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Dream About Glass Case meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, or more of a nightmare, I'd say! It started off okay! I can't remember exackly what happened. I was fired from my job about 2 weeks ago, and I had a dream I was sitting on my checkout, then my best friend Josh was suddenly working there too (only in my dream) He shouted something horrible and I turneed around and said "Did you say that to me" and he started laughing at me. Then I walked up to him & said "why did you say that" and a girl next to him laughed so I started punching her in the face, then my boss came up to me and was like what The hell! I started screaming and crying and had a nervous breakdown and ran out! The I woke up and went back to sleep. I had another nightmare after that. I was walking across a road with a baby girl, who was my friends child, she was really heavy and I could barely carry her, and I was pushing her buggy and all this other stuff, I couldnt do it anymore. Then I got on the bus with my best friend and these girls that we have both fallen out with. Then me & my best friend fell out and were really nasty to eachother. So I ran off the bus and started crying and screaming, I was walking through a woods and i fell to my knees, In my dream I couldnt stop screaming or crying, I got a bit of glass and tried to slit my left wrist. Then a woman who was jogging stopped and sat next to me and was saying "are you okay?" and talking to me saying this is not the answer. The my best friend, the one I argued with, came out and was saying "Hollie! whats wrong!" and I woke up. It really freaked me out and was horrible! why did I dream this? x

to dream about you job means that you are subconciously thinking " something has to be done, or that you have to work hard towards something. when you dreamt about your best friend means that you might need some comfort, but also your friend laughing at you might mean that you need to stop worrying and get out there and do what you gotta do, toughen up you know? when you started to hit that girl, it meant that you want to unleash hidden anger at someone, or that you need to draw power from yourself. your boss indicates the self-confident and assertive part of yourself. 2ND DREAM: the road is your pursuit of your goals, tht baby is the idea of new beginnings, but they might be a heavy burden in the start. your crying and screaming mean you want to deny your feelings, but it is hard to. the woods mean you are starting a new phase in your life, the unknown. the glass signifies your vulnerability, and that you are hurt about something tht has happened to you, in this case, being fired. the women is your sub soncious guide, acting motherly and caring, trying to help you. her message is very important. your best friend also signifies care.

Example: Reoccurring dream meaning?

I've had this dream every night for the past week or so and I am tired of it.So if anyone could tell me what it means or how to stop it it would be greatly appreciated. Almost the entire dream is in third person and I am not in it at all. It often skips around like someone fast forwarding over parts of a movie.

A family has decided to go on vacation and leaves Martha , another woman who lives there, to take care of the house. As they are leaving Martha is programming the code on the lock and a neighbor comes over to try to make a deal with her to get the code but she refuses. The teenage daughter not trusting Martha stays behind. (It skips) Martha and the girl are fighting there is blood but it isn't specifically one or the others'. There is a bang on the door the girl runs over to keep the person out keeping an eye on Martha. Through the glass she can sort of see that it is a young man. Martha says " who are you more afraid of me or my son" in response to the girls constant watching her.
( this next part I always see in first person) The son breaks the glass hurting his hand and stopping for a second to examine his wound at which point I, the teenage girl, shoot Martha. (back to third person). The son continues to push against the door and Martha's head turns toward the struggle and smiles at which point the son breaks through the door knocking the girl down. The three struggle until the family walks in. (skipping again) The entire family is sitting around a table in a red tinted room. Someone asks "aren't you dead" to which someone responds "we all are" noticing deep gashes on everyone's neck and blood on everyones clothing. Noticing a small plastic creature at the end of the table the teenage girl says " I suppose she left you here as a babysitter" and her brother accross from her laughs. The creature opens is eyes and spits blood at both of their feet. Suddenly they are back in their house and I think I have woken up, and the family thinks they woke up from a dream. The teenage girl goes to put on her sweater and someone screams. There is blood all over it like in the red room. the girl runs out of her house and across the street, looking in the window she sees martha and her son, but martha's appearence is different. Martha has a twisted bottle with clear liquid to her forehead and what looks like red tinted goggles ofer her eyes. Her and her son are watching everything that had just happened on their TV as if it were a movie. Sensing the girl Martha turns to her and smiles evilly, attempting to scare her but the girl girl smiles back and slowly lifts Martha's dog into view with a gash on its neck similar to those the family had had.

This is where I wake up. I always have the full dream never stopping in the middle even if that means sleeping to 5 pm which is the case today.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night where Ocelot from MGS3 and I were kids, probably 9 years old, and we lived in the house I used to live in when I really was around that age. I don't quite remember exactly what we were doing, but someone like a mother figure, though I don't remember if it was my mom or not, gave us both a paper crown, like the ones they used to have at Burger King, but they were different. Ocelot got one that stood for the king of Russia, and mine was one that stood for king of America, or something like that, I just know they were of some importance in that fashion. Then I took out my M1911 airsoft gun and spun it around on my finger like Ocelot. He said I was good at that and then he took out a revolver and started spinning it and then pointed it at me.
Then I remember lot's of water, like there was a big hurricane, or flood, or both, but it's really vague, and I wasn't scared, I remember though, that I was thinking about how to lead my people (who were also kids) through the storm while water was spraying in through the windows and rushing down the hallway. I lost my paper crown in the storm, and Ocelot went missing too. That's all I remember from the storm.
Then, same place, there was a line of kids going to where my parents' bedroom would be, but instead of their bedroom, it was a sort of game room. walking in, there was two book shelves in the middle of the room, and a window on the right that was pretty high up, kind of like a basement window, but it went all along the wall and looked into another room.
The object of the game in this room was that I find a way get into the next room. I knocked the bookshelves over so that they propped up against the wall with the window, and used them to get to that window. Then I broke the glass and got into the next room.
The next room was just like the previous room, except there were teammates, and in the room after that there was an opposing team, and we got these toy guns that look real and electronically make the same noises that the real gun would make, and they shoot a laser light, and there was armor on the window that was between the teams. I knocked the book cases over, like I did in the previous room, and we climbed up it. I hit a plate of armor with the butt of my rifle 'till it broke off. Then I eliminated someone from the other team, but someone else from that team eliminated me, so I left the room. When I left the room, I was 12.
Then I left and went back to the hotel that my family was staying at, which was in the place where the apartment I lived in when I was around ages 12-18. There was also this girl who left at the same time as me and we were walking in the same direction She was probably about 12, the same age as me at that point. I said something to her about how the armor on the windows in that game were so hard to break, and that I was going to try to get to the other team's side. She replied with "I don't like it when people play like that, cuz you're supposed to eliminate everyone on the other team first." As we walked, I got older, but she stayed the same age, and when we were almost at the hotel, and I was around 18 or 19, she quickened her pace and I found myself running to keep up with her. I asked her what's wrong, but she didn't answer me. When we reached the hotel, I was 19. She kept going. I yelled out to her "Maybe we can go airsofting sometime?" she turned around, and walked up to me and said "okay, I'd like that." Then she asked me why I had to go to this hotel. I told her I was here to see my brother. She said "Your brother's really weird. Last time I saw him, I had to ditch him."
Walking into the hotel, I turned 20 (which is the age I am now, if that's of any relevance). Also, one of my legs suddenly got really long, and in order for me to walk evenly, and without hitting my head on the ceiling, I had to walk with the longer leg squatted and the normal leg normal. This came naturally to me, because one leg being longer than the other seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams lately.
Now that I think about it, the house and the hotel were also recurring themes. the house in the beginning of this dream, was in another dream, where my parent's bedroom was futuristic and mercenaries were looking for me, and the hotel was in another dream where I killed a bunch of people who had guns because they were in an organized crime gang, and they were using it as a hideout, and I was trapped in there, and was trying to find a way out. I eventually did at the end of that dream, but the hotel was in a different place then, and it wasn't as nice of a hotel as it was in this dream, but think it was the same.
Anyway, I did eventually find my brother. He was sitting on the floor putting his socks on, with my step dad. while waiting for him, I decided to sit down and put my legs out so I could see how much lon

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

Ok first of all a little background - I'm engaged to a wonderful man who I love to bits, I've never cheated on him and wouldn't even consider it, I do have body image problems (typical women heh lol) and I have a very odd living situation at the moment - I'm living with the in-laws!

Ok my dream was this - I dreamt that I had sex with a guy that's a friend of both me and my partner, he's a nice guy but not my "type", and it was really sensual, loving, and I felt really relaxed and happy about it. It's hard to explain the feeling of bliss I felt in the dream while in the arms of this guy. We had sex in the bathroom of where I'm currently living and then had a shower, we came out of the shower and went into the living room where my partner's sister was sitting and she took no notice of that fact that we were both obviously soaking wet, and she must of known what happened and offered me a glass of wine, as though it was normal. Then we went into the garden and the were loads of small garter snakes trying to climb over my shoes and one was attached to my hair.

Does anyone know/can anyone explain what this dream means? I very rarely have dreams so vivid and I usually don't remember my dreams but this one has stuck with me all day!


Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was visiting the street/neighborhood I grew up on, except all of the houses were torn down, and they were rebuilding new houses/renovation. They were about to start a block party, but I woke up... in reality, I drove through my old neighborhood not too long ago, and it still looks the same,...

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

So i've had this dream a few times now, and it's the same every time. I'm in an antique shop with my sister and grandparents, and we are just walking around. There is an old throne, a chest, a glass case with crowns and Other precious things. There is a stuffed bear, and a skinned bear. There is an old viking helmet. Nothing really happens, I just look at the stuff. What does it mean?

Example: I dream of a gate made of bar glass, as i was handling it half of it broke, what does it mean?

Example: I'm confused, what does this creepy dream mean?

So in the dream I was in a store like Carrs or Fred Meyer's at the check out and I was playing a trumpet or something. Stanly from The Office was playing too and then later I threw the trumpet at the wall. My best friend owned the store and she was super mad and tried to kill me. I ran out the back door, turned around, broke a glass case to get the cheeto's inside, ran back out and then she tackeled me and tried to strangle me in the parking lot. Someone stopped her but I was really scared. My best friend is super nice and says she really believes in God ( I don't ). She wouldn't do something like that. What does this mean? Thanks!

Example: What does my Dream mean?

In my dream, I was swimming in a very large indoor pool. I swam to the edge where there were several large glass cases sitting in a row. Each case had a lot of weird trinkets, such as plates, statues, and toys. As swim near the cases, they started falling over... I was able to catch and right all but one which dumped its contents into the swimming pool. I decided to collect all of the things that had fallen into the pool, but as I was swimming out, my legs starting cramping, and I couldn't swim anymore. I don't really remember drowning, but I think it obviously ended that way. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had as dream last night that I was married to this man and we were in bed together. I heard a noise so I said I would go check what is was. He laughed at me and said "this is the part where you go check and you come back and he'll be behind the door." I rolled my eyes and checked anyway. I remember bringing something with me like a baseball bat or a stick I'm not sure. Nobody was out there so I turned around and went back to my room. When I opened the door my husband looked scared, his eyes were huge and black and when I turned to see what he was looking at I saw a man. He had stubble brown hair that came to his earlobes and glasses with black frames. He was wearing a brown shirt with a logo that was in a yellow-brown (I couldn't make out what it said.) I tried saying "Who are you?" but I couldn't speak all I did was move my lips and I was having a really hard time breathing. Then I woke up.

Any interpritations?

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