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Dream About Google meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream and I was speaking another language I couldn't understand what I was saying, but I was having a long conversation with some guy. It sounded like I was speaking Italian or something like that. I don't know any other language than English. What does this dream mean lol?

Here is the meaning of your dream.
You ought to read this out loud:

“Estaba soñando el futuro en corto plazo, específicamente este momento. Me estoy comunicando con un muchacho en otro lenguaje que no es el mío. Este muchacho es muy agradable y dice sentirse feliz de comunicarse conmigo también. Puedo notar que mi inteligencia tiene una capacidad muy amplia. Me siento alegre por haber soñado este sueño.”

I recommend you to read it again and again for your mind to be refreshed. Close your eyes. Feel the words. Now translate it into your language using Google. You will notice this is your dream and its meaning.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Im really confused as to what my dreams mean, i keep dreaming im a super hero, i have been batman, superman and a power ranger, in them i am always saving someone, last night i had a war of the worlds type dream where the world was been destroyed by aliens and robots and i saved the world by killing them all, worst thing is im female so why did i dream i was batman and superman as they are male? am i just weird? (dont answer that one :0) )
And yes this is a serious question too :-)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and a group of adult friends were at a house having a nice time chatting and the lights went off. Suddenly, we all began having sex with each other. I had sex with 2 women and my wife in the dream (I'm unmarried in real life and I'm not in a stable relationship now) had sex with a girl.

After the lights came on, everybody looked around in awkwardness and my wife seemed FINE with it, but I figured she was at least a little annoyed about how i had sex with 2 other women.

Later on I walked up to her while she was sitting on the couch and i laid against her trying to say I was sorry and then I kissed her and she returned it, and I was really happy ^_^
My wife in the dream was pretty but a tiny bit less hot than the 2 girls I banged. 1 of the hotties I banged thought me and her would start to be together, but when I went to my wife then that girl stormed out in sadness.

What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago. I was in a man's house (don't know who the man was, rarely saw him) and his house was filled with clocks. There were clocks everywhere. The man told me at exactly 8:15 every night one of the clocks' alarm goes off and he told me to find which one it was. I kept hearing the alarm and went from room to room checking the clocks on the walls, the drawers, cabinets, everything. But every time I got closer to the sound, I still could never find the clock. The house was dark and I remember being terrified. Weird dream huh? What does it mean?!?

Example: What could my dream mean?

so it was a summer night, and i know it was summer because we were all sitting on the edge of a pool, (idek who was there) and we were making teams for some reason, I'm assuming it was for chicken fights, and i got paired with this girl, idk who it is but she had blue eyes and dark reddish/ brown hair, and i laid down next to the pool and said "do you mind if i just lay for a little and look up?" and she said "ill join you" and she lays down next to me and come really close so i put my arm around he and she got closer and put her arm over my chest and we just laid there for a little and i was really happy, then it kinda skips and for some reason its day and im at someones house like about to leave and i said wait i need to do something, so i run across the street since that's where the girl lived, and knocked on the door and asked her mom if she was home, and she said yeah shes right downstairs so i run down there and kissed her goodbye and she gave me the cutest smile, then it ended

and i remembered this all because i wrote it down, any interpretation would be appropriated.

Example: What does this dream mean (Google failed me)?

Yeah, this is a bit of a complex dream, I had trouble finding it online. And there's a little bit of a back story to it.

My cousin lives in Fallbrook, and he goes to some private Christian school there, and just so happens to know the son of Megadeth's frontman Dave Mustaine. I love the band Megadeth, and asked my cousin to introduce me someday, to his son. He says he's a nice guy. But anyhow, here's the dream.

I'm with my Boy Scout troop, and we're going on an outing to some local amusement park/zoo. But for some reason my cousin and Dave Mustaine's son are coming with. And also, this place we're headed to seems to be in Fallbrook (dunno if that matters). I basically go around the place with my cousin and this person who I've never met but want to, and we have a great time. But on some ride that goes around on a set track and you can see animals from, we get off and walk around where we aren't supposed to. Eventually we get caught and taken to the security office or something. They decide that they have to do a search of all our stuff, and in Dave Mustaine's son's backpack, they found a bag of weed, and we get escorted out of the park.

Then I woke up. I don't know why but this dream seems very vivid to me, even though I had it a few nights ago, and I keep thinking about it. How significant can it really be and what does it mean? Thanks!

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is kinda awkward, and I tried to Google it, but nothing came up.
In the dream I am washing dishes and my sisters tells my nephew to stick a pencil in my butt. When he does this I am angry and hunch over crying. I wake up and start crying because I felt a sense of betrayal. This is the first time I ever had this dream and I know it's very peculiar.

Example: What does it mean when i dream about my food was nicknaks and google eyes?

Example: What does this quick dream mean?

I dreamed that this girl that i like somehow came to my house and gave me an automotive pickle fork (google it). And then drove off in a rapist van. Lol wtf does this mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I've had this dream, now, 3 times!
I'm in a lighthouse and can hear the waves hitting the side of it continuously, and i begin to descend down the steps. I get about 7 steps from the bottom, and notice a bed that is sitting at the bottom of the lighthouse. I jump over the railing to land on the bed.
There is a tv sitting across from the bed, and i turn it on and begin watching I Love Lucy? lol.
anyway, i catch something out of the corner of my eye, and it is the silhouette of a grown man in the window, his facial features were hidden by the curtains that were lightly blowing in the breeze.
I gasped and woke up.
what could this mean?

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