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Dream About Good Luck meanings

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I had a dream last night- and it is not a re-occurring one. It invovled a few people a knew, and a few i didn't know. The strangest part of this whole thing is that in my dream i was being taunted by what i would consider to be ghosts or spirits. There was no communication between us, just me saying "stop". In one part i was holding the hand of a little boy and protecting him i guess taking him somewhere safe, and as we would walk, the spirit or ghost would get in between us and separate our hands, and he would be walking the other direction and facing the other way holding the hand of the ghost/spirit. I am sure there was a lot more too it, and when the faces of the ghosts became more apparent, it was really scary. I woke up scared and i didn't want to go back to sleep. I was truly worried about going back to sleep. Is there anyone out there that can decipher this weird dream for me? should i be looking for something else? should i be worried? i have never been scared like this.

Sometimes dreaming is a "dump" of our stresses , and bits of TV, books, things we saw, things we read or heard about all get in there in a jumbled fashion. Write all your dreams down in a journal, write all the things you feel about them, you may discover the meanings that way. You may be trying to guide someone (in your life) to a help that they need, in spite of things that you can't really see or fight against like incomprehensible emotions or reasons for some strange behaviors. Do you have a friend in some kind of trouble or in a dilemma? Perhaps you? Or even you may be wishing for someone to take your hand? Or sometimes dreams are not dreams at all but sleeping actions of the subconscious. there may be some mystical meaning to your dream and some little boy's spirit sought you out for help. You seem like you were assisting if that was the case. You can change your dreams if you can realize you are dreaming, you can stop it, or you can direct it to be more comfortable for you. If you are a religious person pray before you sleep that you will not have scary dreams. God Bless and good luck.

Example: What do my money luck dreams mean?

Lately I've had some good money dreams. It started with a dream I was in a casino and played a single machine and instantly won a million dollars. In the next dream, I had an envelope full of tons of money stashed away. In the last dream, I won a castle in Ireland. What do these good money/luck dream symbols mean in the dream interpretation world? (Yes there are those of you that believe this stuff is garbage, and I really don't care. You're not witty and it's really kind of pathetic that you waste your time posting negative remarks, so just don't bother posting here okay?).

Example: Dreamt I had good exam results. Does this mean anything?

I've been stressing out about an exam I really want/need to pass. Results day is this Thursday and I dreamt that I had got 2 C's in Sociology. Last time I thought I did well I had a U... so I don't know what to think or expect, I'm terrified of failing.

Does it mean anything to dream of passing? Is it my subconscious reassuring me or am I thinking into the dream too much?

Example: In dreams, I hear spiders bring good luck, but what does this mean?

I had a dream where I saw a spider and got my handy bug catcher to take it outside. When I opened the contraption outside so it could crawl away it came out attached to a silk thread. When I tried to detach the thread, it wouldn't break easily. But after a lot of force to take it off, it finally broke with a loud sound that's sort of like wood splintering? Does this mean something significant?

Example: Hey, can you interpret this dream? Good Luck :)?

I hve been having the same dream for a few weeks now. It's never the exact same but the features are always simular.
For one, there's always a quest, sometimes i'm at the start of one, outside my house, in a beautiful green landscape, in the middle, where i'm walking through gorgeous hobbit like landscapes like the view from the elf villlage. But never at the end, the closest i've ever got to the end is when i was walking through a desert, possibly alone, possibly with one other person.
Another reccuring thing is the person. He's always male, a teenager, maybe just alittle older than myself, though he's only looked the same on two occasions with Black hair and dark eyes that, on one occasion were possibly green. When i'm oustide with him, he has flicky hair covering his eyes, a jacket, band t-shirt and jeans. He's always smiling. This has only been seen at the start of the journey. When i was in the middle of the quest at one point, my friend was in the place of the handsome happy stranger. We were in a cave, he seemed happy but not as happy as the other guy. But he was, still, handsome. While viewing the landscape and in the one desert dream, i could feel his presence, but never saw him. He didn't say anything. Everytime the person laughs, he has the laugh of my friend, the cave boy.
Though, one time, i had an almost seperate dream where this boy, around my age, who would fit the discription given earlier for the boy held my hand in a japanese room. I could feel the presence of other people but i think i only saw them once, but i can't quite remember who they were, possibly could have been one of my friends, but there was a blonde girl involved. He was daring, but farmiliar. In most of these dreams i've been in awe of the landscape, as well as suprised at this person being in my dream, as well as another thought of, i guess, fondness. Until i can't see them, then it's just an overbearing sense of there feelings, of them feeling something heavy, or maybe it's just their eyes staring at me
Any idea about what this is about? It would mean alot :)

Example: Does my dream mean good luck?

last night i had a dream that i checked my email and all i read was: "good luck marci" [my name is marci] and also had a dream that it was raining, does this mean good luck?
if not, does anyone know what it means?

Example: Dream meaning exhusband?

I never see my ex husband is smiling in my dream or I never see him in my dream closer to me.After three years of break up,I just could like someone else a little bit and getting bit prepared for another relation and I suddenly I saw his smily face in my dream .It was a very good smile and he was nearer to me and I was feeling good, which I always wanted from him.Does that mean anything?

Example: Does anyone know any good dream meaning websites ?

I really want to be able to understand what my dreams mean. I've looked online and found dream dictionaries. Some were a little bit of help but I was wondeing if anyone could give me some good websites or books that are really good and helpful. I really would rather not pay for anything but if you feel that if it is really helpful please share. Thanks

Example: What do good dreams mean?

Do dreams auctually tell you how your life will be in the future or is it just fake..?

Example: Dreams..bad luck or good luck?

i had a dream last night..i saw someone died..im not sure if it was a dream or maybe something i watched yesterday..but everytime i think about it..its seems like a dream..what does it men?is it bad or good luck?

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