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Dream About Good Manners meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? 0_o?

So I just had a dream that my boyfriend married maryln monroe. As ridiculous as it sounds, I never dream. Im told dreams have deeper meanings so what could this mean ahahaa?

Marilyn Monroe? That will never happen! You will not have to worry about that. Sometimes, when you are dating someone who has been good to you, the devil may use annoying dreams to get you upset and feeling insecure about your relationship…constantly wonder if your boyfriend is seeing someone else’s. I hope that this dream does not mean that you will not be his wife someday. Just keep yourself in a respectable manner, and avoid doing anything with him or with anyone that will jeopardize your career, etc...getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that me and my friend went to watch the guys in the cricket team play cricket and these older guys I see at school come up to my friend and start swearing at her, and then my friend leaves and I tell them why they were telling her to get lost and swearing at her..there like ohh we dont like here. and they were speaking in my language.

I havent ever spoke to these guys..what could this mean?

Example: Dream... meaning?

Okay I had this dream about my grandmother about two or three weeks ago. It seemed like I was walking on the street and I saw and I approached her but she kept looking down and she didnt talk back and just walked away. The other day I got the notice that she had been very sick with high fever and things like that. Shes better now, and of course Ive talked to her and shes in very good health . COuld anyone explain why I had that dream and what it meant, did it mean anything other than her being sick?

Example: Dream meaning?

ok don't laugh, this is a weird bit of the dream I had last night (that I remember). I had baked a pink cake and it was so good a huge chunk soared into the sky and God ate it I didn't see it happen but I knew he did. it was nighttime and for a few minutes the sky lit up like day as if he was pleased.. lol. okay what the heck does that mean? I am religious but not fanatic by any means and have never dreamt about God (literally) before.

Example: Dream meaning?

I for a while now, for about 2 years now that I can actually remember, I have dreams that are of me dying, as in. In the dream, I see my self die as a human being. as I am now, in each dream a diffrent way. such as, 2 months ago, I had a dream where the world was ending and I was besides a ocean and a huge explosion was nearing, What confuses me is how my dreams have something do with a religous figure. I beileve in God and the devil, but I worship none, I feel that I follow both not through worship but through morals. Either way, in my dreams when I die, I end up in hell. In the dream with the explosion I remeber before I died, I started to pray to god. Which is odd for I have not prayed for years now, but either way I got to hell. In hell in my dream I remeber it not being all that bad, The last dream which was last week was that I died and went to hell and as a spirit got revenge on the people who ended my life. Does anyone have a good idea or meaning on what these dreams mean?

Example: Romantic Dream Meaning?

I had a dream where I was outside my school classroom kissing and huggging this boy, Who is also in my class. I dont really know if I have feelings for him I just think he is cute XD

What does the dream mean?

Example: What does the dream of moving house mean?

i dreamt i was moving house and don't know what it means

Example: What does my dream mean?

so in my dream
i was with my friend From church.. we were going to our friends house.. and for some reason i was walking with my pants down and my butt showing.. and i was cleaning my butt outside while standing and talking to my friend, in front of our friends house.. i had poop... i used some napkins and a rag to clean... I felt little embarrassed and then i acted like it was normal..and He wasn't disgusted.. as we went inside the house, i was still had poop..and i went into the restroom to sit on toilet..

and the restroom was beautiful. it was big. it had a closet that lead to the sink and mirror...in front of the toilet was a big open space, and a table shape floor was connected to the floor... meaning the floor had another layer over it...the bath room also had 2 step ways (meaning like a porch) (practically the bathroom was big enough to be a room that can hole a large bet, tv, shelves, sofa.).

what does this mean?

Example: Weird Dream.. What did it all mean?

So.. I was running and my boyfriend and my sister were in my garden with horses. I was running away from them and suddenly everything turned dark, and i felt really really scared. So i ran to the corner of a field, looking out on the world, but then I saw someone move in the trees, so i sprinted back to the house, and everything got lighter as i got closer when I saw a body under a pile of leaves. I only saw his face, which was tinted purple and he had black hair, So i screamed for my sister and my boyfriend, when he turned up a few seconds later he shot the body. The i woke up. Any ideas what this meant? I do quite believe in symbolism and psychics.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay so I have been having dreams about cats in my dreams for years.I'm a cat lover.I love all the cats on earth.However whenever I have a nightmare,I always see cats.And they are playing the bad role.there are no good cats in my dreams yet majority of the cats appear in my nightmares and they are playing the bad roles.Anybody know what it means? Does it means the cats hate me or something?

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