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Dream About Goosebumps meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream MEAN?

The only thing that I can remember from this dream is this-
I was running to catch up with a guy to make my old best friend jealous.We were best friends for about 2 years and he was one of the most important people in my life. Now, we never talk and I miss him. So as I am running, I just stop and feel really REALLY [b]cold[/b]. I have goosebumps. Then that former best friend just comes up to me and puts his jacket around my shoulders.And I feel warm again.
Does anyone know?

Dreams are a way for the mind to deal with problems, in a very abstract way. You miss your friend and want to make him jealous so he pays more attention to you. Feeling cold can mean many things, in this case I think you feeling cold means that you don't trust your actions. Your friend coming up to you and making you warm again means that you feel safe and more secure with him.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last week, I had a very beautiful but intimidating dream.

I dreamed that I was standing on my balcony at nighttime, and I saw a male dressed all in black, running towards the woods and continuously looking behind him as if no one is supposed to see him. As I followed him with my eyes into the forest I spotted something strange... I saw a female with very long black hair and white dress "floating" around in the woods, like an elegant ghost. I got goosebumps and felt scared to the bone.
In a blink of an eye I was in the woods myself, standing in front of her, she was staring at me and giving me a special look, almost surprised. I understood now that that boy, and I were the only one that could see her.

This dream means loads to me, I never dreamed something like it before and I feel I need to know what lies behind it.

Example: What does my dream mean if I was with someone I don't like?

I had a dream last night, I dreamt that everyone was over at my house to work on yearbook. I was sitting on the large couch and next to this guy from my civilizations class. Earlier in the day,in real life, we had been teasing each other, and throwing things, like markers, at each other, and my teacher had told us to "Stop flirting" I didn't see it as flirting at all, I have known this guy for a few years and definitely DO NOT like him. Well, in the dream last night, as I was sitting next to him, he opened up his arms, in a "let's hug" kind of gesture, I then leaned into his side and he put his arm around me! We sat there, talking. He asked me why I didn't like this guy from my old school, and I told him, "Ew, he smokes and his teeth are yellow!" and he said, "My teeth are yellow too" "No they're not, and even if they were, I would like you a thousand times better than I like him." I replied vehemently. He then held me closer and I sighed and leaned into him. My sister came into the room then, and I jerked away from him, which is what I would've done in real life, my sister judges me a lot, not out loud, but I know when she disapproves of something. As soon as she left the room, I went right back into his arms, without him asking me to like the first time. He asked if he could stay when everybody left, and I said sure. We went up to my room and... we made out! The dream ended as everyone was leaving, but at the end of the dream, we seemed to be planning on... You know doing it. I don't like him in the least bit, but in the dream I was happy and while re-counting this, I got goosebumps on my arm, I don't know what that means. But please just tell me what the dream means PLEASE!

Example: What does my dream mean?

So i had a dream last night, and i dont remember much except that i was at my house and i felt a ghost present. I was standing near my basement door and all of a sudden i see a dark shadow watching me from in the dark. It was easy to spot because it was darker than everything else, and the hair on my arms stood on end, i could actually feel it. I ran out to the back of my house to where the gate was and my dog followed me. It takes a couple of seconds to unlock the gate and removethe block of wood preventing it from opening. Then the hair on my arms started lifting up again and i got goosebumps really bad. No,there was no breeze so it couldnt have been that. My dogs tail went between his legs and started to growl,which adds to the goosebumps and stuff. I finally got the gate open and ran to my neighbors house across the street. They told me i could stay with them for however long.. And all these random people started showing up on their lawn, then i woke up lol. So what do you think this means? Its not the first time ive had a ghost dream..
       A short version of my other one was that i was at home, again, and in my kitchen looking through one of our shelves trying to find something. I finally found it and it was a cross. When i tried to touch it, it zapped me, like an electric shock. Well, not really a ghost story,but hopefully you gest the gidst of it.
        One more short story, was when i was in the forest, and there was this random-looking bed and breakfast building. I tried to enter it and noticed it had a cross over the doorway. When i entered i felt the atmosphere change and got a bad feeling. Everyone eating was fine and didnt seem disturbed,though. It was a huge room like a cafeteria, but with really nice hard wood floors and the back was all made out of glass, looking out to a small river with one of those mini bridges to cross over, and of course, nothing but the damp,wet,rainy forest.that's all i remember.

Example: What does this strange dream mean...?

I had a dream I was talking to a lion and it was talking back to me. What is it supposed to mean? The weird thing about it is my zodiac sign is a leo, do you think it has anything to do with my dream?

Example: What does my aunt's dream means?

So awhile ago, my dad texted me a message saying "text from [dad's sister]: i dreamed about our mother, she was crying and I can see that she is finding us(dad's siblings)."

And when my dad came home, he said he got goosebumps because they said she saw her teeth falling...

Im scared, i just dont know what to do? Im worried about my familly members.

Example: Was My dream supposed to mean something?

I had a very strange dream last night and it felt like god was trying to tell me something!

In my dream, there were a group of birds that were bullying an owl by sticking sweets to it's feathers and ruining them. Later, I was petting the 'ring leader' of the birds that were bullying the owl, despite it's bullying. As I was petting the bird, the owl that was the victim flew round the corner and peacefully landed beside the bird, the owl then leaned back as if it was sitting down despite it's anatomy, and began to pick the ruined feathers out of itself, leaning it's feet (which resembled the back feet of my bearded dragon lizard) on the bird. Once it had finished picking the ruined feathers out of itself, the bird looked very guilty, the owl then grabbed the bird by clutching it with it's feet, and flew away with it, and I somehow knew that the owl was taking the bird away to pick feathers off of it to replace its own that were ruined by the sweets. The bird did not fight back, as he knew that he deserved it. as the owl flew off, the backround music of Skyrim when the player is travelling played (the part where the high pitched voices harmonize).

Whenever I think back on the moment of the owl taking the bird away to the music of Skyrim, I get goosebumps, it feels so much like it was meant to mean something. It also occurs to me that I was petting the bird that had been doing the bullying, in the way that I was good friends with the villan,
any ideas on what it could have meant?

Example: Dream meaning please?

I am my adult self in my dream but in my childhood apartment, which no longer exists now.

I had an urge telling me that it was time to leave the house.
suddenly i saw this middle aged man inside, whom i didnt recognize (but i felt was my dead uncle), the way he looked at me and his presence made me feel like he didnt want me to leave. No dialogue happened.

But i left anyway, and started going down the stairs of the apartment. I felt that he was looking at me from upstairs and when i looked up from the staircase, he was holding a 1 year old baby from 1 foot, upside down. When our eyes met, he intentionally dropped the baby. I was right underneath and i was able to perfectly catch the baby.
i woke up in fear...

Any interpretations? Thanks!

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

I dreamed last night that i was at some family gathering and my cousins x wife came with a baby that was mine my mom and i gave it to her in the hospital right after it was born and i hadn't seen it until then. It was a baby girl and i picked her up and said she was so cute and she looks just like me. Then my husband was there and i told him we were taking her back and he said that that was not a good idea. later Tonya returned with my baby in a stroller and put her facing the wall in front of the stove and another wall, i could tell she was upset that i wanted the baby but she didn't say anything. I then told her husband that i was taking the baby and he said THANK GOD. I said what do you mean she is so cute she looks just like me. then I woke up. As for real life i am 45 and have never had children, by my choice i guess

Example: What does this dream mean?

I just woke up about 30 minutes ago from a hour long cat-nap and i had a realy weird dream: at first i was at driver's ed ( wich is weird becouse in real life im getting my permit), but the teacher was my grandma ( she died from cancer about 5 months ago). Then i was crossing a long tunnel and i saw this white light ( i know creepy). Then i was talking on the phone with my boyfriend, then i woke up. Now i have this creepy feeling that im being watched & i keep getting goosebumps. What did this dream mean?

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