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Dream About Golf Cart meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i was at my grandparents old housewith my brother and father on a golf course
and my dad was driving a golf cart which he drove into a lake.after we got out i saw a ufo and said,hey look theres a ufo" then we started walking toward my grandparents house when i saw another ufo.i turned around and saw a pitch black dragon REALLY far away.all of a sudden it appeared over the house,blew fire at my brother and killed him,then ate my dad,and just killed me in a way i cant remember.then my grandma came out and said,good boy!"and petted the dragon on the head

To see your grandparents in your dream, symbolizes love, security, wisdom and protection.�

To dream that you are searching for your grandparents, signifies your search for love and protection. You may be regressing to childhood needs.

***maybe you are not feeling protected by your grandmother for some reason

To see a dragon in your dream, signifies that you let yourself get carried away by your passion. This kind of behavior may lead you into the hands of enemies. You need to exercise some self-control.

In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune.

To dream that you are a dragon and breathing fire and everyone, suggests that you are using your anger to get your own way.

****your dreams are unique and our minds conjer up some crazy things that sometoimes truly mean nothing. but i analyze any dreams that seem odd. happy dreaming :O)

Example: What did my dream mean?

I'll try to make this short.
I watch the tv show Bones a LOT. I'm kind of obsessed with it.
So last night I had this dream that I saw Emily Deschanel and David Boreanz (The actors who play the main characters on the show) and they were sitting in a golf cart, shooting for Bones. (And by that I mean shooting footage and stuff not a gun). I approached them and I was really excited. Deschanel had to go somewhere. I said something like I love you on Bones and she said"So do a lot of people". Then she left. I approached Boreanz and I said how much I liked Bones an he made some kind of sarcastic comment. Everybody (the cast, the directors, the camera people, etc.) laughed along with him. I was very embarrassed and I can seem to remember any more.
This is going to spin stupid but I'm actually really upset about this because I LOVE Bones and I can't help feeling like these two actors hate me. (Again, stupid, I know)
But can someone please tell me what they think this means because I have no idea. Thanks.

Example: What does these dreams mean?

I've been having dreams about wolves chasing me in dreams but they are all outside my porch.Not only wolfs but a tiger to and tonight I had a dream about a man in a white vest first being outside my house then on my porch breaking into my house,sitting in a chair in my house looking through a camera thing or a gadget of something, each time when i saw the man I kept telling my mom that there was a strange man trying to get into our house and she wouldn't believe me and i would go back and the man would be even closer but each time my mom still didn't believe me until i screamed that the man was inside the house and he appeared by the door and my mom screamed and then I ended the dream.Now that i think of it each time the man got closer I got to see more of what he looked like but I never got to see his face to much and when he was sitting down the gadget covered his facial features.When I had this dream i began to think of other dreams like this and I remember the ones of how I was going to school but i lost my key and I was going out the sliding glass door onto my porch but there was a tiger outside the sliding glass door pacing and I was afraid to go outside. Then I had dreams about wolves outside my porch everywhere there was wolves outside my house more then 20 and yet again I couldn't leave. Another dream with a wolf is that i had a dream that a wolf was my friend and he had to leave but another wolf was keeping him from leaving and at the very end of the dream my friend wolf whined at me then backed away when he saw the other wolf coming out from the bush and me and the other wolf looked straight at each other. Now the final dream I had about wolve's was probably a continuation of the one dream with 20 wolves but I had jeep to get to school and there was another dream of a wolf tribe or clan of indians in another jeep keeping me from going to school and the 20 other wolves were chasing me and before i could get to school the dream ended. What the hell? All the scary dreams I've had involve my porch and it's really freaking me out. The outside of my porch IS a golf course and there is people who have golf carts that drive to the 18th hole and golf. and the golf course is right by my bus stop so what could this mean? I know this is a lot of dreams but I think they are all related somehow.

Example: What does this dream MEAN?

I had a REALLY weird dream a couple years ago and I still remember it. None of it makes sense though.

So basically, I was a slave of some sort. I was in my house, chained to a wall on the 2nd floor, except there was no wall (you could jump off the second story outside) . the floorplan in my dream was the same as my house. so i was chained to the wall, and the outside was chilly and there were leaves and it was dark, kind of like the fall. there were torches in the room and these slave owners (i guess) were yelling at us to do our work (which i didn't know what was "work"). when they turned their back, I used my foot to get a piece of tanbark from the floor (the wind swept it in) and I lit it on fire and threw it at the slave owner person. they caught fire ans started yelling and then crumpled to the ground. then, they got up and gave me orange juice and they were all nice. so basically after that, they freed all of the slaves (like 5 of them) and we ran outside and stole a golf cart from a compound of some sort and the cops were chasing us. we evaded tham and got away and then my dream ended.

This doesn't make sense to me and I remember it from almost 3 years ago.

What does it mean?

Example: The most detailed dream I've ever had. What does it mean?

This dream has me flying over Jamaica and looking at the tourist area from the airplane and marveling at how beautiful it was. It looked a little like Bora Bora, where they had houses on the water and boats everywhere.
We went to our hotel which looked more like a mansion with different rooms. It was me and 5 girls and we were taking in the view from the house and I saw a mansion on a hill. It was huge, 3 stories tall, and painted different colors on each floor, it was as wide as 3 houses. They were like that's not a mansion, I'm like yes, it is, lets go see it. So we are walking up the hill and it's beautiful we get to the other side and we realize that it's a business building. It used to be a mansion, but got converted. We were a little disappointed, but it was getting dark so we started walking back to the hotel. A guy came up to me like, "can I have your number?" I said, "No", but he kept asking. I didn't want to tell him I was a visitor, because it's my tourist rule 101.---- It's basically saying, "im in a strange place and I'm vulnerable---anyway by the time we got to our hotel i was fed up I said, "I've said No 5 time already, NO!" Then he left. As soon as I went in I was concerned because he knew where I was staying and alot of burglaries are known to that area, so I started to lock the door. I noticed 2 doors that came into our house. One where the maintenance guy left his golf cart and our main door. The maintenance door was slightly ajar so I went and locked it quickly. Our main door had some kind of sophisticated lock on it that required some construction. I started working on it and this guy from inside the house come and says, "oh I'll get that for you", so he leaves and I test the door and realized that it's not locked right because when I pulled the door the metal lock that prohibits the door from opening slips out. When I was locking it, that wasn't happening. So I quickly undid what he did and started trying to lock it again myself. At one point I saw head lights that stood still in front of our hotel and I figured it was the guy coming back and I was panicked. I quickly started putting the pieces together to lock the door and keep it from slipping, but I did it sloppily. I went inside the next door to the house and locked it. When I saw the people inside I told them that we need to leave to grab their things. I went up stairs and into this oval room. It was beautifully decorated and had 2 parts, a downstairs lounging area and an upstairs viewing area. At the top of the room close to the ceiling there were these life size ladies on the wall. I couldn't tell if they were real, but they were attached to the wall and they look like they were angry with each other. They were dressed in Victorian ball gowns and wigs. A lady behind the door said that we had to get in to escape, we couldn't get in because of the ladies. a guy behind me said, 'Would one of you let us in?' and the middle on opened her door, I think she was wearing a yellow dress and that made the space turn into a huge horizontal gap, so everyone started to climb in, grabbing everything to pull ourselves up. The lady at the front determined that we didn't have enough time to escape so she let go of the person she was holding and left. I held on to what I was holding on to because the people that were falling were pulling others down with them I held on and pulled myself up. I was going to leave like the lady did, but I couldn't and I yelled we have time, let's try this again. by that time everyone was in the room about 30 people. and I reached out my hand to this guy but his had was slippery and I yelled, "I make sure your hand aren't slippery so it's easier to pull you" I pulled him him and other people came up and we went to escape. When we got out side these ladies that were walking by us were saying that people have been sold in to slavery when they head in a certain direction, which I saw and the other exclaimed how sad it was. I made a note of it and we stopped at this stand to get something to eat. and behind us was a school bus and we recognized the driver from before when he was with us. He was also a musician. We all boarded the bus and the dream ended.

Example: What could this dream have meant?

Okay so I was in this graveyard and we see this wolf running away. We were in a golf cart btw. Then I'm at my house and into my room comes this white wolf (its white but its like...peachcolored) and its trying to bite me and stuff and I fight it off and then it disapears. Anyways I go downstairs and theres my WHITE cat and all of a sudden its normally blue eyes go jet black and it levitates 7 feet (at least) off the ground (it felt like a demonic force) staring at me with a very evil look. Then it disapears and I run terrified into the kitchen where my mom is at and I'm trying to warn her but nothing will come out(this is like the most terrifying part ironically... I can't talk but shes like "WHAT...WHAT?!?" (it was the worst feeling ever trying to talk and nothing came out) finally I hear this extremely ****** up shreek come out of my mouth and then I wake up...I don't know if I just screamed in the dream or if it also came into the physical world.

What could it have meant?

Example: Dreamt on a golf cart, grass was green, my ring was diamond golf ball, I was marring my dad who passed away?

Example: What does this dream mean?

A girl, who is a friend of mine, told me that she had a dream the other night where I showed up at her house on a golf cart and wanted her to "run away with me." Do you have any ideas if this means anything?

Example: What Does this dream mean?

ok well the other day my father had a dream that his aunt who he was very close to and who passed away many years ago was driving a golf cart and told him to get in. is this supposed to simbolize something or is this just like a random dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was dying. And my dad was explaining what it would be like and I was sobbing, my eyes were all blurry like I was actually crying. And then I died. I came back as a ghost, and most people couldn't see me, but a few could, which I thought was cool.

Then it switched scenes to my room in a house I went to this summer in the Dominican Republic. I walked into the room and saw the big spider that had actually been in that room once, and my great-grandmother who was standing there. The room was a little different, it had a desk in the middle of it, where I found a ton of papers and pencils.

I realized I could pick up the pencil and write, so on one of the pieces of paper, I wrote "Dear Everyone, I lo..." I didn't get to finish because my grandmother had taken the pencil from me, with a scared face on (because all she saw was a floating pencil). So then, I quickly grabbed a different pencil and wrote "Love, Vivi (my nick-name)" and then when she saw that, I finished the rest of the letter, which was just "I love you."

Then the scene changed again, and I was on a ground-level balcony singing. And from behind me, a girl was also singing. (The girl could see me) Then I saw Voldemort (crazy, yes.) And I had thought that he was controlling the girl, so I started freaking out, until I realized he couldn't see me.

Then the scene changed again, and I was sitting in one of 2 golf carts, next to the girl.

And then I woke up. Any ideas? Thanks for reading :) Sorry its so long.

Thanks in Advance! :) <3

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