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Dream About Goat meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?(no Bs please)?

Okay im looking for an honest answer no *,I just want a respected answer,I had this dream that i killed my blood father on purpose with snake.I had this dream more then once always the same a dark day a world without green everything is dead and i go on a hunt for him i pass a bridge no water just a dried out thing i go to an appartment and call him out and he runs after me trying to beat me so I kick him and i drop him of the bridge and I throw a knife at him thus he falls into a snakes mouth that turns out to be my pet.Im just wondering what this means.Can anyone please help me

You want to destroy or overcome your father, or something that he represents to you. This could be your own judgmental or hostile attitude toward yourself, or it could be some kind of authority figure.

The knife and snake are symbols of masculinity. You will overcome your father or your negative feelings toward yourself by developing your own masculinity. Masculinity does not mean big muscles and violence. It means self-development, rational thought, and self-control.

Example: What does it mean you dream about a blac k goat?

Example: Bad dream, What does it mean?

Ok I had this really horrible dream and truthfully nightmares don't usually bother me but this time it really scared me. It started out ok we were going to go see this movie were a man was being killed by these maggot/ flea bug things. It was a spiritual movie as in the bugs were caused not by nature, but by the devil. I thought oh hey its just a movie. Well after we watched it or time skipped ahead in my dream, the bug things started to kill people. Their flesh was stretched in places while others were being eaten by the bugs. Then animals were being eaten and my friends and I were the only other people not infected with these foul creatures in our bodies. We skipped to a place were we were on a couch and we saw one of the bugs. So I tried to burn it with a cigarette lighter. I killed it but this crazed baby deer was licking the lid of a trash can trying to eat one of them. We didn't want it to get infected so we tried to kill it. Then we killed the deer because it got infected from eating the bug. Then this man had a chainsaw or some kind of thing that cuts stuff and was cutting himself from torso to his neck and had the head of a goat. My friend Nelly was narrating the story then. She said, and I quote, " Graveyard. He bleeds three times a day." Then it sort of paused and I woke up so please, please help me. (P.s I believe in god and have accepted him into my heart as my god and so I am a christian k)

Example: Does this dream mean anything!? i'm scared! :'O?

In my dream i'm walking down the street (its night time) and i see a man in the shadows back facing me. At that moment i smile to myself and say "Dinner time!"

then my fangs slash out, i hiss and then i pounce on the man.
once i have him on the ground, i prepare to bite his neck but all of a sudden
the man turns onto his back and hits me so hard that i go flying through the air
only to crash against a brick wall.

I get really angry at him and hiss at him really loud as if saying "I'm going to make you pay for that!"
so i run at him, grab him from behind and bite him!
but i quickly let go in pain!
bitting his skin was like bitting raw metal!

i got backed up a bitt, not sure what to do...
but then the man says "Young Vampire, do you honestly think that you can
take "me" on?"

he then steps out of the shadows, but what i see leaves me frozen in terror!
i see that he has horns in his head, goat legs, hands with fingers sharp as knifes, and black wings!
i try not to seem scared so i throw a loud hiss at him, but he then sais
"Do not hiss at me Vampire! i can smell your fear!"

i then backed away from him and asked "a..are y..you Satan!?"
he gives me a cruel smile and sais "Yes"

i then ask him "W...what do you want?"

he sais "I have traveled here from HELL to give you a messadge.
When you die, i want you to come to HELL with me.
i can give you anything you desire! far more than that GOD of yours!
you and i will one day rule this earth you now live on!
the world will be drowned in eternal darkness!

he then sais: I'll be waiting!"
and disapears!

after that i woke up, sweating hard, my heart racing.
but the thing that scared me the most was that when i touched my forhead,
i was breading! and now i have a huge scar!

what does this dream mean!?
please help! i feel like hes watching me!

p.s.to understand the whole "Vampire" thing, read my last question: "how do i tell my parent's i'm a vampire!?"

Example: What did my dream mean, please don't base your answer on your religion?

had a dream a few nights ago about this, kinda odd because I don't believe in god, and in another way its kinda interesting too.

My dream was of a King, named Jusus christ, he felt that everyone needed to bow down to him. eventually after counquring half the world, he started ordering people to worship him as a god, and killing the people who wouldn't, eventually people started believing that he was a god and that he was the god who created the world as it is today, However; we know he didn't counquare the whole world because there is people that was not forced to believe therefore religions that already existed could still exist, which now days are wiccans, pagens, and satanist, all religions that was before christ,

what could this of mean, I don't mean to offend anyone k.

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay so i had a dream that i was walking with my friend around my apartment complex and i notcied that the lake next to it that the water rised. so i randomly say to her i wonder if the alligators like it better like that. ( i have had dreams about alligators before). then she turns around and says that is the most beatiful thing i have ever seen so i turn around and i see a chicken just standing there. then i ask her if that is what she's talking about and she says no. so i turn around and look again and i see a goat and it starts chasing after this boy. so i got a little scared and i started to jog then i stopped because i realize if i started running that it would just come after me. then we kept walking and my friend says she doesnt like butterflys then i said i love them because they represent changes in life.

any idea what this could mean espicaly the alligator part? why do i keep thinking about them...
Thanks :)

Example: What does it mean when you dream of animals following you.?

here is how the dream went as i can remember it. i was in my aunts home for some reason and all of a sudden all these animals come from any door, window possible and begin to follow me. then a baby goat and a baby sheep stand beside me. then i wake up.

i would really love an explanation of some sort.

here is the list of animals:
sheep(only the baby)
goat(only the baby)
basically any animal associated with bad luck to. (note there were many following me as in a group almost like a stampede)

Example: What does my dream mean? I dreamed of 3 dying animals.?

Okay so every night I dream. Alot of the times it's killing dreams.
My deams are normally chock full of stuff. Many times I can't remember the majority.
Okay so this time I remembered this part of a dream
I was at a krogers parking lot. I was kneeling down in front of 3 dying animals. All large. A dog, goat, andd Horse. All were dying. I sat there staring at them. I wanted to help but I stayed silent.
So what did that mean?
Or what did the jist of it mean?
Oh also. I've been having more of these kinds of dreams the closer school starts

Example: What does it mean to dream animals stopping my path and even attacking me?

I've had three very significant dreams where animals stop me from getting somewhere. There is no specific path, but there is always an animal preventing me or attacking me from moving forward. Here ar the dreams:

1) About a year ago: I was in like a dark forest and I had to get “to the other side”. There was a fence dividing the two sides. There was a pig chained to a tree, but it was a very ferocious pig and it almost talked to me. He kept biting my ankles and trying to hurt me. In my dream there was physical pain and it almost debilitated me. The pig moved way too fast but towards the end, I basically stomped the pig in the head and I was able to go through the forest and put my right foot over the fence. I saw the other side, it was greet and a big tree(I think golden color) in the middle), but I woke up and didn’t see if I actually crossed all the way.
2) Last night: I was like in a jungle or different place, but there were natives and they were having a feast of party. I was there for like exploration, but somehow departed from the festivities and ended up going through like a path, and it became a tunnel. There was this white goat, very big and strong and it blocked the path. It also attacked me and it was just so strong. It was very evil but I somehow killed it because I saw it on the floor and the natives said they were going to cook it. By the way: goats are very scary for me.
3) Last night: After the 2nd dream, I had another dream about another goal. I was in a shell gasoline station and there was this goat, very little, like a baby goat but it was black and had blue/purple eyes. It was super evil, like very bad and it did attack me. It was preventing me from doing something, I think fueling gasoline station, but I can’t recall. I also can’t recall whether I killed this goat or not, but it sure remember looking into its eyes and it attacking me. I also felt scared and woke up.

I am just somewhat concerned. Goats for me represent the devil. I hope someone can help me because I’ve been thinking too much about my future and how it seems that I have not done enough to secure my future or make my mom proud.

Example: What does it mean to dream about an animal with human parts & different animal parts?

I dreamed I was coming out of my back door with my dog on a leash when my neighbor found a dog & put it into her garage. The dog started a lot of barking when I walked down my sidewalk with my dog to the alley. My neighbor on the other side of my house had a missing dog from his garage & I asked him to look into my neighbor garage to see if the dog she found was his. When we looked the dog had a dog's body & legs but the face looked like a goat & a human face at the same time! It had the most startling, vivid blue eyes that seemed to be looking into my very soul! I was instantly afraid, however, my neighbor said no, the 'dog' was not his as it was too pretty. I did not think it was pretty but did not tell him that. The animal just kept staring at me & as I was backing away from it it kept advancing toward me. I backed away & got in back of my neighbor & had my hand on his shoulder that he kept brushing off & pushing me to hide behind him. He said you're afraid, huh? He just kept staring & half smiling all the time. Then the 'animal' went away & my neighbor picked me up with one arm underneath my legs & the other supporting my back & carried me away. While in his arms I felt very safe & secure. Right before I woke up a 'voice' told me the animal was an 'Ibex'.

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