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Dream About Glass Slipper meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is there a poem that describes well the sexual tension between two people?

I can't figure how to put that in words, that tightness in the air...

Most things that happen between a man and a woman are about sex - I have no knowledge of homosexual behaviour. But the following sonnet I wrote after living next door to a couple that were both having affairs but were still together but only just - if you get what I mean!

Prince Charming

They go together like Castrol and grit;
Her voice, bitching, grates on the atmosphere,
Pushing his tongue back down his throat. Her sneer
Burrows his brain, deadly as a ferret.
Each room she enters becomes a bright stage:
She slashing at the scenery and he
Quickly sewing pieces, scornfully she
Snatching at the rough excuse – in a rage –
Throws it at the rapt audience, who duck
And applaud this acrobatic stunt team.
And of course she is the star, her own dream
Of success, owing nothing to good luck.
At midnight she leaves. And he goes with her,
Delighted at finding her glass slipper.

Derrick Gaskin

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having this recurring dream where I'm a prince, dancing with a princess at a ball in the palace. Everyone's happy, and the place is well-lit. Then, suddenly, it's dark (with the moonlight streaming in through the windows), the people are gone, and I'm dancing alone--no princess. I go out, and on the steps, I see Cinderella's glass slipper. I pick it up, and it shatters.

Example: Is the Cinderella Glass Slipper Real?!?

Okay, so maybe this is a stupid question, but I've wanting some for a long time, I'm still young, but I'm a girl and I dream of a fairy tale wedding... where I would be wearing some stunning glass slippers, but now that I got to looking for some, I don't think they're real, I mean, wouldn't they like.. shatter? So, if they are real and I can buy AND wear them, then please tell me everything you know and possibly even a link? If they aren't then I wonder if I could have them custom made? maybe plexi-glass? I don't know. I would love everyone's feedback!

Example: Why were Cinderella's glass (sic) slippers so important to the Prince?

I mean, not the obvious, but the intrinsic meaning of that.
I really hope someone can tell me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had fallen asleep on the couch watching television late one night and this was the dream I had:

I woke up on the couch and everything was dark and the tv was off. I hear a baby crying and I turn around to look towards our sunroom, which from the family room has a glass door and windows that you can see outside of easily. In the dark I see a flashlight turning left to right, and there is a light fog. The baby is still crying and I hear a shffing noise, like someone dragging slippers. I try to sit up but I can't. I start panicking. Then I suddenly jerk forward and fall in slow motion to the ground thinking "Oh my God...I'm dying." And then I woke up.

Example: I need to purchase a lady's pair of real glass slippers...is this too unrealistic a "prospect"?

They are merely for one trial fitting, not walking in.
It's for my Cinderella lady of my dreams for when we first meet in person.
Probably needs to be size 8 1/2 wide to 9 wide

Example: What does this dream mean?

Every time I eat carbs too close to bedtime I toss and turn all night with this same themed dream. I'm always walking through a huge old home I am considering buying. The home is never laid out like a normal home, it has big elaborate bathrooms with bathtubs the size of small swimming pools and walk in closets were one wouldn't expect one and often has more than one kitchen. The bedrooms usually have 2 to 3 doors leading off to long hallways or sitting rooms. I also usually have a bunch of kids with me discussing which room will be theirs. Last night it was the cast of High School Musical. The kids usually have a lot of pets with them too, the girl who writes the music in the show found a mama cat and her litter and was going to keep them in her rooms. A couple of dogs were running around while we were looking at the house. The homes are also always furnished with the previous owners stuff usually weird stuff like a whole bookcase holding a collection of various ruby slippers make of glass and ceramic. Stuff is usually lightly dusty but not cob webby. The furniture is usually really great old stuff made of real wood and the kitchen appliances vary, sometimes brand new modern and other times really old and rusty. Sometimes I go up into the unfinished attic and some of the wood is all rotted and crumbling but can be replaced so it doesn't effect the value of the home. I usually don't care about my dreams and forget them really quick but I've been having these same ones for almost a year now and I feel it's just too much to be a random dream.

Example: Dream interpreters... Can you help?

Hey, I've been having these dreams...obviously. xD


I see this room, its a black box and my boyfriend stands there, tall dark and handsome with this rose, its a spotlight that illuminates him and the rose is dripping blood.. suddenly, there's fog and I swear I could see two extremely sharp fangs shine at me when he smiles. He offers his hand and that's when I wake up...

Dream #2

I'm in the 1920's, around the great depression and I must move with this rich family in Ireland. They're rich and they have one mother, two daughters and I am their step sister. Kinda sounds like Cinderella. You're right. Well, it goes the same, but these people are the ones I adore but they treat my like crap and my knight in shining armor is my ex-boyfriend. The whole glass slipper happens and even me being their maid... but its brutal. The mother and the 2 daughters beat the crap outta me and later I'm in the ballroom where I'm scrubbing the floors, theres scars on my wrists and I'm crying. My ex-boyfriend (William) walks in and picks me up, wraps an arm around my waist and kisses me passionately only to morph into my current boyfriend. I see the clock hand move slowly, as if time stops in the moment.

I wake up and that's the end of it.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance.

Example: Dream of having a mountain trek and found a lot of coins? I pink 'm up - is that bad?

i have this dream early in the morning that i was having a mountain trek w/ people i know. I was actually bare footed at the first scene, it's so muddy then but on the later part i realized walking in a good pair of slippers and by then the muddy land turn out to be very dangerous since broken glasses were scattered everywhere and it looks like were walking down hill only then that i notice a lot of gold coins at first, and every time i see one i make sure to pick them up. at first there are only few coins along the road but as i go along, i found out that there are plenty of them in different shapes and colors. some of the people in my dreams pick some of the coins but they left the less valuable coins but i pick them still. at the later part of my dream i remember having to differentiate all my gathered coins from the real and fake. so i left the fake ones and keep the real ones. i really want to know what my dreams meant. i believe in dreams for all i care!=)

Example: Metaphors in poems?

If I dance in glass slippers
for your delight,
will you lift me from the
ashes of my life,
take me in a golden coach
to happiness?

Or will you take my number
after the ball
and, just like the rest,
forget to call?

By Alexandra Fraser
Headworx pb $15

What are three metaphors in this poem?
Also you can comment on this poem if you like.

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