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Dream About Good Deed meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream? whats it mean?

Ok I had this dream where my mom and I were walking into Famous Footwear.She tells me 2go look around, so I walk down a shoe aisle and all the sudden Im in Africa. I look around and this little African boy was standing next to me. He kept following me around, and then I finally asked him if he was hungry and he said yes. So I made him a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich, he took it gratefully and held me hand while he ate it. So we were walking around and people started coming to me and asking me 4peanut butter and jelly sandwichs, so I made them 4 everyone as fast as I could. Then i turned around and i was back in famous footwear (I did this multiple times) and I'd go down another shoe aisle and I was in Africa again. This time I went around asking who wanted pb+j and everyone did so I was making them and I was like 'I need more pb+j sandwichs, there's 2many' and I basically made a ton of sandwichs..what does my dream mean?

ur dream has some deep meanings hiden and knowing nothin about u i ll tr really hard to figer it out. unless u v seen soem tv report about starvation in africa or read it soemwhere and been touched really touched by it and it s been there in ur uncociousness, then ur to be in a new far lands doing something where u ll be really needed. the last part of ur dream might indicate that u might have soem funding problem though . my advice to u is if ur going to make any major desion u need to plan it well. teh mother represents teh goodness and kindness in the deeds ur goin to do. footwear or acatully famouse footwear means that ur goin to take after soem famouse figer who woudl inspire u to do the good deeds or to go in teh mission in the new far land. africa always represents hardship and mystery. peanunt and jelly might be teh cheapest thnign u can actaully feed and teh minimum and father can provide to hsi kids, so i think u wont have much dogh to start ur hounry again lack of funding, yet ir represents the very need for ur help with whatever u can afford no matter hwo little
good luck and sleep well:)

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so my dream was like about me falling in love with this unknown dude
The dream started off with my mom freaking out about my sister being missing and I somehow knew where she was (twin telepathy) the somehow I’m ignoring her and end up going to my next next door neighbors house in this supper hot outfit and I’m talking to this girl but I didn’t see her face and while I’m talking to her I notice that there’s this dude starring at me by the corner. He had black hair and blue eyes and he was a delinquent. Somehow I end up going somewhere and end up back at that party and my mom is there in her night gown. Also I’m with my lost sister right now and my mom says what are we doing her and I walk up and kiss the black hair blue eyed guy and say to my mom this is what I’m doing here then my mom drags us out then that boy leaves I guess embarrassed and I fallen him and it turn out that he live in the trailer park right next to my house and I fallen him and I ask him if I’ll ever see him again and he just like hugs me and goes throw his fone and says put your number in and so I do but I forget my cell phone at home so he can’t put his number in. then the next day I see this little girl in the street looking lost so I offer to take her home and she lives in the trailer park to and somehow the park is having like a second Halloween and like it’s really all spooky and then the black hair blue eyed boy scares me and says take care of my little sister then cuts across this field and then I go fake trick or treating with the girl and nobody would give me any candy because they said they didn’t know me and at the ended of the dream I end up stealing a yogurt and then I woke up also I don’t even know who the guy is in this dream was I only knew my mom n sister in this dream so this dream was really weird can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Example: What did this dream mean? ramadan?

i had a dream that:
there was a girl from my class (at school), she's muslim but she doesn't really practice her faith, and i rarely ever talk to her. so she came up to me and started talking to me and started saying that the world's gonna end REALLY soon, and that i THINK she said that we should all repent (can't remember properly). she was talking about how all the signs have already come, and that we only have a few years left

what did it mean? could it be from Allah swt? plz help.. i woke up really scared
jazakhallah khayr

no BS answers

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was attacked by nine snakes. I know there's a lot of meanings for being attacked by snakes, but is there a meaning for a certain number of them? Please and thank you

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have had reccouring dreams that I got braces and that I was in the orthodontist getting them put on. In real life I had braces from 1983-1985.

I had a dream that I kissed my fromer supervisor on the lips and gave him a big hug and in real life he was the most arrogant supervisor I ever had and also at times acted like a jerk.

I have also had dreams that my mother died and my younger brother died but in real life they are alive and doing well.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a snow angel?

in my dream I made a snow angel after going down this hill of snow.

What does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I always see people ask these questions and i never read them so i figured i would ask and see what kinds of answers i may get. I rarely ever dream so when i had this one i didn't know whether to be scared or what. Alright so this is how to starts, I was at my house that is pretty knew we have lived here a year and i was on the main floor with all of my family and we were getting ready to go out to eat but no one could find my dad so my mom asked me to go downstairs and look for him. When i did i checked the main part then one room and then the next. In this room there are two window wells and i have no idea how but one of the floors or the window well was on a hinge and opened. It was insane to me. When i first looked down there i saw a REALLY nice room and since there were steps going down there i decided to check it out. I walked through that room and saw two more. They all were crazy nice and all had flat screens. I don't know why but that really stood out to me. So after i explored these three rooms i went up and got my grandpa and he went down there with me. When i showed him we ended up finding stairs. When we went down there it was just like the basement we have but way bigger and way nicer. There was a pool table ping pong and foos ball. There was also a room all by itself with a hot tub and a sauna. And what was weird was there were two tubes sitting high and they said Mom and Dad. And i can't remember how but i figured out that they were to burn their parents. I guessed that it was the person who lived there before us who made this. But all i could think when i figured that out all i could think was that this guy was a psychopath. And there was this one think that totally was weird. On the very bottom floor there was a door like a walk out basement and there was like a whole nother neighborhood that i have never seen before and i wanted to go out side soooooo bad but when i went to two people came to the door and knocked and i don't know why but my grandpa freaked out and we ran upstairs really fast and i never got to look at the outside. And then when we were upstairs we all left to eat Italian food and my dad was there but other than that he wasn't in the dream and all he said was why don't u get some shrimp. So i got five different kinds of shrimp. And it seemed sooooooo real! I forgot to mention but somewhere in the dream i texted one of my friends to say come check out my house and he never did but when i woke up i had to check my phone to see if i really texted him. I didn't of course. So please i know that this is very long but please i would appreciate if you would read it and tell me. It was insanely real and i have NO idea what it could mean at all.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok for some dream expert out there lol i dreamt that this one really popular guy in my grade was supposed to sing at this concert thingy at a huge stadium.well,i went there to watch him with my parents and i ran into my guy best friend,but i just stood there and looked at him and i couldnt say anything.what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at the store with my mom,a friend, my brother and one of his friends. I used to like my brother's friend a very long time ago. like 8 years ago. anyway we were all at this antique store (I think) and my mom was talking to my brother and when they finished, my brother hande me a mirror. he said it was from his friend. I said "aw" and I tried to hug him but it didn't seem to want a hug so I was like "OK" and after my brother gave me the mirror he said "what can I say? the guy has money" and we left and as we were walking out I gave him a hug from behind and he didn't stop me that time. and then I woke up! lol, does that mean I'm a gold digger or somethng!?!?

Example: What does this dream mean?

A few days ago, in my dream, an invisible 'one' told me that he is Shiva and gave me money, but he also asked me to perform some good deeds. Thus, I replied yes and aksed,'Shall I donate the money you just gave me to those in need?' Then I handed the money to a group of people who look poor in a painting. Subsequently, I could feel and see my physical body who is sleeping having intense kundalini surging upward top the crown chakra! I could feel this very intensely too even in the dream state.

Then in another dream, I was ordered to shoot some one with a gun who is gonna kill me with a gun too. Finally, I shot him. And there was a fire all around that I fled from that place immediately. The dream is over.

This is probably the oddest dream I have ever had till now. and it would be the first dream in which I kill people...

what do you think it would like to tell me?

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