. I wanted to get the gopher out of the house so I managed to grab it and carry it outside. it was twisting and trying to bite but I had it by the scruff..and the weird thing is...it was wearing a pink dress! I dropped it outside of the gate and it came at me trying to bite me. I had my dog in the yard so the dog saw it and grabbed it. I knew my dog was going to eat it so I just faced my back to them and waited to hear the munching and crunching of the gophers body. But then I got distracted, out side of the gate I saw a cat. it was standing on it's back legs. It's fur was the color of a siamese cat with alot of white fur, but the face was that of a normal cat. Then I saw the cat put on a necklace that I had In real life. it was the ankh. The egyptian symbol for life. "oh, hey, I have a necklace like that too" I said to the cat "but...I don't have it on right now.." I really wanted to show the cat that I had the same type of necklace, then I noticed the cat also had another type of necklace, at the end of it was a little pouch, small enough to fit a tangerine in it. Just then A guy is behind me, he just came out of the house, and he has a pouch necklace just like the cat! I was a little envious cause I wanted to match the cat...and to my surprise the guy yanks off his necklace and puts it on the fence saying "I don't want this cruddy thing anymore, take it! find someone else!" then he stormed inside the house. the cat flinched when he did that and looked sad. I picked up the necklace and showed it to the cat "ignore him, did you want this back?" the cat jumped back a bit, meowed and then slowly came closer to me. "meow mow..." Then the cat made a motion to it's necklace "oh yeah, I have that same symbol..did you want me to go get it?"I said to the cat. the cat made another motion "mow..it's...mow, too late" "too late? so then I have to wait intell next time? then we can talk again?" The cat nodded "mow" "oh..okay..Will you be here tomorrow night? same time as now? I can have it then" The cat looked sad and slowly shook it's head "meeow..ow..I won't be back tomorrow..it's..mow to late.." "oh..okay.." Just then I woke up...! but I was still dreaming! I remember thinking "oh no! I forgot to go out and check for the cat last night!"
then I REALLY did wake up. and felt totally weirded out haha XD

So ...odd...Any thoughts?
I believe the cat was a girl cat. just FYI.

*kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself. Kotatsu are used almost exclusively in Japan.

Example: What qualifications do you need for a music video editor?

i want to do music video editing :)
what sort of courses or qualifications do i need to take ?
and what else does it involve?

i would also like to be a msuc video/film director/producer
what do these involve?

Example: I had a dream about snakes, what does this mean?

I had a dream a while ago, and it was about snakes and a dark river.

I was running, I don't know from what. I saw it was starting to have grey and black storm clouds, filling the sky. When I look up to the sky again, it completely covered by the clouds. The ground has dying, yellow and a little bit of green grass. The road is dark, dry, and cracked dirt. I come across a river. The road ends at the river. It's only about 5 or 6 feet deep, but it's completely clear. It looks like its just air, but there are fish in it. I run in, knowing I'm being followed. When I go in, I can hold my breath, but I don't need to breath. I look around, and the ground in the river has moss, and instead if seaweed, they have snakes.
They are beig held by their tails into the ground, and they are striped, like yellow and black, white and black, and colors like that. I know a lot about snakes, so I know what species they were when I walk by them. They are swimming around me like th fish, all types of snakes. I see river bank, I see snakes all along tr ground, gardner snakes, corn snakes, gopher snakes, and small species like that. I'm not afraid, but instead I feel calmer when I see them, like they are my friend. I still feel like I'm being followed, so I climb out of the river, and see dead broken trees, but there is soft green grass.
I keep walking, an I meet a "mysterious traveler". He greets me, and we walk down the path. I dot see his face, but I feel he would protect me, even in the land of death.

I forgot what happened after that. Does this mean anything?

Example: Bad Dream Question...?

My mom had a dream yesterday night that her tooth fell off, what does it mean?, is it something bad=(

Example: Most disturbing dream ever?

Ok, so i just had the weirdest dream in my life. I was out in the desert, and i had to babysit these gopher babies while their mom was away. The thing was, they refused to eat anything else but themselves. Like, i would try to feed them grass (i was guessing thats what gophers like to eat?) and they would all just gang up on one of their brothers or sisters and eat them alive. It was so freaking weird. There was like 12 of them and they ate 4 of their siblings by the end of the dream. So, i had a dream about talking canniball gopher babies. AND NO, I do NOT do drugs. Does my dream mean anything? Like significant?

Example: Have you ever dodged a bullet - boy/girl of your dream!?

Have you ever been unsuccessful in asking your Dream Girl/Boy out, or just failed into getting into a relationship with her/him , then in later years she/he turns out to be a crappy/garbage case? What is your story?

My Story:
There was a girl I deeply cared for (like 4 years ago). I had strong feelings for her, I tried to ask her out, all my attempts were unsuccessful and I was never able to ask her out... I just recently found out about her, and boy was I lucky not to be able to ask her out: She turns out to be materialistic, shallow, BIG DRINKER!, HIGH-maintance, rude, ... some ***** **** she turns out to be. They say she became that way after spending a year in college.. she parties like crazy.. totally the wrong girl for me... I found this out 24 hours ago, and I can swear that 26 hours ago, I would have done anything to get her attention and ask her out again...

Example: Questions based around re-occuring dreams?

So since I was probably 3 I had a dream every now and then of me in this place with spesific noises and feelings and things I saw. One thing I remember was afar den sized feild of flowers. And a big black mass of something that led up to the sky. I always described this as imagining a huge black tube slide up to the sky. But I remember there was something about my dad and him winning something, almost like power over the bad thing. Which I assume now was the black thing. This dream although it happened repeatedly (always in my coutiousness) I never knew what happened or how it would end and it put me into a distress through my dreams. It wasn't scary but just a feeling of chos and wonder and nervousness like a waiting for a timer to go off and wondering wht will happen.
There was also a part of my family at the end on a rainbow. Like a happy ending but then there was something to do with a gopher and moss. Like there was a patch of moss that the gopher stood on and he watched us on the rainbow but warned us about things.
I'm sure there were more details but I can't ever remember them from this dream. It's gotten to the point where I only have it about once a year. I'm 14 now. But until I was probably 9 I had it probably once a month and before that once a week when I was very little.
I haven't had it in a while. But today I was sitting playing my guitar and awkwardly through the chords I started hearing the sounds from this dream. This hasn't really happened before,... But everytime I play those chords... I listen to my own head and soon enough the sounds come. One is a little girl or toddler (the one from the feild who I picked flowers with ) and there's an older girl who sounds like me now. Complainimg saying "Oh Come On!" and its so weird.
Why does this happen, how, and what does this mean?

Example: What does this poem mean? It is anonymous?

Keep still, Just Walk the Plank

Groundhogs gophers-gally up-salute to ecstasy
Sand it UP
Euphemism sways these chivalrous oak trees- yet still:
Turtles truddle with wicked corruption
sleaze (be weary)

Diving deep with scales of rainbow
Tied into bows by Mayflowered children
Treason! But sly-
Triples, Quadruples, [fool] stand BACK

Same square lecture Bocks (L?)
Let peace be squandered till death
In-consequential, pots of steam, tendrils climb (ing?)
Drink deep but slow trepidation fits duplicate

I could make a pirate out of you,
But I can’t tell these heroes from thieves
Is this chuffing cacophony mocking me? amplified dissonance.
Knocking. Knocking. Pounding. Crying.

Daughter? Quake and smell this lavender Soap! –are you there?
Brush brush brush these shale biscuit rings
Into worlds folds [YOU!] evil
Darling, I’ve waited- but now come back to me

Hiss hiss, is it gray or did it miss?
Understand I did not berry this chest of CoaL(d)
Just lick this seal and it is FINished!
But now this scrap can survive; LIBERTY

Oh Destitute, surrender your wealth!- I’m loaded
Plummet into the Grave of sunrise…. ‘scape
Calamity sheds slithery skin (bury it!)
Resolution of Rosie specs

If you’d rather not, I’ll fly alone
To those western skies that dream of Eden
But. Just for now, teach me your songs
Or I’ll drown from sour melodies.

Indignation (yours or mine?)

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