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Dream About Goofy meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone famous?

Last night I had a dream about One Direction coming to my house. Everyone was being goofy, laughing, talking, and fooling around except Niall. Then Niall left and Liam told me he liked me. Then Niall came back and he looked into my eyes then turned away. Then I hugged him an he kissed my head. After that I just ran to my room and locked the door. Then I heard them sing "Your math skills are terrible.

I ran back and sat between Hary and Niall. All of a sudden Louis started dancing and so did Liam and Harry. Niall just kept hugging me. He stood up, took my hand and led me to my backyard. He told me a secret and promised not to tell anyone then kissed me.

What does that mean? The dream felt so real I woke feeling it happened yesterday. Please help me figure out what it means.

But sometimes dreams mean something; once a serious of similar dreams are followed by specific life events/incidents, one can build up his/her own dictionary or coding system. Sometimes dreams by certain individuals are predictions of what will happen in the future (e.g., the collapse of a building, purchasing a car, marriage, etc.)

Example: Goofy dream what does it mean?

Just curious to hear others interpretation! I had a dream that I was Jane (you know from Tarzan?) and the these poachers came and captured all the gorillas and then I turned into a gorilla and was thrown into a cage. I was sitting in the cage crying when a gorilla said to me, "Don't you waist time crying! Don't you know? You are special! You may feel weak now but all you have to do is decide you are strong and you can brake those bars right off!" So I decided to believe I was strong and, wouldn't you know it, I broke that cage open! The only problem was, once I was out of the cage I tried to brake the other gorillas out but I couldn't do it! They said that I only had the ability to use the strength for myself and that I should run and save myself. Just then the poachers came running with guns and started loading the cages on to the boat and all I could do was watch! I woke up crying! (and they were gorillas!)

Example: What do you think this goofy dream means?

I dreamed that my boyfriend was at my house. We were sleeping and I woke up and found all these dirty diapers on the floor. Some of them were open. Then there was a blonde baby boy who was about 1, and he was running around the bedroom. Then all of a sudden my boyfriend looked like this guy that I work with and he was crying. He said, "You have hurt me so much." Then I looked at the ceiling all all of these black birds were on the ceiling. I wondered how they got there. Then I noticed that my bedroom walls looked like mesh and there were all these holes. So I thought I need to call my landlord about that. Do you think there is any meaning to this dream at all? So here is reality. I haven't hurt my boyfriend, since our relationship is new. We don't have any children.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So it started when I spawned at my school. I was talking to the teachers about religion and disagreeing with what they were saying (I am Atheist lol). I then suddenly transitioned into a dream where I woke up in a pitch-black room, stood up, and was immediately shocked by a man who appeared before my eyes.

He was holding me at gunpoint. He said," Tell me the truth." I didn't know what truth, so I said something goofy. He shot the ceiling, turned the gun back onto my forehead, and said," Two more chances."

I said something goofy again. He said," one more chance," shooting the ceiling again and turning the gun back.

I told him a secret I never told anyone. He shot the ceiling, didn't turn the gun at me and said," Thank you for telling the truth. You may leave." and, at 4:00 am, I woke up.

Example: Help with scary dream (meaning)...?

might not be scary to you but i wake up scared...

this only happens when i am sick with a high fever.

i dream that i'm supposed to be in control of HUGE multiple spheres, huge as in me being an ant and the spheres being tractor tires or tractors in weight and size! then halfway through the dream i lose control of the spheres then they begin to crash into each other, right about now i feel scared as these are HUGE spheres that are swinging wildly! i begin to feel like the ant who is sliding back trying to hold back the tractor while behind the ant is a cliff!

at a point juggling with the spheres, i wake up feeling scared, weak, can't accomplish a task almost. i wake up just small and puny. i get that way during the day too, i see a small speck of laundry detergent, next to the box and i feel that little speck is me...

why do i have these dreams when i'm sick or feel that way with object in comparison to a larger object, i feel mass has something to do with it too!


Example: Dreaming with 3 black dogs chasing me. meaning of dream?

I am in the wood were I can see alot of creatures. I feel scare there are three black dogs and they look evil, they are growling at me. They start chasing me soo I run, and I run until I see a family with a boy, about 8 or 9 years old and he has a brown dog, playfull dog. The black dogs sorround every one of us. I feel soo scare for the boy and the brown dog that i tell the boys mother not to let him tuch the black dog bacause it was evil. then 1of the black dog gets near the brown dog growling at it like it whanted to kill it, the little boy puch the black dog away from his dog i scream because I knew the dog was going to do something really bad. I woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I dreamt I was on trial. At one point I was in front of the room, with a fridge to my left (like I was sitting sideways in front of a fridge) At this point, also to the left of me, but more in front (so to the right of the fridge if you face directly at it, if that makes sense) there were about 4 people sat along a desk/table. I remember them speaking to each other in French, and then telling the court (in french) that the court will take a recess to decide the verdict. He looked at me and started to explain to me what he had just said, but I replied in French that I speak French (which I do). I went towards the back of the room, where there were rows of chairs with workspace in front of them, similar to in a lecture/classroom (not unlike something you would see in a court) and joined my parents and brother. I was obviously feeling nervous at this point, knowing the verdict was near, and tried to say something (about booking travel arrangements for when I return) to my mum 'just in case they found me guilty.' She was trying to talk over me about something else that I thought was not important. I then tried to tell my brother, who wouldn't listen either. He and my mum walked away. I tried to tell my dad, but he couldn't hear me, and I kept trying to tell him, but I was then interrupted by a female judge at the stand, who I don't know in real life (not even as a stranger) and looked fairly average. She stood up to give the verdict. I was expecting it to be guilty. She announced that the verdict was guilty and everyone else was really shocked, and my stomach dropped at the thought of going to prison, but I thought it was fair enough since I knew that I was guilty. She told me I was to go to prison for 3 weeks, but could be let out after 1 week for good behaviour. I wasn't taken away, but she started explaining some things, and I asked "should I take notes?" and she told me to, so I started writing notes, and she came over to explain to me stuff I needed to know. Everyone else in the courtroom started getting up and leaving (so it was noisy) and the judge who came over went to sit down on the table bit in front of me, and nearly sat on a tub of sauce I had with me in a paper bag. I stopped her, and remembered saying "nearly!"... and then about that point I woke up.

Sorry it's long - I seem to remember most of my dreams in great detail.

Example: What does this wierd dream mean?

Okay so night before last I had this very odd dream and I would really like to find out what it means.

I don't remember the entire sequence of the dream, but I remember the basics of what it was about.

Basically, me and a bunch of my friends (like all of them) lived in this HUGE house altogether. But it looked more like a cathedral than a house. It was kinda decrepit too, but we all seemed happy and all helped each other out in living in it and stuff. Also, in the dream two of my friends who just turned 18 (I'm 16) were really in love and going to get married in the house and we were all preparing for it and stuff. That was an odd part because in real life, the two people are good friends but as far as I know have never had any romantic interest in each other (they are total opposites too! She's very school oriented and he's really goofy, but they're still good friends.). I don't remember much else about the dream, but I do remember that there was also a giant playground in the backyard of the house/cathedral that we would all play on sometimes (which is also wierd because we're all teenagers).

Any interpretations?


Example: What do these dreams mean?

1) Last night I dreamt that me and my best friend went to the mall. We went to eat at a lot of restaurants but never felt full. We we being silly and goofy. Then later I lost my purse and we looked all over the mall tring to find it and eventually we found it at a pizza place. what does this dream mean?

2) the other dream was brief but I was in Italy and I wasn't sure where to go and I was confused as to why I was even there.

3) and the other dream was really strange! I was in some musuem? idk, but it was disney pricess themed and we kept going on elevators, which were decorated like princessess too. Then one elevator broke down and then I ended up in dream #2

can someone please tell me what these dreams mean!

Example: I had another goofy dream what dose ants in a deli sauerkraut mean?

This dream was ok happy busy with assorted people like a school,had to go back and forth up and down steps, but upon waking I had to go down 2 big cement steps that was made by accident but and a lady was standing by and said COUNT. I then had to turn around walk back passed a outside deli stand that had something funny inside the glass I said ohh the raisins are moving oops as I looked closer That's ANTS big and tiny ones in sauerkraut. The vegetable and no I was not eating when I feel asleep.

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