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Dream About Gomorrah meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream of the future?...i need help to calm my thoughts...?

is it really that far fetched. i just want to go back to sleep, i need help to calm my thoughts... all of this was shown to me in a dream of flashes...images and emotions mostly...i dont know what to think about it so woke up to decide to write it down..please tell me what u think...is it possible...or likely?

1. Farmers will see a cloning facility within 30 to 70 yrs for prized animal of high quality meat , or wool within states or towns and eventually the farm. they already clone crops...

2. there would come a day where we will come to hate and spite humanity and we will want to shed our "imperfections" within ourselves with genetic engineering. then, come to regret such a choice for we will lose that which makes us human. all in a moment of desperation.

3. civil war will rise in all nations because of an awakening of the next step in the human evolution process. or also people will finally understand control is habit or habitat. this will need to happen or else there will be a destruction of man kind by its own hands.

4. the greatest losses have yet to occur. earth is going through plantery changes i that have yet to come full circle. and we are only at the tip. ...the smallest effects the weakest...that's what he siad...it freaked me out he then went on to talk about how the earth was in a nirvana state of mediation and we woke it up now it will go through the changes of fall back into a mediation state. we woke something we have no understanding of.

5. walls will be built, to keep out the flood, but will fail,tax dollars spent on protection of estate instead of reverence of life and a star of hope.

6. the rhetoric will contune is both houses but there need to feed will grow like any leach on a good idea, a true noble politician ponders the form from a independent view on morals and ethics not by how large there wallet is, there will come a day such as in Rome...that America will fall from grace, and it is to the people to that the responsibility it is to hold firm the ideas and beliefs it was originally founded on not how it has been diluted.when there is nothing left, there is always hope. patience and wisdom are 1 of the same.

7. somethings will disappear all completely like Atlantis, will eventually become a myth of pictures and words. to coast lines beware. along with all life that exist along it.

8. crop climates will change.

9.AI will emerge from multiple lines of code from software that preexists and already exist in entertainment, and defense, and enlightenment. the creator will be a boy at heart.

10. deserts will emerge along with high ways that once boar meadows and Forrest...lighting absorbers.

11. space shuttles will have a Electro Magnetic Compressor to store energy and and field always in flux around it a alternative energy source while in flight around a planet instead of anti mater or z? wtf does that mean.

12. a war for "power".

13. technology will go through a golden age then and dark age because of greed of numbers changing of torch..

14. a microphone that listens to the waves of sounds that the earth gives off will be used in a sattleite, a software program will then break down the data and layers of audio overlay to determine what someone or something is saying at all time or the location of a object.

15.more commercials...god damnt.

16. the ability to understand and travel back in time but not but travel to a overlaying universe where time travel is possible...

17. a computer that can computer and interpit 1photon and 0 electron as they are fired and received delivering information back to us from another space and time.

18. Stem cell grown food products and leather and fur clothing wear.

19 biological computers "plants"

20. the sphere of entertainment. ge step into a bubble and it projects light in a 360 radius around the sphere, now the light is a multiple tv projector . and the sphere is a specific for of plastic screen...now imagining gaming or traveling in a vehicle unoperated by a man inside but outside. somewhere else...this vehicle can fly or travel in space...or a military vehicle.

21. a universal defense system and unity will be establish among nations for the safty of man kind against itself.

22. insurance company's and some banks will fall to mother nature and her elements...especially liquid.and they knew about it for yrs.

23. people of "higher status" will limit the spread of culture still by charging money for it and punishing though who want to enlightenment one self...the internet and p2p is way of culturing oneself with movies and songs, and story's...and they will try to eliminate the source...2018...something...2012 because of the build up...and the meet up.

24. things will become more community orientated and work will only get harder and longer, and longer and longer...
that's all he said. weird...nothing about aliens thoug

i see greed getting so strong that any city that has the most will go the way of sodom and Gomorrah
Don McClanen thinks a condition called pleonexia has overtaken the U.S. 'Pleonexia is an insatiable need for more of what I already have, and it has penetrated our culture to the point where people are angry at the poor,' he states."
Jaye Scholl; Don McClanen Offers the Wealthy a Different Kind of Freedom; Barron's (New York); Sep 18, 2000.

Example: Isnt it time for some serious disipline in this country?

@ Mr. President. That's Republican truth. Which can mean only one thing. And there is no chance of me being mistaken for a Republican sir. I have my own ideas of conservative values. For instance some of the things you guys do. I wouldn't dream of doing or saying. I couldn't in all honesty face the nation knowing I felt that way about my fellow man. So you see. There is no chance I could be mistaken.

Example: Is this the American dream?

Boring, soulless 9-5 job where you work all day, come home as the day ends, tired and cranky and you only have enough time and energy to park your @ss on the couch and watch TV before its time to go to bed, wake up and do it all over again the next day. Meanwhile more than half of your money is spent on bills and taxes to bail out banks who lend fraudulent predatory loans to people. And your 401K is likely to be taken away from you by the Government.Then one day you wake up, look in the mirror and you're 50 years old. Where did the time go? what have you done with your life? why hasn't your career progressed? why are you in the EXACT same spot that you were at when you were 30?

Is that the American dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've had this dream 5 times this month. A giant black octopus Is going across the land and what ever it touched with its tentacles gets turned to grey ash and falls to the ground leaving all the cities as little more than a wasteland of ashes. after the octopus leaves people are statues made out of the ash still in the same poses as they were when they were killed by the octopus.
What does this dream mean ?

Example: Has ANY Middle Eastern Country achieved anything NEAR to what Israel has achieved?

Granted, some middle eastern countries may have been great sometime in their past, but I'm talking about NOW, in the present, modern world.

Israel does not destroy homes of palestinians, since there IS no palestinian people. There are arabs living on Israeli land.

The Pals must be absorbed by the local arab nations as recompense for the costs israel has incurred by absorging all the Jews kicked out of the middle eastern countries.

It just about evens out.

Think of it as a population exchange, which is not uncommon after a war.

Example: If God destroyed Sod dam and Gomorrah what makes people believe he won't destroy the world?

We are at war here in America '
Concerning people who cannot protect us pearl harbor, was proof nine 11, was proof' There letting everyone walk on us that has money that is the proof'' There not there for us there there for the money, and the proof is now there sharing it with us.
I am not sure what the answer is but" I no this there not as smart as they seem' If they where I would not be righting this ' because I would feel safe.
If we where attacked by china again simaltainiously by Russia and Japan do you think we would survive' The only posable chance we have is to find unseen ways to deal with the threats As men of old did threw angelic faith I pray and it happens simple and efficient invisible prolific powers that I cannot explain who can stop a ghost lolI pray he dreams of the poor because there hurting now.
I pray he dreams of the corruption in his country because I am in the middle of it.
I pray we dream of the good things people, wright about.
I pray we dream about the special interest markets that are killing us.I pray we dream of the poor because there hurting now.
I pray we dream of the corruption in his country because I am in the middle of it.

Example: If you think you''re going to go to heaven, then you''d better watch this?

Anyone who has heard of the cities of "Sodom and Gommorah" knows that they were notorious hotbeds of homosexuality. Gen 19:5-8 "and they called to Lot and said to him, 'Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.' But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him, and said, 'Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly.'" The Greek word in the New Testament for homosexuality is literally "a sodomite". Jock is trying to redefine what the term "sodomite" means. (A term that has unchanged in 5000 years, even today- "sodomy") Apart from the fact the city was clearly destroyed by God because of homosexuality in the narrative of Gen 19, even the New Testament clearly states exactly the same thing in Jude 7 "Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange f

Example: I had a dream from God, but I don''t know the meaning yet?

So I never ever remember my dreams and last night, I asked God to give me a dream from Him. Well, I ended up remembering my dream when I woke up this morning. In my dream, there was this gigantic fire..I mean like.. the biggest one I've ever seen. The whole town was lit up and glowing with orange. It started on the mountain and made it's way into town, then I noticed it was falling from the sky..there was so much fire, I couldn't believe it. For some strange reason, I wasn't scared. The fire started getting closer and closer and I saw an old man with a bucket of water trying to put it out. So, I walked up towards the man and this fire and the fire seemed to disappear when I got close. The man looked at me amazed that it was all gone and I woke up.

This isn't the first dream from God I've had. I've actually had several, I just need help finding the meaning. Are there any Bible stories about fire falling from the sky that I haven't read?

Thank you all so much! :D

Example: What does it mean if I dreamed about multiple people who represented the devil?

I had a dream about 2 weeks ago about 3 people who may have represented the devil. The first 'devil' was extremely sexual and was always trying to persuade me to do things with him. At first I never gave in, but eventually I did. I got so sick of being treated like a thing rather than a person, so I began to shun him from my mind. I was so angry and tried to force him out of my head one time, that he just vanished. I looked everywhere in my house for him, but he was gone. The second devil was quiet and usually watched me from a far. I thought it was creepy and so I tried to block him out of my thoughts. He vanished right away. That left me with the third devil. I do remember they all had names, but I only remember the third devil's name. His name was Lott. I only remember that because in the dream he persisted that I get his name right and I always repeated it in my head. I always thought it was strange that his name was Lott with two T's. Lott could make me jump through memories. In one memory, I was in a dark house that was two stories. I was in the upstairs portion in what looked like a boy's bedroom. The TV inside the room was on, but it was just a dark screen. I was terrified, because I could hear Lott breathing behind me. The thrill it gave me was such a rush, I didn't want to get rid of him yet. I soon realized the memory I was in was Lott's. It was his room from when he was younger, before he was a 'devil'. I didn't understand any of it. I can't clearly remember the end, except for I became so scared of Lott that I forced him out of mind like the other 2. But when Lott was forced out, he didn't vanished, he sort of freaked out and tried to kill himself. That's all I remember. What could this dream mean?

Example: I had a dream about God, please help?

Im a born again christian but to be honest i am not fully devoted. Last night i dreamed about God and Jesus Christ, and they were inside a church/temple. And i fell to my knees and began crying and worshipping and an older lady gave me a blue book with gold pages and she told me something but i cant remember what she told me. And i heard Christ said "It will begin 2015". I searched up biblical events and saw that theres a Red Moon occurring on 2015 on Jewish Passover. My question is what does this dream mean? I have never dreamed about God, please help.

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