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Dream About Golf Ball meanings

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Example: Meaning of dreams?

had a dream i had a big spot on my knee. so i picked the top of the spot off and could see something inside. so i got a pair of tweezers and pulled out a crab about the size of a golf ball he only had one little claw, i noticed that there was another one still in the knee so i pulled that out aswell - exactly the same about the size of a golf ball with only one little claw . it was lovely - i could imagine the relief in my dream. thats it ! Meaning anybody ?

Ok first, ewww

Seriously the crabs are problems inside of you. Something only you can solve, probably. The relief you feel when you pull them out is the relief you'll feel when you solve them. Missing claws leads me to believe the problems may originate from incomplete data. Something says that to me, I hope it makes sense to you. Not all the information is there for you to make a decision. The idea of a "spot" is good, it means you know exactly where the problems are, now you need the info to truly understand them and hopefully, solve them! GL

Example: WHat Does it mean when you dream about the bible and the world ending?

Okay so last night i had a dream and it started off with me and a friend sitting in a park i believe, and all of a sudden these like balls started fallin from the sky..(i dont kno if it was huge hail of big golf balls l0l) bt everyone started to stare at the sky and then the sky stated to like move like the earth was falling or something...planets were visible and you could hear this constant loud roaring...Then alot more balls started falling..and everyone started running for there life..screams and crying i heard as i was running..i thought i need to get to my mom. Make sure we all leave this earth together. i didnt know where my bf was and then i jumped from the scene to a place it was white and me and my friend where holdings hands floating in the air trying to not let go so we wouldnt disapear and ppl where turning into the pretty S shaped figures and i guess the wind was to strong bc we let go and she disappeared and another S appeared i was looking around for somone else to hold onto bc i didnt want to be alone and then it jumped to a room and there was this guy who seemed like he was deciding who leaves and who stays. And i remember praying and praying. i was scared.ppl were going down this hallway and it kept changing to black to white holding the color there for like 30 seconds when someone went in..i think i went down bc i remember someone pointing down that hallwway motioning me to walk down it. and then i was in this room with my friend and it was also white and i still praying and now crying asking if i didnt get taken and what i needed to do and the guy wouldntt awnser me. He spoke with no words bt like it was from his mind to mine even though i spoke with words. saying this will determine or something like that and it was a laser machine with two bright white lights that looked like this : that were suppose to go through you forhead and we layed down me and my friend side by side facing the laser and it went through both ours..and we woke up from it and were still in the same place and asking the guy what happend and thats when i cant remeber anomore i think i woke up from the dream.. can you help me out by telling me what you think this could mean. Do you think god was trying to tell me something or what?

Example: Had a pretty weird dream. What does it mean?

This dream has me flying over Jamaica and looking at the tourist area from the airplane and marveling at how beautiful it was. It looked a little like Bora Bora, where they had houses on the water and boats everywhere.
We went to our hotel which looked more like a mansion with different rooms. It was me and 5 girls and we were taking in the view from the house and I saw a mansion on a hill. It was huge, 3 stories tall, and painted different colors on each floor, it was as wide as 3 houses. They were like that's not a mansion, I'm like yes, it is, lets go see it. So we are walking up the hill and it's beautiful we get to the other side and we realize that it's a business building. It used to be a mansion, but got converted. We were a little disappointed, but it was getting dark so we started walking back to the hotel. A guy came up to me like, "can I have your number?" I said, "No", but he kept asking. I didn't want to tell him I was a visitor, because it's my tourist rule 101.---- It's basically saying, "im in a strange place and I'm vulnerable---anyway by the time we got to our hotel i was fed up I said, "I've said No 5 time already, NO!" Then he left. As soon as I went in I was concerned because he knew where I was staying and alot of burglaries are known to that area, so I started to lock the door. I noticed 2 doors that came into our house. One where the maintenance guy left his golf cart and our main door. The maintenance door was slightly ajar so I went and locked it quickly. Our main door had some kind of sophisticated lock on it that required some construction. I started working on it and this guy from inside the house come and says, "oh I'll get that for you", so he leaves and I test the door and realized that it's not locked right because when I pulled the door the metal lock that prohibits the door from opening slips out. When I was locking it, that wasn't happening. So I quickly undid what he did and started trying to lock it again myself. At one point I saw head lights that stood still in front of our hotel and I figured it was the guy coming back and I was panicked. I quickly started putting the pieces together to lock the door and keep it from slipping, but I did it sloppily. I went inside the next door to the house and locked it. When I saw the people inside I told them that we need to leave to grab their things. I went up stairs and into this oval room. It was beautifully decorated and had 2 parts, a downstairs lounging area and an upstairs viewing area. At the top of the room close to the ceiling there were these life size ladies on the wall. I couldn't tell if they were real, but they were attached to the wall and they look like they were angry with each other. They were dressed in Victorian ball gowns and wigs. A lady behind the door said that we had to get in to escape, we couldn't get in because of the ladies. a guy behind me said, 'Would one of you let us in?' and the middle on opened her door, I think she was wearing a yellow dress and that made the space turn into a huge horizontal gap, so everyone started to climb in, grabbing everything to pull ourselves up. The lady at the front determined that we didn't have enough time to escape so she let go of the person she was holding and left. I held on to what I was holding on to because the people that were falling were pulling others down with them I held on and pulled myself up. I was going to leave like the lady did, but I couldn't and I yelled we have time, let's try this again. by that time everyone was in the room about 30 people. and I reached out my hand to this guy but his had was slippery and I yelled, "I make sure your hand aren't slippery so it's easier to pull you" I pulled him him and other people came up and we went to escape. When we got out side these ladies that were walking by us were saying that people have been sold in to slavery when they head in a certain direction, which I saw and the other exclaimed how sad it was. I made a note of it and we stopped at this stand to get something to eat. and behind us was a school bus and we recognized the driver from before when he was with us. He was also a musician. We all boarded the bus and the dream ended.

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is how it went:
I walked into a room and stopped to look at a container. There was a demonic eye-thing in there, but it was surrounded by darkness so nothing else could be seen in the container. It began whispering and so I went close because I couldn't hear it.
Then I finally heard it and it said, "Let the spirits be with you upon your death."
The thing began disappearing and what it said came in low echoes.
No smart comments please, I'm really curious to what it meant/this dream meant.

Example: What does this dream mean?

First off some background info- I originally ecided to not play soccer my senior year but recently I have been second guessing myself. My jv coach was Jose but he Dosent coach at my school anymore and my varsity coach was coach car.
Ok so basically In my dream I was at a soccer field standing there watching my team practice then randomly I walked into some building, it was like a stoarge building by the field, anyway i started stealing stuff like trophies, balls, anything that looked nice and for some reason golf clubs and then coach car came in and we talked alittle and he helps me steal stuff. Eventually Jose pulls up in a truck and basically becomes our wheelmen and that's when I wake up.

Example: What does the dream mean?

when you are playing golf and something keeps blocking you from hitting the ball?

Example: Dreamt on a golf cart, grass was green, my ring was diamond golf ball, I was marring my dad who passed away?

Example: Does anyone think their dreams have meaning? If you do please reply.?

I had a weird dream last night and i'm a little freaked out. I looked at my right hand and there was a hole in the middle of my palm. I bend my hand to try and close the hole and i was able to. then after i had a big lump (the size of a golf ball) instead of the hole. I touched it and the feeling was like raw skin. Does anyone know what it could mean? no smart answer please.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So a couple of nights ago, I had a dream that was very weird. It started of with me watching a movie on DIRECTV. I remember it was that distinctly. The "movie" started with me in what looked like a wood shop room, it was very old and tattered. I also knew that I was a young boy. Which is weird considering I am a teenage girl. So, I was sitting there in the room with a gun in my hand. when Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars) came into the room. I love the band, so it was weird that him and I hated each other and we started to shoot at each other. After a couple of shots. we realized we wanted to be friends, so we did. Then, we appeared to be in my living room and it was June. There was another person there, who claimed to be my friend. I was looking out of the window when I saw it was snowing, but not just normal snow, like golf ball sized snowflakes. After that, I went into my bedroom. Which now, is my brother's bedroom. It was still as if it was my room. I was alone now. I looked out this window and saw that the snow had stopped, and melted. But then I saw the boy's volleyball team practicing in the yard next to mine. Next thing I know, The coach of the team was in my room telling me I should get more involved in sports at school. (In real life I am not in any sports) I told her I had an arm injury (which I do) So, that would cancel out a lot of sports. The dream ended with her and I trying to figure out what sport I should get involved in. So, my question is, what does this bizarre dream mean?

Example: What's it mean when someone has a hateful dream about you?

What does it mean when you have a hatefu dream about someone?

So my crush told me that he had a dream about me. I was so happy because I assumed that that means he thinks about me a lot. But then when I asked him what the dream was, he told me i walked into a room and he's friends cousin hit me with golf balls numerous times...does this mean my crush secretly hates me? I've never done anything bad to him, or annoyed him..

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