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Dream About Goodness meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was clinically depressed and "everyone was against me". In the dream, I had an emotional breakdown at school because I couldn't take it anymore. A girl started making fun of my breakdown and I told her to shut the f*** up because I was contemplating suicide because of people like her (making fun of me, teasing me, against me, etc.). At the end of the dream, a fire started in the school and I jumped out a window. I tried to escape the flames but in every direction I ran, the flames appeared before me. I don't know if I died in the fire or what because my dream ended. In reality, I have horrible days (more frequent than it should occur) where I feel like I'm depressed (nothing's right, I'm a horrible person, I'm not good enough, I hate life, etc.). What could this mean?

You might be clinically depressed...but even though school sucks and many people are just muddling through? I don't think they are actually out to get you...(hopefully not!) usually other teens are so self involved with their own survival...

If you ARE contemplating suicide for goodness sake...TALK To someone immediately! Please!

I don't think you died in the fire...your dream ended and that's that. It made you think; mission accomplished.

Sometimes dreams mean nothing more than us hashing out our feelings in our sleep...but sometimes they are more meaningful and clear.

You are struggling, so hopefully you will be able to get help.

I'd worry less about the meaning of the dream and MORE about you RIGHT NOW.

Three basics to look at are:

Nutrition. Depression can be directly to what we eat (or aren't eating enough of.) Eat well. Eat the right amount. Eat often. DRINK ENOUGH WATER.

MOvement: Move and groove. Pick an exercise and stick with it. Even fifty jumping jacks in the AM is better than nothing. IDeally...a routine of 20 minutes of blood pumping effort (with five minute warm up and cool down). It can be as simple as walking or as complex as an organize aerobics class.

SLEEP. (Which can be hard if your dreams are disturbing.)

Most people don't get enough sleep. Teenagers need between 9 and 10. Sooooo turn off the cell phones, computers, tv, whatever else might distract...turn off everything and go to bed...

NOw if you are already making a totally honest effort in those three areas and still feel like junk? Get help! If you can hang in and DON'T feel like dying...then give those three things a try...and start counting your blessings. If you believe in God pray and thank Him for your blessings. If you don't...that might be part of the problem but we can all believe as we see fit...so if you don't...make a list of the good things in your life.

You're young...you have lots to live for. Find those things and make your life beautiful. THe cruelty of immature people will fade...and as you create a life for yourself you will find strength and joy.

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

well, there was this little baby boy who was hurt and homeless outside. people didn't give him anything to eat and made fun of him. and then this person comes along with this robe black/white and maybe a little bit green. i think he had sorta here. but it made me thought of a priest. so the priest touch the little boy and this big/huge/energy powerful wind went right threw me. it was shorta bright when it hit me, dunno how to explain it but does it mean anything maybe?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

Ok I've constantly have had dreams about losing my teeth like they just fall out of nowhere..I've had this dream 4 times already ? I looked it up and sopposably it means that I'm stressed out and anxious about something ..but it also said that it means someone wil pass away that I am close to ..? So idk the real meaning?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Lat night I had a weird dream. My father had died somehow in an elevator. It caused brought attention to the public and for some reason he was cut in half and was being displayed the the center of a circle of people. We were in my old house, but everything seemed as we we still in the current country we live in. I also for some reason wanted my fathers cologne, and everyone was very upset. My father was alive for part of the dream, and i remember him driving, but I cant remember much else. Now i used to have a bad relationship with my father but things are getting better. We arent particularly close but were on fairly good terms. Does anyone know what this dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so a little background. My uncle died about a year ago. It was a really sudden death and my grandma and mom found him dead in his appartment. It's been really hard on our family and I still cry to this day just hearing one of his favorite songs...

So I don't know where I was or anything but I kept seeing a blurry version of my uncle through a glass door and it scared me..then later on in my dream there was a bunch of people that went out to dinner for my birthday. The only person I remember there was my mom. Then my uncle showed up and I started crying. I asked my mom of this was real and she said he's here to stay.

I feel like this has some kindnof meaning but idk what? Help?


The first dream was that i was at this hall and it was very bright and i was standing right in front of this guy i have never met in my life and he was smiling.. and next thing i know i was leaning towards him and i gave him a kiss and it felt so real and after that we started hugging each other and the dream stopped..

the next dream i had was that i was in a forest and everything was green all around and then it was raining and pouring really hard and the rain just kept coming down hard and harder and it just did not stop.. and then my dream ended..
i just need some advice on both of this dreams thank u!

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

So I was sleeping then I exited my body and then a angel took me away she had blonde hair and blue eyes and then she took me to the strip to an alley way (I live in Vegas) and then I stepped into a buikding where its was all brick and then she tld me to enter and I followed and them everything went white and in the distance there was a beautiful oak tree I climbed at the top there was steps made of clouds and in the distance was a golden gate I walked forward but then stopped and went down the steps becuase I didn't want to see heaven and the angel said you made the right choice and she said her name was molly and she took me back home. ... What does this dream mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

i recently dreamt i was travelling to my best friends funeral, i saw her in a coffin in my front room, and was anxious to see her mother but was suddenly stuck in a super market with a baby
and when i finally got to the funeral i was too late and her mother was screaming at me. when i woke up i found i was crying?!?
if anyone can help, please tell me what this means!

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

I haven’t had a nightmare in a while, but this is one of the most unnerving dreams I’ve ever had.
I was at someone’s high school graduation party (although I never actually met the graduate in the dream). The building was familiar, and I was walking down a hallway with another girl. Somehow, she found out that a masked villain had murdered her father. She then went into a fit and literally transformed into a baby. We then continued (I walked, she crawled), into a large, dimly lit room. The masked villain then appeared and kidnapped me, the baby, and another baby. The masked man brought us back to his lab. The babies at this point looked very sickly (almost greenish). He said they were going to die anyways, so he performed some kind of medical experimentation on them. I saw him inject them with something, although I did’t know what it was. He then put them in glass boxes to suffocate them. I was horrified to see one of the babies press their hand against the side of the box, both of which had become cloudy with some kind of deadly gas. I was scared stiff, and hiding, hoping to goodness that this psycho would’t find me. The masked murderer then took the boxes and threw them into a river. I suddenly had a TV remote in my hand. I pressed the power button, and it was like it turned off everything that was around me. I found myself back in the dark room. Then I woke up.
Later, I fell back asleep and dreamed that this masked villain was chasing me. He was trying to kill me because I knew what he had done.
I was utterly horrified when I woke up. I don’t know what caused the dream, since I don’t watch scary movies and was in a good mood when I went to bed. Any explanation of this nightmare would be much appreciated.

Example: Holiday dreams meaning?

I had a few dreams about Christmas. I was with family, opening gifts, and the house was beautifully decorated. I also had dreams about my birthday. What do they mean?

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