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Dream About Gong meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dream mean?

So when I was a child ( I think I was about 5) I had a dream and it is the only childhood dream I can remember. So basically I was laid in bed and lifted my head up to see all these people that looked like ghosts circling my bedroom ( most of them looked like family that's still alive I.e brothers, mum etc) , I sat up and started to really panic then a man came forward and sat on my bed next to me and touched my back which automatically made me feel calm he then said "don't worry everything is gong to be ok you don't need to worry. later in my childhood I realised it looked like my uncle that died about 5 years before I was born. What could this mean?

Eliot k spams that line hundreds of times. He doesnt really care about putting forth the effort to actually interpret things. Means your uncle is in heaven and things will work out foryou. Might be jesus or yeshua in disguise

Example: I had a dream about killing a racist rapist in my room with a knife what does it mean?

It was me my father and the racist rapist. They were both cooking crabs and the rapist's crabs looked good. Then we all went to my room after talking my dad left me alone with the attacker. I stood up and he grabbed me so I grabbed one of my souvenir chinese knifes and stab him in the arm with it multiple times. I was now on top of him (no homo) and then I kept yelling,"Im in control". He continued to struggled so I stabbed him in his neck and I left the room. I went downstairs and told my dad and he was surprised at what happened. Then I woke up. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean am I going to hell?

Well I was in a ten foot story high temple and I was ringing a gong to let everybody know that Judgement Day was here, and we had to kill the reaper or he would take us all to Hell. And there were torches on the brick walls. Seperating the room was a pit that seemed to be an endless hole that led to Hell. On the sides were demons gripping the walls. They didnt even look human they looked like black creatures. And then Remington a bully from my school who tortures me everyday ran in and jumped over the pit, he was carrying a spear. The ground rumbled and shook with roars and rage. I lost my balance but caught it again and Remington fell to the ground but got back up and ran at me. He tried to hit me with his spear but I dodged it with the gong ringer then he punched me in my face. We were trying to end each other, and I touched the side of my jaw and said, "So you wish to kill me, when you could go and kill him and send him back to Hell, this I can not allow!". I dropped my gong and picked up two spears and then we began trying to hit each other but dodged with our weapons. I kicked him in to the brick wall then the ground shook and we both lost our balance again. The door opened and outstepped a 7 foot skeleton in a black hooded cloak with red glowing eyes. I backed up but still held my spears, he spotted me first and ran at me. I jumped to a space that had a huge pole and there was the Pit next to me, I dropped my spears in to the pit and kneeled as I looked at the reaper and said, "I am your servant I am your servant!". He looked at me and I pointed to Remington and said, "But he was sent to kill you!". He ran after Remington and I smiled evily and walked off. Remington's friends ran in and jumped over the pit. Remington's sister Princessa also came in and so did my older sister. Princessa said, "Remington, you can kill him!". Remington's friends yelled and one of them found a golden spear since the reaper's weakness was gold. He tossed the spear at the reaper but I caught it. Remington grabbed a torch off the brick wall and threw it at the reaper and started a huge fire. I then said, "Yes this is our golden gate way to the father of the gates!". I threw the spear at the reaper but Remington jumped and caught it. When the reaper ran at him, he stabbed it in the heart still holding on to it. I kneeled down near the pit and yelled, "Nooooooo!" in defeat. He let go of the spear and the reaper's eyes turned from red to dark as he died and lost it's balance and fell in to the Pit. Remington's friends ran off but our sisters didn't and then the ground shook and me and Remington fell in to the Pit. Remington grabbed a hold of a rock and reached for the ledge with both arms. I also grabbed a rock on the side and reached for the ledge managing to grip it tightly. The demons were pulling on our legs forcing us to let go. I called out for my sister to help me but she said, "No!". And ran off. I burst in to tears as I called out my sister's name again. I looked at how Princessa grabbed Remington and lifted him back up and they both ran out but finally I lost all my courage I had of living and I let go of the ledge letting the demons have me. The pit rumbled and closed. But then I saw the outside of the pyramid as Remington and Princessa and my sister got on the ledge and grabbed the ladder to climb and on the outside of the pyramid was no ground and just a tornadoe and there was dark clouds rumbling with lightning then a ladder appeared and they climbed it to get to Heaven. What does this dream mean? Am I going to hell? Ten points... I am only thirteen years old by the way.

Example: What did this dream mean?

I was gong to softball with my sister. Once we got there it started to rain, I ran to a dugout away from my family. All of a sudden a tornado appears, then its started changing colors. Once it hit the ground It disappeared, then out of nowhere 4 fountains appeared in the ground. Then they started to shoot water out, but the water started changing colors, the same colors as the tornado. What does this dream mean?

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

Im a 30 year old married women with 2 children, in may this year i lost my nan rather suddenly and quite unexpected. For the first 4-6 weeks i was really scared and frightened of being in my house without another adult present, i don't know why as my nan and me was rather close and we cared for each other dearly. I don't know why i was scared ive never really believed in seeing ghosts or shadows.
Over the past few weeks ive been having some dreams about her and they've all sempt really real.

1) My nan took ill and we had to take her to hospital, there was no wheelchairs available to take her to the department where she needed to go so we walked her there holding hers arms, as we was walking down the corridor her legs gave way and she collapsed and died there and then.

2) This was the dream i had last night, at some point when my mum was younger my nan had interfere with her but all the details had only just been brought out into th open, it had all gone to court and she was facing the jury, my mum wasn't allowed to go, id given a statement so was my choice if i went or not, my older sister went and i could see her sat at the back of the room as clear as day wearing a bright orange top...apparentlyy my nan had started biting people and kicking them, i saw her sat at the front in a wheel chair, with mouth guards over her lips so shecouldn'tt bite and she had braces on her legs which was fastened to the wheelchair so shecouldn'tt kick... the jurywasn'tt taking place in a proper court it was like in a hotel as at the same time as this taking place a friend of mine was getting married, i kept gong from one event to the other...

It was really upsetting and i woke this morning with tears rolling down my face..

Why am i dreaming things like this and what do they means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed I was on a blue bus and it was gong downhill and I didn't know anyone on it except for my little brother.
And than we were driving down this hill and the bus driver just let go of the wheel and I was like WHAT ARE YOU doing?! But it didn't answer me.
So we were going down this hill and the bus was out of control.
And than we got down to the bottom of the hill and I remember my brother was on the ground on the road and we weren't on the bus anymore and he was all bloody and ripped & dead.

Than I thought of Old Yeller.

What does this dream mean?


Example: Dream about gong on a trip meaning?

I had a dream that my class were going on a trip and I chose not to go. But at the last minute I changed my mind and ran onto the bus. On the bus I swapped phones with somebody. I remember the teacher said we'd be back at 11.30 and people were commenting on how short the journey was compared to the last time when the bus driver took the long route. Also at the beginning of my dream there was nobody in my class because they were all going on the trip and I wasn't so the teacher told me to sit in another teachers class. What does this mean?

Example: Dream, what could it mean?

I had a dream that I was leading a 100 men army against another army with 100 men. It was much like a berserker army that was organized. We were lined up in a grass field 50 meters apart. When we went to war they attacked first. They fired arrows. My men pulled up their shields. Everyone was fine, few injured. I then told my men to set arrows up to then fire. They fired. The same thing happened. I then told them to set arrows up again. They did. I changed my decision to charge. I yelled charge! My army didnt listen they just stood there. I then yelled it again. They leader of the other army was looking at me.

I saw one of my friends faces in the sky(confusing part). I have no idea why but it was huge. Then I decided to just charge alone and take them all out. I went after the leader. The enemy army just stood there while I was trying to take the leader out. They fired arrows at me while I blocked them. Every time I threw my mace at the leader while he was running my mace got heavy and slowed. I kept trying. A few of the men in the opposing army came after me(5-10) I was blocking all their hits while I was still trying to take down the leader. While that was gong on the rest of the army started firing arrows at me point blank. While my army stood there.


What does this dream mean?

Example: Sexual dreams what does it mean?

ok so ive had these sexual dreams about me and my boyfriend, now weve been together for about a year, but we haven't had sex or anything, our relationship is way more than just that, but I know that ive had dreams that we were about to have sex, but it always stops at the same place, like I just have to wait and see whats gong to happen next, im kind of anchous to do something with him, but im not in a rush, yes we love each other, but i just want to know what is going on with these dreams and what they mean,..can someone help me ad give me a real answer...thanks

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 2 weeks and 2 days, but we talk everyday when i see him! we never lose contact with each other we are always talking...lol but anyway i was talking to him last night, and i was really sleepy so i got off, and i was thinking of him alot before i finally fell asleep. well i had a dream about me and him laying on a table cloth in the park, in the middle of the night, underneath the beautiful stars! well we were laying there, and then he put his arms around me, and kissed me. Then we lay in that position with me looking in his eyes for a while, and then he says
(my name here) i love yoiu, and i can't spend another day away from you, you are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, and we are gong to be together forever! he proposed to me, and i said yes, and then the rest of the dream was just us laying in each others arms kissing every now and then! The weird thing is that we had been talking about getting married when we get older! what do you think about this dream? and what do you think of him, because the dream was just like him!...lol

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