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Dream About Golf Tee meanings

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Example: My dream is a career in golf can it be possible?

I onceed dreamed of being a pro golfer but at age 31 and being a 6 handicap it ain't gonna happen. college is not my thing i'm an business owner by nature. I want to own a 9 hole golf course super nice but I have researched that it cost millions of dollars to do so. So it seems the next best thing in a local inner city driving range and 3 hole practice facility. Would take about 28 acres including a restaurant and retail center. Is this possible or profitable? were talking construction golf simulators inventory the land equipment cheaper than a golf course but could it work. I mean regardless of my effort is this a good model?

okay mike, i am going to share some ideas with you, and if you want to discuss further, my email will be at the end.
i have worked in the shop and taught at a successful 9-hole course and practice range, with pro shop and small grill. and i have taught shortgame at over 60 courses in the u.s. i have worked in the pro shop at the #1 resort in the u.s. (kiawah). and i have thought of my own practice range for 15 years.
everything i write will be on the conservative or, room to spare, side. i.e. can be done for less.

no matter what the parameters are, yes, it will cost a lot. but people can get creative with leases and construction and partnering, so i won't speculate a number.
your 28 acre estimate is pretty close, depending on some variables. here's how i break it down ...
1 acre - parking
1/4 acre (10,500 sq.ft.; which is huge) for pro shop, grill, video/teaching center, club-fitting center, simulators/game room, fitness center.
if i were doing it, the pro shop would be within the bar/grill area. you can't compete with other entities for balls, shirts, clubs, shoes, etc. what you can provide are "emergency" items (gloves, shoe laces, tees, beverages).

5 acres - for the range and holes, think of 1 acre = square areas of 70 yards by 70 yards. so for a full size range, at least 5 acres (70 by 350). so for the range of maybe ~ 17 stations, shorten to ~300 and widen to ~25-28 stations.

12 acres ... for a par 5 hole = 6 acres. instead of 3 holes, maybe 2 par 5's, "down and back". 5 acres, plus back space.
1/2 acre - maintenance building

okay, here's the deal. golf is very traditional, as you know. and if you are truly aware, QUALITY shortgame practice areas are very rare. people think they should replicate/be similar to a course - not true! a dedicated sand/bunker area would be great. a dedicated chipping/pitching area would be great. a dedicated quality turf putting green would be great.

there are many options that depend on your local market and demographics (is there a golf bigbox store nearby?, are there restaurants nearby?, course nearby?, etc.).

if possible, having lights for night practice can set you apart from other "courses". people work, some golfers want to practice at night during the week. saturday and sunday are a given, if you can be open at night mon-fri, it will set you apart. but more for electric bills.

if you want people to keep coming back, #1 is having quality practice balls. #2 is turf conditions. shop and restaurant are way down the priority list; and can be a headache and major investment and overhead.
some courses are now transitioning to charging $10-20 per hour practice time. and i think this could work.
if i was going to eliminate one thing, it would be the golf holes. except you'll need the equipment to maintain practice areas and range, so why not have a couple holes. but if you're pressed for acreage, then consider that option.

so, to answer your question, is it possible? sure. need investors and market research and quality decisions. do you want to struggle like most other ranges, or do you want to be bold and look to the future? what can you do differently, to set you apart?

to summarize, i would have have quality balls, turf, fitter, teachers, simulators. if you provide a good environment, you can get a cut of each situation.


Example: What does golf mean to you?

What does golf mean to you? Sport, recreation, lifestyle? Please post an answer if you actually play golf :)

Example: Full times golf Academy for high school students?

So im looking for full time golf academy with board if possibly please find one under 40,000. Like JPGA or something similar.

Example: Will I make the PGA Tour?

I am a 4 handicap and I consistently shoot in the mid 70s for an 18 hole round of golf. I'm only 16 1/2 years old and I play on my high school golf team as the number one seed. My overall question is what should I do at this point and do I have a chance at living my dream and making the PGA Tour? Thank you!

Example: Derealization am i experiencing it?

well seeems i have been stuck i this state of "high" for over a week and a half now.. i started to notice it a little when i went out wiht a few friends.. and i had a fw drinks and when i got home i tried to sleep and it was almost impossible. and i had work at 5am.. i doubt i even slept and if i did it was for only like one hour at the most..so i still went to work tihnkin i was just hungover and i drank a shot of energy drink and had a cup of coffee at work..the most scariest thing happened. i started feeling very drowsy and very panicy i dint know what was happeneing everything looked so different and when ppl talked to me it was soo wierd liek i was almost high.. i went home sick and only lasted at work for about 3 1/2 hours..i thought i wqas just lacking sleep..then when i woke up i felt so depressed sad and tired all i could do was cry fro the next few days i was just so depressed and sad.. i went to the doctors did a blood test and it came bout fine..ever since then ive been feeling a lot better o more sad or depressing feeling but i have this feeling of being a little high whenever i go out..i jsut dont feel the same..it hard to explain almost as if everything is a little off or i mean in a dream,

Example: When would I use a 1 iron?

One of my friends gave me his 1 Iron which are rare to come by since they're stuck at the bottom of the lakes at every golf course. I can't hit it good at all but if I got better when would I use it? Would it be better to use than my driver?

Example: Does the man make the words, or do the words make the man?

Obama, got me thinking about this. The whole speech about how I have a dream wasn't just words... According to him the words make the man, he is arguing that because he has good things to say that means he will make a good leader. I would argue that this is not true. Words are meaningless, unless the person saying the words has proved him or herself.
A quote to prove my point.
"May the time not be far off when all other European nations will come to the realisation that the primary necessity is putting an end to the quarrels and strife of centuries and of building up of a finer community of all peoples is: The recognition of a higher common duty arising out of common rights."
A beautiful quote... by Adolf Hitler.
Words are just words. The actions of the man give the words value, otherwise its just a slogan, just empty words. What do you say?

Example: If I'm breaking 80, could I make it to the PGA? How long would it take?

Hello all,

I'm 24 and started golfing when I was 10 years old - competitively at 14 - freshman golf. I tried out, shot a 70 on 9 holes (yes, lol), and obviously didnt make the team. I practiced a ton the following summer and winter (off season for HS), then the next year, tried out and made the JV team. I shot 3rd best on the team, with a season average of 42 on 9-holes. I continued to play my Junior year, improving my score, but did not make the Varsity reserve (level below varsity) team my senior year because the coach said I didn't play competitively enough over summer (tournaments, etc) even though I was shooting around 80 by then.. I knew I wasnt good enough for varsity, but oh well..

Anyways, I went to college, didnt play too much (not enough money), but could still keep my 9 hole score around 45. This year, my score at the beginning of the season was averaging 90 on 18 holes playing from the back tees. I hit a long ball (average 300-310 yard drive) and can usually make up a stroke or two on the par 5's. In the beginning of the season I was losing a lot of balls causing the 90. So I took a lesson, and spent a lot of time playing golf this summer. I was at the range over lunch from work about 3-4 times per week, and playing 9 or 18 holes about 2-3 times a week.. So basically almost golfing every day. I played in a league (semi-competitive) and had the lowest handicap of 5. I think I played about 40 rounds of golf this year total :). Pretty good for Wisconsin due to the short season and considering I was still working full-time M-F.

Over the course of this year, with 2 lessons from a certified golf pro (and former Nationwide tour competitor), and countless hours practicing and playing, I've dropped my average from 90 to around 78. My drives are very long now and a large percentage are in the fairway.. I lose maybe 1 ball per round now or less, and I'm making a lot more putts. I've even managed to hit a few 340 yard holes with a green in one and eagle the par-4s! :) I still need some work on my short approach (from inside 130 yards - VERY crucial since with a 300 yard drive, even from the back tees I'm usually around 100-120 into the green for second shot). Since I've been playing for a while, I've learned to have a short memory with bad shots, and I think my mental game is better than it's ever been.

All in all, I'd love to take a shot at going pro, but I just wonder how feasible it is. Work sucks right now, and I'd love to take the chance to pursue my dream, however even though my job isn't the best, I don't want to completely give up on my job since I need the experience for my resume if I don't get to go pro (which seems more likely). I'm more than motivated to spend some good time practicing in the off season and maybe getting involved in some tournaments next year. I wish that I could find a way to really take a season and focus on my game, but still make the $18.50/hour I'm making now.. only at part time.. Any suggestions on how I could reach my goal, or if it's even feasible?

Thanks in advance!

Example: Describe people with these names?

IM NOT having a baby and don't plan to any time soon haha. but i looove these names! Describe the person that comes up in your head when you hear these names... not neccessarily based on someone you know.. which name is your favorite?


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